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Weathering Jack Storm Silver Strings G Series characters ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï Falling in love with Jack was easy but there is nothing easy about staying in love with this rock star while settling into a new life in Los AngelesThe epic story of Jack and Marissa continuesMarissa and TriH himThe crazy hours of a very active life The garbage behind the glam Mostly a moody and presumptuous rock star whose public persona is opposite of the sweet celebrity she fell forWeathering Jack Storm is book 2 of the G Strings Set a spin off from Silver Strings Series This full sized novel can stand alone but is greatly enhanced by reading Book 1 Jack W. I really like Jack's character and I tolerated Marissa's fine but this installment in the series was an endless loop of misunderstandings generated by lack of communication that fueled atomic bomb level emotional outbursts It was getting a bit exhausting and I've decided to not read the 3rd book I had already purchased one of the Storm Cell novellas so I'll read it next but am not interested in pursing any Where was the editor on this book The entire book is filled with typos grammatical errors and dropped text eg a description of Marissa's fence net stockings

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Falling in love with Jack was easy but there is nothing easy about staying in love with this rock star while settling into a new life in Los AngelesThe epic story of Jack and Marissa continuesMarissa and Tristan in his life changed his outlook Jack felt needed He welcomed the responsibility of a family He embraced the love and companionship uickly he whisk. Jack and marissa are so perfect for one another I loved loved this story Those two have went through so much in the first book Now they are forced to deal with the craziness of Los Angeles Jack's fame paparazzi and a cruel evil publicist I think all the things they had to go through made them so much stronger in the end I absolutely loved how great of a father Jack was to Tristan I think that made him that much sexier When they decided to stop keeping secrets running away from each other and not letting the fans tear them apart they finally were able to live their lives Such a great great story So highly recommended

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Weathering Jack Storm Silver Strings G SeriesEd his son and the intriguing woman he had never forgotten to his home in LA To Marissa her future seemed as mysterious as dusk’s shimmering shadows beneath the surface of the luxurious guitar shaped pool There was no doubt this could be her dream house her dream life with the man she loved Not so dreamy was all that she was beginning to see packaged wit. BXTCHES Gotta Warn Okay people if you have read the synopsis for Weathering Jack Storm either on Goodreads or it is going to say the following Weathering Jack Storm is book 2 of the G Strings Set Rock Star Romance a spin off from the well loved rock and roll band romance Silver Strings Series This full sized novel can stand alone but is greatly enhanced by reading Book 1 Jack Who I am here to tell you to NOT adhere to that Weathering Jack Storm CAN ONLY be read and enjoyed prior to reading Jack Who How do I know this Because I have read the series and the foundation the roots to the relationship between Marissa and Jack AND Jack and Tristan are all laid down in Jack Who So if you have decided to give the series a whirl then do so in order Thank you warning overWeathering Jack Storm will be told in the third person POVWe are picking up in Weathering Jack Storm where Jack Who left off Jack is moving Marissa and Tristan to LA to start a life together While Marissa is excited to start a new life with Jack she certainly has reservations about picking up her life and moving it across the country It doesn't help that one of the first things she must do upon her arrival in LA is attend a party for Jackal's upcoming album Adding to that stress Jack sends her shopping with Randi who happens to be a lingerie model and an ex of Jack's or so Marissa believes AND Marissa will be leaving Tristan in the hands of Jack's aunt and uncle while they attend the soirée so her stress level is a bit highThe album party is somewhat of a pre curser to how LA is going to pan out for Marissa Remember she is from Mississippi she worked at a casino for crying out loud She is not ready for the storm pun intended that is about to hit her Almost from the beginning of this book we are introduced to Emma the publicist for Jackal and I can go ahead and warn you that she is a piece of work I'm not going to get too much into the storyline that involves Emma but it is one of the main drama sources in this book and to say that one wanted to really give Emma a BXTCHslap would be an understatementThere is actually a lot happening in Weathering Jack Storm Unlike Jack Who where the focus on the storyline is really about Marissa Jack and Tristan and the development of those relationships this book is going to continue that relationship growth while also injecting characters into the story Lisa Gillis does a really good job with the Living in LA storyline and all of the issues that it brings to a normal civilian trying to incorporate herself into the world of the famous But I can't really say too much without spilling the beans which means that you will just have to read it to find out While some readers may get frustrated with Marissa in Weathering Jack Storm I think that the author did a really good job at presenting the reader with a very problematic Marissa She is someone who is first a mother and having been the sole caretaker and decision maker for Tristan for the first almost 5 years of his life you can feel her torture when it came to Jack being able and needing to make decisions for his son Also I think that Marissa is really struggling with the lifestyle that she now needs to become accustomed to living She can basically have anything that she has ever wanted for or needed but she is not entirely comfortable with spending what she deems is Jack's money money that she hasn't earned There's also the small issue of not being able to be so free because the camera lens is always watching So while she may be a bit frustrating and overreacting strip club scene at times I think that most of it is intentional on the part of the author she will be faced with a lot of crap for lack of a better word and all in all she handles it better than a lot wouldI touched on new characters earlier but in this book we do get presented with new faces There is of course the band which there isn't a whole lot of storyline revolving them but we at least get a bit of Jackal Dax is a prominent character that I really enjoyed He is Jack's assistant and I thought that he was very well written and very likable in fact his storyline was pleasantly surprising There are going to be some characters you absolutely love Dax and Randi and then there will be some that you loathe Emma and Meg Jack's sister but I think that they each really added wonderful depth to a really well rounded storyIf there is any disappointment with Weathering Jack Storm it is in the sex When I read a book that is of this genre Rock Star my expectation level is pretty high and pretty NC 17 I am someone who needs the deets In this book the scenes were either too wordy to where my thought was What in the hell is happening or you know that sex is going down but it jumps to the next scene In a book like this I really wanted some throw her up against the wall fucking and this book really gives just PG caliber sex Disappointing Yes But still loved the bookThis is a really good Rock Star series The story is an intriguing one and the pages turn uick I definitely recommend it I think you will be falling hard for Jack Marissa and Tristan Great readFor reviews visit wwwbxtchesbebloggingcom