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Cut Me Loose Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free é In the vein of Prozac Nation and Girl Interrupted an electrifying memoir about a young woman's promiscuous and self destructive spiral after being cast out of her ultra Orthodox Jewish family Leah Vincent was born into the Yeshivish community a fundamentalist sect of ultra OIn the vein of Prozac Nation and Girl Interrupted an electrifying memoir about a young woman's promiscuous and self destructive spiral after being cast out of her ultra Orthodox Jewish family Leah Vincent was born into the Yeshivish community a fundamentalist sect of ultra Orthodox Judaism As the daughter of an influential rabbi Leah and her ten siblings were raised to worship two things God and the men who ruled their world But the tradition bound future Leah envisioned for herself was cut short when at si. As a Jew reading this memoir was painful and gut wrenching in the fact that a religion that I adhere to although not as strictly was used to perpetuate the neglect and abuse that Leah Vincent was subjected to The fact that exchanging letters was all it took for her life to be turned inside out shows the depth of misogyny and extremism that exists in fundamentalist sects of any religion Vincent's willingness to share the most painful disturbing and sexually explicit moments of her life as points of reference for how individuals can become isolated and left to fend for themselves in a world they do not understand is a testament to her strength of will I rejoiced along with her when her college acceptance letters came throughLike other readersreviewers I also felt that the memoir could have used fleshing out at the end of the book I wanted to be able to know of her successes and triumphs in college and with her future husband as well as how she began to rebuild a relationship with her brother that also followed her out of their Yeshivish sect

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Xteen she was caught exchanging letters with a male friend a violation of religious law that forbids contact between members of the opposite sex Leah's parents were unforgiving Afraid in part that her behavior would affect the marriage prospects of their other children they put her on a plane and cut off ties Cast out in New York City without a father or husband tethering her to the Orthodox community Leah was unprepared to navigate the freedoms of secular life She spent the next few years using her sexuali. This is a brave soul baring and often shocking memoir by a young woman who left the Orthodox Jewish path of her upbringing but I’m sorry to say there are parts of it that I find hard to believeI have no trouble believing any of the sex and there’s uite a lot here It’s pretty explicit too and it’s rarely the healthy and loving kind But I completely understand how it could happen Modesty is the #1 concept drilled into Orthodox Jewish women and when it’s enforced incorrectly it becomes the area in which a young woman is most likely to rebel Because Leah was taught that a woman is either modest and chaste or she’s a slut she fulfilled that expectation and entered into uite a few unhealthy and exploitative sexual relationships before she gained balance in that area I know that many non Orthodox and non Jewish readers will blame her “fundamentalist” upbringing for this but I come from the opposite perspective I was raised in the secular world and my first relationships were almost as bad as hers As I’ve discovered from my sister who is still secular that’s the case for just about every woman she knows Emotional abuse drug and alcohol use unwanted pregnancies even date rape – these are not uncommon experiences amongst women who engage in premarital sex Modesty does offer women protection and it's not a double standard in the Orthodox world either because it’s also expected of men But I do understand that it’s possible for a parent to go overboard in the enforcement of modesty and the inevitable result is a painful rebellionSo while I believe everything Leah so bravely revealed about her sex life including if not especially the instinctive cry of her heart for G d even while she was violating the most serious of prohibitions her portrayal of her parents is another matter It may be true but they’re not like any Jewish parents I know As I’ve said in other reviews I’m the parent of an “off the path” kid myself and I belong to a support group where I know many others I believe that if any one of us chas v’shalom a million times received a call from a hospital that our kid just attempted suicide we’d drop everything and run to our kid’s bedside Leah portrays her mother as so cold hearted the nurse had to persuade her to come Perhaps there are parents like that but they’re a rarity The “tough love” silent treatment is most definitely not what the experts are recommending to my support group But who knows Perhaps it’s because of Leah’s memoir Her story can teach all parents what not to do with your non Orthodox childAs a person I respect Leah She’s put herself and her life back together I don’t see why she considered eating bacon and eggs with her similarly off the path brother to be worthy of inclusion in her book as though it was an accomplishment worth boasting about but getting a Master’s degree from Harvard is nothing to sneeze at It’s funny that though my life is in many ways the opposite of hers – I joined Orthodoxy particularly because I find strength in modesty – we have many similarities I too had a much older lover I too graduated from Brooklyn College And I too desperately desire the validation of getting accepted into grad school So maybe we two opposites will end up meeting in the middle and if the middle is academia then that’s pretty cool

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Cut Me LooseTy as a way of attracting the male approval she had been conditioned to seek out as a child while becoming increasingly unfaithful to the religious dogma of her past Fast paced mesmerizing and brutally honest Cut Me Loose tells the story of one woman's harrowing struggle to define herself as an individual Through Leah's eyes we confront not only the oppressive world of religious fundamentalism but also the broader issues that face even the most secular young women as they grapple with sexuality and identity. Starts off deceptively as a memoir and has some interesting details about an extremely strict sect of Orthadox Judaism Then the author leaves home and the book turns into a poorly veiled excuse for pornographic writing I gave her the benefit of the doubt that all of this was leading somewhere and was part of her journey towards assimilating into mainstream culture but by the time I got to the end of the book it was clear she had no intention of writing or apparently thinking about anything except her many sexual encounters That was 90% of the story Another 8% goes to her conflicted ongoing relationship with her family and 2% to oh and then I went to Harvard and had a successful writing careerI understand that this is a memoir and not a novel but I would have liked to know why she doesn't have any friends What are her thoughts now about religion What was it like adjusting to higher education after a restrictive background As someone who has also come from a fanatical religious background I know that there is far to this story than she is telling even if poor choices were a part of that But she can't be bothered to tell the rest because apparently it's fun to just write smut and call it a book If Leah Vincent really has no way of relating to the outside world except through misplaced physicality then she needs to see a therapist not write a book If she can she should have written about it instead of presenting such a one dimensional and frankly degrading piece of writingA good example of a multi dimensional narrative of a young girl leaving a strict religious family which tells every part of the story is Waiting for the Apocalypse by Veronica Chater Much worthy of a read than Cut Me Loose