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Free download Mischief By Moonlight · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ With the night so full of romance Colin Pearce the Earl of Ivorwood never dreamed he'd desire another man's fiancée but when his best friend goes off to war and asks Colin to look after the bewitching Josie Cardworthy he falls under her sparkling spell WhoWith the night so full of romance Colin Pearce the Earl of Ivorwood never dreamed he'd desire another man's fiancée but when his best friend goes off to war and asks Colin to look after the bewitching Josie Cardworthy h. Mini reviewI enjoyed this book very interesting characterizations and conflict uite a scandalous one in fact I especially liked Colin's devotion for Josie and her very real conflict about choosing him her faithful friend companion and the man she grows increasingly in love with The philosophical musings in this book was nice too as it added some depth to the characters and really uestions just what love is

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E falls under her sparkling spell Who can resist mischief Josie can't wait for the return of her long absent fiancé If only her beloved sister might find someone too someone like the handsome reserved Colin A gypsy's lo. Mischief by Moonlight is a delightfully sweet tale of two people that need a little nudge to in each other’s direction Josie Cardworthy is engaged to Captain Nicholas Hargrave and has patently been waiting for him to return from the war so they can get married It’s been well over a year and while Josie is planning her wedding she comes to the realization that once she weds she will leave her sister at home a spinster So she comes up with a plan to have her sister marry her neighbor Colin Pearce the Earl of Ivorwood Colin is Josie’s neighbor and they have known each other for years he was the one that introduced Josie to her fiancé Colin Josie and her sister journey to London and hope to enjoy some of the delights the season has to offer While Josie is in London she spends and time with Colin They both start to realize they have feelings for one another or at least Josie does Colin has known for uite a while how he has felt Her sister meanwhile is having her own relationship troubles she has always had an idea of the man she was to marry but she is finding out that appearances can be deceiving While in London Josie receives news that Nicholas was seriously injured and not expected to survive This tragedy pushes her closer into Colin’s arms As Colin spends time with Josie he can’t deny what he feels for her any longer and makes his move But what happens when Nicholas returnscan Colin and Josie have a happily ever afterI really thought this was a sweet story Josie is a sweet young woman who has her whole life planned out but fate has other plans After receiving devastating news about she becomes closer with Colin and starts to have feelings for him but is conflicted on her feelings for her fiancé When she believes Nicholas is dead she acts on her feelings for Colin but things become even muddled when Nicholas returns hale and whole Colin comes across a little stogy but as he spends time with Josie he begins to open up and become livelier In some ways you could say that they both needed each other as they brought different things to the relationship Josie is wild and carefree while Colin is steady and strong

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Mischief By MoonlightVe potion gives Josie the chance to matchmake but the wild results reveal her own growing passion for the earl And though fate offers them a chance a steely honor may force him to reject what her reckless heart is offeri. MISCHIEF BY MOONLIGHT by Emily Greenwood is an exciting Regency Historical Romance #3 in the Regency Mischief trilogy but can be read as a stand alone SeeA Little Night Mischief and Gentlemen Prefer MischiefThis is a fun light hearted tale of love misunderstandings a love potion a bit of mischief and lots of passion and romanceFollow Colin Pearce the Earl of Ivorwood and Josephine Josie Cardworthy with a side story of Josie's eldest sister Edwina and Josie's long absent fiance Captain Nicholas Hargrave who has been off to war as they navigate their passions their feelings and their desiresColin has long dreamed of Josie his neighbor and desired her as none other but she is his best friend's fianceeso hasn't acted upon his feelings untila moon lite night a love potion maybe and bad news oopsJosie is lonelymisses her fiancee and wishes her beloved sister Edwina could find someone to love herenter a gypsy with a love potionlet the love beginWith engaging characters an interesting as well as intriguing storyline Ms Greenwood has created a story that is fun light hearted but passionate filled with mischief honor and the power of true love A lovely story from beginning to end I was truly cheering Colin and Josie on to the very end As well as her sister and her love interest I believe or hope we find another story that includes of the secondary characters Some of them where a hoot I would love to see them get their HEA Very entertaining I would strongly recommend this title for those who enjoy passion romance a bit of mischief with their romance and a light hearted but serious tale of love and romance Well done indeed Received for an honest review from the publisherRATING 45HEAT RATING MILDREVIEWED BY AprilR courtesy of My Book Addiction and More