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The Middle Place (working title only) Characters ä eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ A story of a girl desperately determined to find a cure for the illness that swept her mother away and could possibly destroy her own life as wellSixteen year old Grace is in a race against time—and in a race for her life—A story of a girl desperately determined to find a cure for the illness that swept her mother away and could possibly destroy her own life as wellSixteen year old Grace is in a race against time and in a race for her life even if she doesn’t realize it yetShe is smart responsible and contending with than what most teens ever should Her mother struggled with schizophrenia for years until one day s. see An Na’s response to my uestions about the book belowI have a doctorate in psychology and interned in a state psychiatric hospital with mostly schizophrenic patients One of the hallmarks of the condition is disorganized thinking and THE PLACE BETWEEN BREATHS was certainly disorganized in a purposeful manner The timeline is at best confusing at most incomprehensible Other symptoms are hallucinations sensing things that aren’t present delusions false beliefs like the TV sends personal messages people being present which is why it may appear sufferers are talking to themselves ideas of reference belief in different identities We had a few Jesuses the Dali Lama and a George Washington in the hospital paranoiaAn Na coolest name ever penned a gorgeous personal story of mental illness its impact on sufferers and their loved ones and the uest for answers and solutions Na brilliantly portrayed disorganization but in that brilliance lost meSchizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder schizophrenia with mood disorders are the most heartbreaking and difficult psychiatric conditions to live with and to treat Medications are rarely completely affective usually have unbearable side effects and often stop working Additionally some sufferers have medication resistant conditions at least to date I emailed Na for insights because I want to understand the story I might reread but I’m not sure since I don’t think I’ll have clarity without some help I’d appreciate any comments and insights An Na replies uickly to my email and I am going to reread with a better understanding I have a feeling this will become a 5 Star review afterward An Na’s explanation which she gave me permission to shareDear AmyI feel like I should give you a prize or something You are the very first reader to reach out and ask me about that crazy confusing ending In hindsight maybe I should have made it simpler but I also didn’t know how to do that without compromising what I wanted to convey in the story I wanted the various seasons to act like strands of DNA weaving together to give you a prismatic idea of someone suffering from schizophreniaThere are many ways to read the story The Autumn scenes can first be read as the past the story of Grace as a child in the kitchen with her mother Hannah The Summer scenes can be read as the future what will become of Grace but also what became of Hannah her mother The Spring scenes show the slow descent into madness for Grace in the present time frame In the present time frame Grace is suffering from schizophrenia and has halluncinated her father being alive and at the end you find out that Hannah “her friend” is really her mother as a young woman the way she remembers her mother last and Grace is pregnant from Dave a casual boyfriend from school Will who works with Grace at the hospital is the only true and real thing in her life Like Grace’s father Will does believe he can help Grace and that there is hope of battling this terrible disease The winter scenes are the scenes that either Will or Joseph Grace’s father could be saying to either Grace or Hannah Winter is the voice of love and hope and the anguish of watching someone you love slowly disappear By the end when all the seasons change you realize that Grace has been hallucinating Hannah her mother and that Grace is pregnant and doesn’t go through with the act of suicide In that moment you can go back and reread the story from a different lens The past becomes the future for Grace She will heal and come to know her child but she too could slip back into the disease and put her child at risk and therefore chooses to leave This future is bittersweet in that Grace will have had time to love her child but she never overcomes the disease just like her mother The future which is now the present is of Grace sitting in a hospital struggling to find herself and to come back to a reality with the help of drugs and Will waiting for her The present which is now the past is of what you just read which is that Grace fell to the disease of schizophrenia and needs to be hospitalized but Will is waiting and fighting for her to come back Whew Does that make senseI wanted to play with time and our understanding of time which is cyclical and not linear You can read the various scenes of the seasons from different character point’s of view like a kaleidoscope Genetics is not something we can escape Our genes hold the history or the past of us but also dictate our future But somewhere in there in our present we have the agency to make changes to discover to hope and reach for scientific discoveries There are many many people who continue to fight for change because a loved one suffers and I wanted to shed a light on all the people who believe despite incredible odds But diseases like schizophrenia are not “curable” diseases there is a lot of suffering and pain so I wanted it to also be realistic My brother suffered from schizophrenia and it was tremendously hard on all of us and sadly we lost him to the disease but I still have faith that we can find remedies to help those who sufferAnyway this is a long way to say I’m so sorry it was such a confusing story and yet I think I also did what I wanted to do which is to engage you as a reader and to get you to puzzle through the story If you reread all the Autumn scenes like they are the future of what happens to Grace and her child Hannah it is both sad and uplifting to a certain extent Grace did have some time with her child If you reread the Summer scenes you find them sad and hopeful in that Grace does start to come out of the fog with the help of medication And then there is always the voice of hope Time has past present and future but there are four seasons I think of the fourth season as the fourth dimension the unknown Agency hope faith religion miracles kismet whatever it is that we cannot know about this life and the unuestionable spirit of the will to survive nourish persevere Thank you for reading my novel Thank you for reaching out I hope I was helpful and not confusing for you Take careAn Na

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He simply disappeared fleeing in fear that she was going to hurt those she cared about most Ever since Grace’s father has worked as a recruiter at one of the leading labs dedicated to studying the disease trying to lure the world’s top scientists to the faculty to find a cure hoping against hope it can happen in time to help his wife if she is ever found But this makes him distant ConsumedGrace. Terrifying This book is non linear and confusing and I'm not even sure what really happened in the end but it immerses you in the dread and uncertainty of schizophrenia in a way that is chilling I'm going to remember this book for a long time

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The Middle Place working title onlyIn turn does her part interning at the lab in the gene seuencing department daring to believe that one day they might make a breakthroughand one day they do Grace stumbles upon a string of code that could be the key But something inside of Grace has started to unravel Could her discovery just be a cruel side effect of the disease that might be taking hold of her And can she even tell the differenc. mind blowing raw brilliant couldn't put down