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Jack Who? Silver Strings G Series review Ä 103 ¶ Marissa is a craps dealer and in one uick second that she never wants to remember her life turns to crap Her best friend convinces her that the cure for a breakup is a hookup and reluctantly she heeds this adviceHowever Jack what was his name again is not the average girl's revenge sexJS their lingerie on the stage and scream his name Marissa has no idea of his public identity and while she does not initially throw herself at him she does go on to toss aside her lingerie and ultimately scream his nameFive minutes after parting Marissa holds no illusions about seeing him again but does vow a new outlook on her life and herselfFive days later they exch. When I first 'picked up' Jack Who I expected to enjoy it But boy oh boy I didn't know how much I would enjoy it To start out who doesn't love a story about a sexy rock star Within my first reading session I suealed aloud like a teenager got goosebumps and felt tears in my eyes I love it when a books starts out like that Also within the first reading session I fell madly in love with Jack and Marissa and just when I thought I knew what would happen the author surprised me I love it when that happensTruthfully I think this story is one that every teenaged girl dreams about Falling in love with a rock star Okay I'm not 100 % sure other girls feel this way but I know I sure did I wanted to grow up to be a rock star's lover And you know I got to live that dream through this book Great writing awesome character development and a tremendous story come together in a book that I will never forget And as I get older and want to experience some nostalgia I can go back and read Jack Who and relive my teen years

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Ange a very short text Five months later Jack astounds her with an invitation to Los Angeles Although Jack is now a star in her very non rock star fantasies Marissa is concealing a huge secret that prevents her from accepting Five years later the secret comes out and despite the conflicting emotions each feels towards the another they must meld their two worlds togethe. Oh where to start with this book I adore this author anyways and was excited to delve into her first published work I was not disappointed I don't read rock star type romances often but must confess I secretly love them This book was curious from the start and I honestly was unsure how I would feel about it I could not deny that Jack Storm and Marissa Duplei's first steamy encounter in the first chapter pulled me in but when suddenly a chapter or two later and 5 years in story time there is a child involved I was like woah How do I feel about this My personal preference when reading romance is I am not a fan of pregnancy and such but Lisa Gillis has me turning over a new leaf I loved the adorable Tristan Who's perfect mixture of unavoidable childlike persona and surprisingly adorable adult understanding was just so wonderful Not to mention his interactions with his momma and new friend Jack I enjoyed the main character Marissa who never wilted or faltered in her struggles but was strong from the beginning to end I like that a lot She had her frantic moments but she still felt so solid Even when she met Jack Storm to dealing with her pregnancy and being a fantastic Mom and also a wonderful match for her rock star infatuation ; Though her constant dieting habits had me suirming Marissa would be mentioning calorie counts in ice cream WHILE I WAS EATING ICE CREAM AND READING none the less I still just wished it was Jack Storm bringing me a pint ; Jack Storm I wanted of him but this is a good thing He intrigued me from the start and all I ever wanted was to get inside his had and maybe his pants shrugs haha I was surprised to find him so kind and caring But my most favorite part was his calculated observing He seemed to do everything with purpose even when he didn't necessarily know what to do I loved Jack and Marissa’s interactions A moment never seemed wasted and I felt like I was stumbling through it all with them Jack seemed like an enigma from the start but I really fell for the fact that Marissa felt connected to him all that time even if she was truly just starting to get to know him Not only did they have to get to know each other but they had to come together as parents Finding the balance did not come easy and defenses were up on both ends while mixing that with their intense attraction to one another The journey as a reader was fun to be apart of Their steamy scenes weren’t lacking either and I have to admit I could have had a bit Haha Now last but definitely not least I absolutely adored Jack insistence with getting to know his son and wanting to be involved I don’t know how the author did it but his supreme confidence and open vulnerability with getting used to the idea of being a father was just swoon wonderful I really loved this book from start to finish and I cannot wait to get my hands on book 2 “Weathering Jack Storm” which is available now Now go read this book now You won’t be disappointed 5 out of 5read other book reviews on wwwauthorarosacom

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Jack Who Silver Strings G SeriesMarissa is a craps dealer and in one uick second that she never wants to remember her life turns to crap Her best friend convinces her that the cure for a breakup is a hookup and reluctantly she heeds this adviceHowever Jack what was his name again is not the average girl's revenge sexJack is a celebrity in his niche of the music world Women throw themselves at him tos. Jack Who on Kindle SelectviewBookatJackWhoTrailer Pages70000 word NovelTrivia Jack Who began as a short story on wattpad written as an entry to a contest sponsored by one of my favorite authors on the site The story shot to #1 and stayed in the top ten from the first day on through the next month Readers begged Jack and Marissa and a full fledged novel was born I loved writing this book on wattpad It was like a party as each chapter went up There would be guesses about what these two crazy characters would do next and ideas would take shape for the next chapter The input from readers chapter to chapter was invaluable So thank you from the bottom of my heart to these thousands of beta readers and I hope every reader is just as enthused Alternate hard rock trailer as reuested