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DOWNLOAD Red Hill ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ò When the world ends can love surviveFor Scarlet raising her two daughters alone makes fighting for tomorrow an everyday battle Nathan has a wife but can’t remember what it’s like to be in love; only his young daughter Zoe makes coming home worthwhile Miranda’s biggest concern is whether hWhen the world ends can love surviveFor Scarlet raising her two daughters alone makes fighting for tomorrow an everyday battle Nathan has a wife but can’t remember what it’s like to be in love; only his young daughter Zoe makes coming home worthwhile Miranda’s biggest concern is whether her new VW Bug is big enough to carry her sister and their boyfriends on a weekend escape from college finals. 5 stars OUTSTANDING Red Hill is a phenomenally written deeply heartfelt journey of survival and love in the midst of the zombie apocalypse It grabs you from the first page and holds on to your heart long after you've finished ♥ I first fell in love with Jamie McGuire's writing with her bad boy romance  Beautiful Disaster and despite the fact that zombies aren’t usually “my thing” I was absolutely blown away by this book It had strong writing a gripping plot great balance between character development and action scenes and a story that tugged your heartstrings I absolutely LOVED itBut before I start the review I just want to help clear up a few things that I've been asked a lot about ✦ First this is not a zombie romance No one falls in love with a zombie here The main characters are all human But the story is set against the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse So they present a constant danger to the characters' survival but none of the main characters are zombies Promise✦ Second this is not a paranormal book per say The zombie element is described scientifically as a virus so there is no mystical or magical element and there is no other remotely 'supernatural' element at all In fact I'd say the whole story had a very 'real life' feeling to it✦ Third this is in part a romance but that is not the sole focus of the book There are three main storylines which I will explain in detail below that start off separate but as the story moves forward they intersect and connect up But I can say though that as a reader who absolutely needs romance in her books I did not even for one second miss it in the parts of the book that were non romance focused I was connected to every word of the story I loved both the romance and the action scenes It's a wild ride and you really should just dive in Ok moving on to the actual reviewI really have to say that this is one of those books I honestly loved everything about I genuinely do not have a single complaint about it and there isn't one thing I'd change It was gripping addictive and hauntingly evocative It made me feel like I was right there living the story along with the charactersThe story follows three main characters on a day when a deadly virus breaks out across the world which essentially kills people uickly and reanimates their dead bodies The three characters are Scarlet a single mom working as a nurse who is separated from her children on the day the disaster strikes and desperately tries to find them again; Nathan an unhappy man trapped in a loveless marriage whose main focus after the zombies start to take over is getting his young daughter to a safe place; and Miranda a college student heading to the country for the weekend with her sister and their boyfriends At first these characters' lives were all separate but as the story went on we began to see them all overlap and connect up as they all for one reason or another make their way to the safety of Red Hill ranch My heart was racing throughout most of my read The action and the atmosphere was perfectly described I could feel the growing panic the fear and uncertainty of the unknown coming in from all sides and the sheer helplessness of feeling like there was literally nowhere you could hide from it The build up of tension was fabulously done in these little tiny details that together just made for that absolutely chilling feeling that came with the desperation of not knowing if your loved ones were safe not knowing where to run to or where to find safety or how to save yourself or anyone elseThat being said I woudn't say this is a horror book It's not meant to terrify you out of your mind but at the same time it's zombies guys There's feeding and biting and all manner of shudder some details and I won't deny that I got jumpy while reading it all of a sudden that strange noise outside my window could be anything EEP But honestly I just couldn't get enough of it and couldn't put the book downOne of the most important elements in this book that really made me fall in love with it was that these characters were smart Nobody made any stupid decisions These guys had seen movies they'd watched TV shows they knew how it worked Nobody had brilliant ideas like 'Ooooh Let's all split up in the dark to cover ground' or anything like that Nope Once it registered with them that this was really happening they all handled it in a smart capable way and I LOVED IT I wasn't sure how long we could survive but I knew I wasn't dying on day one of the fucking zombie apocalypse The writing was honestly just phenomenal It was the kind where I really didn't even notice it because it created the world so seamlessly that it was like the words just melted away and the story played out in my head like a movie It got me right inside the minds of each character I knew exactly what they were all going through The detail was perfect and yet so much happened It was fast paced without ever seeming rushed and the ending of each chapter made me need to flip the page There was simply no good stopping pointAnother thing I appreciated was that I genuinely liked each of the main characters They were all endearing or relatable or just plain awesome in their own way The whole story was very interconnected Pay attention to the details when you're reading guys because there are lots of little things where later on you go 'ohhhhhh it was him' or some suchOk now regarding the romance Yes there IS romance But as I mentioned above it is not the sole focus of the book I'd say that primarily this is a book about a group of characters trying to survive the zombie apocalypse but along the way mostly in the second half of the book some of them do find love I felt deeply emotionally connected to everyone and honestly even the scenes that were not romantic had me just as riveted I personally thought that the way the romance was woven into the story was really well done and very well balancedThe ending had me almost in tears several times I won't lie some people die but certainly not everyone There are survivors and I was very happy with the ending It wasn't all hearts and rainbows but at the same time it was actually kind of perfect for the storyOverall I was so incredibly impressed with this book Jamie McGuire made me a reader who isn't into zombie books fall in love with it The characters and their stories grabbed my heart and didn't let go I still have a huge book hangover and am just not ready to move on yet A part of me is still back at Red Hill5 starsThis is a standaloneThank you to the publishers at Atria for sending me an advance copy to review Read the PROLOGUE at this link For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter

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When reports of a widespread deadly “outbreak” begin to surface these ordinary people face extraordinary circumstances and suddenly their fates are intertwined Recognizing they can’t outrun the danger Scarlet Nathan and Miranda desperately seek shelter at the same secluded ranch Red Hill Emotions run high while old and new relationships are tested in the face of a terrifying enemy an enemy who. LOTS OF SPOILERS read at own risk This one was hard one for me to rate let me explainFirst and foremost McGuire's writing is five star in this book My rating has nothing to do with her excellent writing skills My problem was the storyNow I am a huge zombie fan HUGE I've seen every zombie movie you can imagine and THE WALKING DEAD is one of my favorite TV shows of all time I was prepared for lots of running and near death experiences in which undoubtedly would mostly result in death I was prepared for that I wasn't however prepared to feel so disconnected to the main characters that when such events took place I was worried about the sub characters then the mainSee where the TV show the Walking Dead excels in is their character development You really feel the emotions as they play out on screen You feel the pain the heartache the loss and the inner conflict of emotions as they struggle with the tough decisions that come from being in constant life and death situations They internally fight with who they used to be before the zombie world verses who they now have to be in the present to survive It's a study of human behavior at its finest It's what makes it so brilliant It's not just about the zombies but how you can relate to the characters emotions decisions struggle when forced to make life and death choices When they feel you feel When they lose someone you lose someone When they are conflicted yes you feel that same conflict Decisions are not black and white They are all grey in the zombie world It's what makes it so addictive and gripping So I was beyond excited to read this book because as you know in books you get right into the deep seeded thoughts and feelings of the main characters You'll be able to feel everything go through their heads when in such life and death situations because it will be explained But I was wrong It wasn't until they settled at Red Hill that it began to explore all their emotions that made you latch onto the characters And that didn't happen to close to 70% which disappointed me greatly I will say that I loved the beginning with the outbreak and the three POV's Scarlet Nathan and Miranda and how they intertwined I think that was a stroke of genius with the three stories connecting with one another Where I think this fell down was character depth and development So much of the book was them running escaping living day to day that there wasn't a lot of focus inside the heads of these three main characters Nathan Miranda and Scarlet that you could really connect withSoWHAT I LOVED The characters I loved most were NATHAN SKEETER COOPER And two of those Skeeter and Cooper were sub characters COOPER I wish we had a Cooper POV He seemed liked such a lovable character I would have loved to have been in his head before he sacrificed himself for Zoe He seemed like he was a true hero and I wish there had been a lot of him SKEETER and his connection with Jill Jillybean his wife I felt it on the pages and I even shed a tear when he lost her I loved his character and wish there was of him too NATHAN now there is a character who could have carried the whole book LOVED LOVED LOVED him From his tough decision making when it came to Zoe from his goodwill with Joy and Walter from the way he loved Scarlet He was amazing I think the whole book should have been from his POV I even liked Joey I think he had a lot layers to his personality I wish was exploredWHAT I HAD ISSUES WITH there was a lot of reference to how to handle the whole situation based on what they had seen in movies It detracted from getting to know the characters better and I disliked how much they assumed based on popular culture I wanted originality MIRANDA didn't connect with her I think she was a bit selfish in her feelings and Bryce deserved honesty from her SCARLET her story felt a little close to the 'Sophia' storyline in The Walking Dead I understand why she didn't want to give up and that she still had hope but still her character often felt very selfish and cold When COOPER died How he didn't at least take one minute to say goodbye to Ashley Seriously one minute He wasn't turning right away She was so close Scarlet's itchy trigger finger made me go WTF give him a second Say goodbye face to face to the love of your life I didn't get why he didn't do that Scarlet's kids turning up BY THEMSELVES Sorry don't buy it Didn't believe it No way Was not at all happy with that and the carnage that resulted from that scene I expected casualties but I found it unrealistic for those two girls to show up months later on their own NupI just couldn't get head past that It seemed it was put in for the sake of giving us a happy ending but to be honest I didn't want Scarlet to get one at that point I didn't think she deserved oneSo how do I rate thisFor the writing 5 starsFor the storyline 4 starsFor character development 3 starsFor the end 2 starsI think I will have to settle on 35 stars as an average If you like zombie books you might like this one Enjoy

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Red HillNo longer remembers what it’s like to be humanSet against the backdrop of a brilliantly realized apocalyptic world love somehow finds a way to survive But what happens when the one you’d die for becomes the one who could destroy you Red Hill grabs you from page one and doesn’t let go until its stunning conclusion This is #1 New York Times bestselling author Jamie McGuire at her unforgettable be. 5 BLOWN AWAY starsDAMN was this book amazing I can't stop thinking about it about how well it was written and how perfectly paced and full of emotion it isFirst off I want to say that I'm basically sold when I hear about apocalypse andor zombies in a story be it a book movie or TV show But not everything I end up readingseeing is always good I've disliked hyped books such as World War Z or Warm Bodies and now LOVED this under appreciated masterpieceOK so going in we meet three characters and get to experience the beginning of the outbreak through their eyes There are three POVsThe story kicks off with Scarlett who is dropping her two daughters at school before work She is a technician at a hospital and is right in the middle of it when it all starts We see through her how this strange flu like illness affects a patient Now this is where I knew that I'd love this book because Jamie McGuire does an amazing job at explaining what's happening how the body reacts to the virus after infection all with a ton of details It all felt so real and plausible especially now in the time of a full real life global pandemic Can you imagine working in a hospital when shit starts to hit the fan Yeah that's purely terrifyingScarlett is a strong fierce and fearless woman who is on a mission to find her girls amidst a rapidly spreading outbreak that's turning everything to chaos But the girls have been picked up by her dickhead of an ex husband an angry playboy firefighter So she will raise Hell to get them back safely Oh and did I mention that she's a survivalist who loves zombie movies herself and always had an escape plan for just in case type of situations No Well she's badass to the boneNext we meet Nathan who has just been left by his wife to care for their young daughter Zoe because he was the one who always wanted children it's not in her to be a mum Perfect timing because Nathan now he has to fight harder than ever to be strong for himself and his little girl Watching a movie about zombies is one thing Watching zombies outside your window was another The movies didn't talk about that Well maybe they did but they didn't drive home how terrifying each moment truly was I tried not to think about tomorrow or that we would still be fighting for our lives every day from now on I glanced back at Zoe and choked back the sadness welling up in my throat I didn't want her to grow up in a world like this this uote sums him up perfectlyAnd then there's Miranda a college girl traveling with her sister and their boyfriends Their father is the one that brings them all together because he's the owner of a house on Red Hill and it's the best place to be at in case of an apocalypseThere is constant suspense throughout the novel and I was gripped from the beginning As one could expect from this type of story there are some heart breaking moments of loss because not everyone will get out alive in times like that Difficult decisions have to be made constantly and there are many uncomfortable and horrible topics covered beyond just the zombies Sadly there's also a realistic and relevant aspect compared to our society especially nowadays with the COVID 19 pandemic going on and it only made it all the awful But Jamie handled everything sooooo wellI loved so many things in this book and I want to uickly mention a few the fact the characters pretty much refuse to call the infected zombies because they're aware of how silly that is So they find different names for them finally settling on Teds and the reason why they do so is the cutest ❤️ the fact that this is not your average zombie bloodbath with guts and heads flying off all the time There is death obviously There is gore But the focus is on the people and how they're doing everything to stay alive Just because the world has gone to hell does not mean you stop living the way these three main characters meet and how they're all connected through Red Hill as I mentioned in the beginning the fact that I finally got to read about how such a disease would spread through the human body how a person is affected by it and then becomes a walking corpse the fact that the end of the world could actually be a new better beginning for some people I LOVED the fact that unlike every other zombie story here they die down after a while become less and less in numbers aaaand also weaker The whole story has this realistic vibe to it the emotion of each character is palpable You feel Scarlett's pain as she is trying to do everything in her power to make sure her two daughters can reach her and she never looses faith that they will reach her but you also feel for Nathan Miranda and Ashley the ending is freaking awesome For someone looking for an action packed ride you might end up disappointed but I thought it was perfectHands down this is one of my favorite reads this year and I KNOW I'll be re reading it sooner rather than later