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Download Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á S.J. Callahan E up to the fact that she needs to ask for help“The ending scenes had me on the edge of my seat behind a cushion hugging my dog” Never judge a Book by its MovieBook 1 in the Aicil Paranormal FilesJoin the members of Aicil a centuries old organization dedicated to researching and fighting the forces that stalk humankind from just beyond the veil of darkness Hauntings occult objects supernatural beings they’re just the beginning for these investigators The darkness doesn’t always recede when the sun comes up Previously released as Fractured Legacy Book 1 as Skye Callah. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest reviewHold on to the edge of your seat because you're in for a wild ride Callahan's debut novel FRACTURED LEGACY dives right into a world where ghosts poltergeists and the unknown is completely normal for paranormal investigators Kaylyn and Cole Anderson Something clearly is trying to mess with Kaylyn and things don't get easier when the agency the sisters work for Aicil gets a shakedown from higher up and the girls get a new boss Jonah Will the entity trying to take over Kaylyn consume her or can they figure out what is happening before it is too lateCallahan uses fantastic imagery to set you up in places like the creepy abandoned Teague Hotel and the stark bare setting of Jonah's apartmentThis is a fast paced read Very enjoyable I'm a self proclaimed slow reader and I finished this one pretty uick It is gripping I love the characters and mystery of the Teague Hotel This is a great book to read near HalloweenThe reader jumps into this universe into Kaylyn's crazy life without much explanation but soon enough everything is understandable Although I admit I would have appreciated exposition Though very well developed I kind of thought the main characters needed dimensions Kaylyn is overly stubborn and private Cole is the caring sister and Jonah is strict and by the book I thought Jonah is the most developed of all the characters and enjoyed him the most I admit like others I enjoyed the growing relationship between Kaylyn and Jonah Although I don't ship them now I could see myself being completely devoured by them in later booksThis novel reminds me a lot of the TV show Warehouse 13; I would be lying if I said I wasn't imaging the actors as these characters This is only the first book in the series and there are clearly uestions and adventures to be had a Aicil I am totally looking forward to reading by Skye CallahanFind reviews at Books A to Z

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Fractured Legacy (Fractured Legacy, #1) Summary Ë 100 Ò “Callahan has combined two very intriguing characters with a great storyline to create a fast paced supernatural tale” Kimber Leigh Wheaton Paranormal investigator Kaylyn is thrilled with the opportunity to investigate the Teague Hotel—a beautiful historic building a “Callahan has combined two very intriguing characters with a great storyline to create a fast paced supernatural tale” Kimber Leigh Wheaton Paranormal investigator Kaylyn is thrilled with the opportunity to investigate the Teague Hotel a beautiful historic building at the heart of Chatham Ohio with a not so beautiful past But the conditions of her investigation aren’t so ideal First she screws up on what should be a simple “pick up” when she’s sent to the local historical society to retrieve an occult object with unknown powers Then her new boss threatens to fire. WOW Just WOWI became an instant fan of Skye Callahan’s the moment I finished Fractured LegacyThis is a great paranormal thriller that I will highly recommend to anyone “Break the bond Ni neart go cur le cheile” No sense in rehashing the blurb – you already know what the book is about But what you don’t know is how real everything becomes as you read Kay is a paranormal investigator along with her sister However – this assignment really gets to Kay and not because she has had a such a keen interest in the building A new boss has just been thrown into the mix and he does EVERYTHING by the Aicil book – something Kay I highly doubt has even opened Being a paranormal investigator Kay is very used to odd the things happening and can usually be easily explained But what happens when odd things start happening to her that she can’t explain I love all the twists and turns in this book The details in every aspect – it’s like you are right there in the action And the banter – OMG Perfect between each character – you get an idea of how each person is different and the way they interact with another – I absolutely loved it Just made the whole book all the entertaining and real to me Skye definitely gained herself a new fan in me with this series I insist you buy this book

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Fractured Legacy Fractured Legacy #1Her on the spot potentially ending the career she’s dreamed about and worked for her whole lifeUnfortunately even after he relents and gives her one final chance to prove her worth to the organization things continue to go wrong Terribly wrong Unexplainable dreams and blackouts Fires Unrelenting attacks against her mind body and soul that may or may not be real If Kaylyn stands any chance of defeating the powerful force waiting for her in the hotel she’ll first have to convince everyone around her that the threat isn’t only in her head And possibly the harder task fac. Very uick read Enjoyed Similar to the Ellie Jordan Ghost Trapped series However I enjoyed this so I liked how story is about the characters than the ghost story in each book but the ghost story is great in the 1st book