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FREE PDF ï BOOK Spin By C.D. Reiss ð C.D. REISS ☆ Mafia capo Antonio Spinelli blew through my orderly life like a cycloneGorgeous and passionate with a breathtaking brutality he put me under his spell the moment he touched me drawing me into his underworld of risk violence and betrayalAnd I found just as this sophisticatedMafia capo Antonio Spinelli blew through my orderly life like a cycloneGorgeous and passionate with a breathtaking brutality he put me unde ★★★★★ Spin book 1 of 3 Opposite attracts when alleged mob boss Antonio Spinelli Theresa Drazen’s worlds of politics movies money mafia corruption collide “How straight you are for the world and how you bend and cry for me I want to go so deep in you we have the same thoughts” Songs of Corruption is the whirlwind saga of alleged mob boss Antonio Spinelli and Theresa Drazen It’s a STAND ALONE seuel series to Songs of Submission and Songs of Dominance and thus most enjoyed if read after and in orderBook 1 SpinBook 2 RuinBook 3 RuleSpin book 1 opens up to glum life of Theresa Drazen Tink the career woman good sister loyal friend and forgiving ex fiancé’s life Six months prior she had found her then fiancé District attorney and Mayor of Los Angeles candidate Daniel in bed with his speechwriter Since then she has maintained a friendship with her ex continued her work as the head of client accounting for talent agency WDE and had her long time friend and movie producer Katrina move in while taking on the job has her script supervisor on her free time But on the inside she is tired of being composed tired of the status uoOne evening while out with her brother Jonathan Songs of Submission she briefly meets a handsome stranger she can’t forget At another “chance” encounter a few days later she learns he is attorney Antonio Spinelli Spin recently arrived from Italy Their attraction and sexual tension is palpable and instantaneous when two opposites attract offering some off the charts sex up against walls and furniture but Antonio is slippery and so a game of cat and mouse begins Soon Theresa aka Contessa discovers that Antonio aka Capo is also an alleged mob boss money launderer and murderer under investigation Yet with little in common and much to lose they cannot seem to stay away Antonio appears both taken with her grace and beauty and intrigued by her fearlessness and guts Theresa is drawn to his beauty sexiness and lifestyle to the point of feeling reckless Spin follows Antonio and Theresa in a high stakes game as the worlds of cut throat politics competitive movie industry and ruthless organized crime collide for Songs of Corruption Strap on your seatbelts for their against all odd’s love story with suspense secrets deceit jealousy treachery ambition corruption danger and “Your first loyalty is to me Every moan on your lips Every wet drop from your cunt When the thought of fucking crosses your mind it’s mine Say it” Antonio Spinelli Spin aka Capo is every bit the enigma with all the ualities of a larger than life hero Book one only scratched the surface I hope to learn about the man in next coming books Eight words to describe Antonio Captivating loyal commanding conflicted enigmatic elusive possessive and ruthless “Make no mistake I will hurt you to protect you” Theresa Drazen Tink aka Contessa has lived the perfectly composed life excelling in her career but failing with intimacy We get to see her OCD and pick on her he desire to break free and let loose She doesn’t want to be the good girl any Eight words to describe Theresa Poised compassionate smart ambitious loyal gutsy restless and graceful “He’d fucked me and fucked me dirty” Needless to say Antonio and his Contessa take us on a roller coaster of emotions and intrigue only to end rather abruptly in and good but uncertain place I cannot wait for book 2 RuinSpectacular plot Spellbinding storytelling Interesting and developed characters Larger than life Antonio Spinelli The very best of danger sex and suspense with promise of much “I am afraid I won’t have you and I’m afraid I will” Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsStoryline concept rating 5 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating NABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted NAOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes ARC provided to me by author CD Reiss via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review My sincerest thanks to Pedro Soltz for the permission granted to cast him as Capo in my reviewsFollow Pedro Soltz on Facebook and Twitter

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Age didn’t trust me I didn’t trust myself Something happened to me Some alchemy from the heat between usI discovered I was a savage too 5 There is no Labeling How Great This is StarsRogue Corruption #1 Spoiler Free It's Now Free What do you say when you get to have the experiences you want; the ones you dream of? You anticipate and then it happens Every time I read words pulled from the depth of CD Reiss’ mind I experience things I didn’t know I wanted It happened with Songs of Submission and continues with Spin Songs of Corruption #1 Those who have experienced Songs of Submission know of what I speak There is a flow; a way the words seep into your being and take over the rhythm of your heart She will start this invasion in all sorts of ways it can be in your face; brutal blunt and feral or it can be sly and subtle with words linking together to lull you into a spell so strong and fierce you are not aware of it happening until she pulls the string tautShe doesn’t abandon you ever No she leaves little bread crumbs along the trail to give you just enough courage to continue down that slippery slope of longing of wanting so hard to feel every little moment you get amnesia any possible thought process which would cause you to think anything other than this experience is gone from your mindI am not going to discuss the specifics of this book like characters or plot points because there will be others masterful than myself in the tellingBut know this If you have followed any of the thoughts or observations I have given in the past about books understand I speak the truth as I see it to be This author has created a world with real characters that have a fever for each other which will infect you and there is no cure You will welcome the flush sensation to your body; you will know this is something you will now have to handle as best you can You will look at things differently in your everyday life and wonder in inopportune times if I had this option would I take it live to the fullest be on the verge feel the thrill or would I run the other way We will be having from Ms Reiss She will be continuing this tale over the coming months and I will be following into her deep dark forest scented world Spin Corruption #1 Ruin Corruption #2 Rule Corruption #3 courtesy of the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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Spin By C.D. ReiR his spell the moment he touched me drawing me into his underworld of risk violence and betrayalAnd I found just as this sophisticated sav “Capo” I whispered GoosebumpsAntonio Spinelli Es is “the picture of masculine grace” He’s a man who keeps his council Do NOT uestion him and the underworld in which he lives There are no measures he will NOT take to PROTECT I love protector stories and Antonio Spinelli is a protector in the extremeTheresa Drazen runs an accountancy department for the biggest agency in Hollywood She's a clever wealthy lady with a past of her very own “sharing breath and space” They’re drawn togetherTrust is an issue for both of them for different reasons Can they trust each other?They live in different worlds they're opposites but in some ways they match Antonio releases something in Theresa and it's truly wonderful and sexy to witness He empowers her mind and her body They expose vulnerabilities in each otherI can't reveal any about the story of Spin It needs to be experienced as it reveals itself piece by beautiful piece Immerse yourself in Spinelli's world and discover the life of the Capo and the Woman of Grace The experience is lovelyMy lovely feelings The writing is powerfulI felt nervous anticipation I welled up with tears My heart twisted and ached Could they be together?The hero and heroine have an extremely strong sense of identity Spinelli is charisma and danger personified She's beautiful a perfectionist and unflappable Released from her constraints and empowered It's incredibly HOT and SEXY RAW and SENSUAL “He fucked harder and faster and I lost myself” The way they want each other is desperate and carnal and lustful “He was a magnet for my sexual hunger” It's breathtaking “Let me take you Let me own you” The shower was scorching hot Scolding PASSIONATE And a little bit down and dirtyCD reveals her story and characters in her usual delectable style She drip feeds us her beautiful flawless writing The text is richly powerful No word is wasted no description redundant Every sentence moves the story forward in terms of plot feeling or character Spin shows me pictures I cannot give justice to in a simple explanation Experience them let them envelope your senses and blow your mindI read and re read passages not because I didn’t understand but because I needed to absorb every drop savour experience and re experience the luxurious writing I took my time reading because I wanted it to last In Spin I felt the warmth and bond between the Drazen siblings Theresa Drazen is introduced in the Songs of Submission series It's not essential to read SOS to enjoy SPIN far from it Spin works completely as a separate series but do NOT MISS OUT SOS is AMAZING and introduces us to the Drazen family Jonathan his sisters and Monica you love a story with erotic romance wonderful depth ridden characters and delicious sexy writing all wrapped up in suspense and intrigue in an underground world then you should delay no longer experience Spin Arc kindly received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review thoughts Pedro Soltz makes the perfect Capo Permission kindly granted for photos to be used in my reviewFollow Pedro Soltz on Facebook and Twitter