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Beyond Addiction (Beyond, #5) review Ð 103 ð She’s fought like hell to leave the past behindTrix changed her name and her life when she got clean four years ago Now she has a new family and a job she loves—tending bar and dancing at the Broken Circle As an O’Kane she’s happy untouchable Until a nightmare from her old life tears heShe’s fought like hell to leave the past behindTrix changed her name and her life when she got clean four years ago Now she has a new family and a job she loves tending bar and dancing at the Broken Circle As an O’Kane she’s happy untouchable Until a nightmare from her old life tears her away from her home and d. Warning Not for the faint of Smut 35 Stars💕 I’d officially like to submit My application to be Lex and Dallas’s Love Slave 💕 Teach meDon’t judge meI’m not really into girl on girl actionman on man actionorgy atmospheresthreesomesfoursomessomes until I amThe Beyond series has a couple things really going for it① This is this is a dystopian world so there are new rules that make it so much easier to accept the sex and sharing culture that is the Sector 4 area that Dallas O’Kane and his Woman Lex cultivate and lovingly control② – Sure this is total book porn but there is a captivating story going on in the background There are the subtle plots going on between the different sector and an upcoming war brewing between Dallas O’Kane and the rest of the sectors and Eden the upper scale but highly repressed society and that uses the sectors as their piggy bank and worker bees③ – All the sex is super consensual Look it is hard for me to buy into we can all share our bodies with practically any other character in the book but at the end of the day I only love you In the series it totally works because it is really part of the culture of the society they live in And there is absolutely no shame in anyone’s gameSexthere is a lot of it and it is always so hot in this series Anytime that Lex and Dallas decide to play with some of the other characters I know I’m in for a treat This was no exception and that sex scene will go down as one of my favorites from the series “Any idiot can get someone off It takes skill to make it a singular fucking experience” Also there is a story going on in the background This book’s couple is Trix and former boyfriend Finn He thought she was dead She escaped sector 5 after the main drug lord took an interest in her and got her hooked on drugs and planned to use her against Finn Now Trix has been kidnapped and brought back into Finn’s life He will have to decide really fast how to save her and possibly save himself in the processI liked certain aspects of their story They come from sector 5 which is rife with drugs and has a brutal mentality to it Trix escaped and built a new life but she never forgot what she left behind Both of them are addicts Trix got sober when she left and Finn when he thought she died But that doesn’t change that a lot of their decisions follow an addict’s mentality that I don’t really understand completelyThey weren’t my favorite couple of the series but overall the sub storylines have progressed very interestingly I can’t wait to see what Rider is up to in Sector 5 and how those strings are being pulled Super smut solid storyline I’m in for the long hall

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Trix comes back into his life alive in danger and nothing else mattersGetting her home could be a suicide mission The only thing deadlier is the old spark that flares to life between them Soon Finn and Trix are battling the one addiction neither of them ever managed to kick each other And it could cost them everything. I didn't love this one as much as the previous ones in the series I wasn't feeling the chemistry between Finn and Trix and I just couldn't get investedI still have total faith in this series and I'm ready for the next one

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Beyond Addiction Beyond #5Rags her back to Hell also known as Sector FiveHe’s still living and dying in itLosing Trix was the kick in the head Finn needed to get sober but working as an enforcer for a man he hates is slowly crushing his soul The only thing that keeps him going is his determination to destroy Sector Five from the inside Then. 5 beyond addiction stars Finn spent his time in Sector Five waiting for the right time to put an end to Mac Fleming being the right hand man of Fleming gave him than enough reasons and opportunities choosing to do it slowly taking away his power and success The one thing he didn't count on was opening the door to see Tracey he mourned her death for four years only to be hit with her face once again Tied up and hurt he doesn't even hesitate taking him downnow he has one goal get her back to Sector Four back to her family the O'KanesTrix doesn't go by Tracey any to her Tracey is dead embracing her freedom and her life she lives a life only few dream of a life as an O'Kane Trix was in her element reveling in every scrap of freedom she’d won showing off the body she’d reclaimed from the faded wraith she’d been She never thought she would see him again but instead of the painful memory of their past it brings hope and a second chance It's up to her to open Finn's eyes to see it too “You know where I’m from baby and you know what it’s like there What would you think if you were me” “I’d think—” She shuddered and her head fell back against his shoulder “I’d think you can find beautiful things even in ugly places” Finn has earned himself a reputation amongst the O'Kanes not one that would work for his favor Lucky for him he doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks the only one who matters is Trix “If I stay it’ll be for you If I go that’ll be for you too There’s no back for me” Now that they are finally together without the drugs they are high only off of each other uickly realizing what they have is than haze of the high and their hopelessness They were sober clear headed free to do what they wanted— and this was it More than anything else than breath With the war between the sectors Trix doesn't stop showing him just how beautiful life can be Their future is all that matters but before Finn can settle he has scores to settle and prove to himself that he can be the man she deserves “You deserve the moon and stars baby doll” He pressed a kiss to the inside of her wrist “If you’re willing to settle for me I’m too damn selfish to give you up So wear my ink and you’ll always know I’m coming home to you” Seriously how can this series keep on getting better The title Beyond Addiction is exactly what I feel towards this series I have been forever sucked into the world of Sector Four I loved this story because it was finding a second chances when you think all hope has been lost Trix and Finn have been beat down and broken but managed to put themselves back together stronger While reading I could totally feel her energy as Trix dances on stage the pride of seeing where she is now and all the things she has overcome Finn now this man I could bow down to he did whatever it took to do what was right for Trix doing it just like any other O'Kane badass I loved it Absolutely loved this addition and I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next