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Asylum by Susan VaugNever Kentucky is not your average scenic small town It is a crossways a place where the dead and the living can find no peace Not that Forest an 18 year old foster kid who works the graveyard shift at Lincoln Hospital knew this when she applied for the job Lincoln is a huge state mental institution a good place for Forest to make some money to pay for college. I love a creepy ghost story and this one sounded like it would be a perfect read for me I really wanted to like this book but it fell very short for me I really tried to finish it and got to page 296 and then realized I still had almost 100 pages left the book is 384 pages and I couldn't finish it Insanity starts off promising You meet Levi a young boy walking home alone at night even though his Grandma has told him not to go out at night because death was walking on two legs The unthinkable happens to Levi and then you get taken to a new chapter with a new character From the synopsis you think Forest is going to be our main character but she only is for a short time The next few chapters you get to know a little about Forest and how she came to work at Lincoln Psychiatric Hospital Here's where things started to get a little off for me Forest is working a double shift on Halloween night The maintenance people have discovered bones in one of the underground tunnels Then Forest sees two men running down the vacant hallwaymen that are ghosts Once she figures out and helps Decker one of the men she ends up getting fired from Lincoln and then we are onto a new part of the book There is mention that Forest goes to the Bell Tower of the hospital but I can't figure out if she died or is alive and just has this mysterious Madoc blood There are so many uestions left and then we go on to a new part of the book In this new part we meet Darius Apparently uite a bit of time has gone by since Forest left the hospital and now Darius is working there as a security guard to earn money for college We learn that Darius' grandfather kidnapped and killed little kids Darius' grandma killed his grandfather way before Darius was born I think so he never got to know him but heard stories As Darius is working he hears ice cream truck music which is how his grandfather lured the kids to him Then things get really funny again Another boy goes missing Darius goes into a tunnel under the hospital and sees his grandfather and a witch's tree and then meets up with Forest and Levi to rid the world of his grandfather's spirit If it seems like I summarized that really fast it's because that is how the story read It was all done really fast and left out so much stuff Now we are onto the next part of the book which is told from Trina's point of view Trina is Darius' girlfriend and apparently some kind of witch Trina's dad is a preacher who thinks it is his job to kill anyone with Madoc blood This part of the book talks about how Trina breaks away from her father and then almost gets slashed by yet another crazy ghost from Lincoln Psychiatric Hospital The group which now includes Forest Levi Levi's grandmother Imogene Darius Darius' mom Jessie who is Darius' friend and Trina her step mom Addie and Trina's father must rid the world of this ghost's evil spirit This is where I stopped I thought this book had a lot of potential if the author had stuck with one storyline You never really got to know any of the characters so you couldn't really connect with any of them There were so many uestions that were unanswered and maybe they were answered in the end but I couldn't make it there You never really found out what Madoc blood was Forest researched it a little and you found out a little history of it but I never fully understood what exactly it was I just know it gave people powers I can't even really tell you what kind of powersmaybe to see to the other side or to help spirits cross over I'm not sure You never really knew what happened to Forest She went to the other side and it appears she came out alive but then she just disappears into the Bell Tower and that's all you really know This book just really seemed to jump around a lot and never really fully developed one story or character It seemed like it was a bunch of different story outlines thrown together I never really felt like I was getting involved in any of the stories or the characters lives I didn't really find it all that creepy after the first couple chapters either It just seemed like a lot of the same dead spirits doing the same bad deeds that needed the same crossing over and it all happened so uickly that there was no time to build the suspense So sadly I was disappointed in this one but that isn't to say you might not like it If it sounds like one you would enjoy pick it up and let me know if you liked it

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D she knows she has a part to play and when she does so she finds a heritage that she never expected With her deep knowledge of mental illness and mental institutions Susan Vaught brings readers a fascinating and completely creepy new book intertwining the stories of three young people who find themselves haunted beyond imagining in the depths of Lincoln Hospit. I'm putting this aside for now I enjoyed Freaks Like Us the author's prior book and I absolutely loved the spooky sound of this one There were things that I really liked about Insanity the literary writing style and the evocation of a small Kentucky town through details like regional slang the word haint is so much better than ghostThere's a prologue from one POV then the narrative switches to Forest's POV She's a girl who just aged out of foster care and is working in a mental hospital The first few chapters of the book introduce lots of spooky touches creepy Civil War era tunnels under the hospital a mysterious bracelet that Forest wears and an old woman who is clutching a picture I felt like I was following the plot sort of Then around page 80 or so a third POV was introduced and I just sort of lost my grip on the threads of the storyIf a book has a complicated narrative structure I often struggle if I'm reading it on an e reader I've seen other people say the same thing so glad it's just not me I may try this in print and see if that helpsThat said if you're a reader who loves authors like Brenna Yovanoff or Tessa Gratton who write dark stories with complicated narrative structures you might want to give this one a try

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characters ↠ Asylum by Susan Vaught í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Never Kentucky is not your average scenic small town It is a crossways a place where the dead and the living can find no peace Not that Forest an 18 year old foster kid who works the graveyard shift at Lincoln Hospital knew this when she apBut along with hundreds of very unstable patients it also has underground tunnels bell towers that ring unexpectedly and a closet that holds than just donated clothingWhen the dead husband of one of Forest's patients makes an appearance late one night seemingly accompanied by an agent of the Devil Forest loses all sense of reality and all sense of time Terrifie. I don't usually read book descriptions As I was reading Insanity I kept thinking this is almost like three separate stories Well here's what the description saysIn three connected stories all set in the same mental institution in rural Kentucky ghosts of a very spooky sort make appearances in dark tunnels abandoned bell towers and forgotten corners of the basements Based on real local lore and the actual institution headed by Vaught herselfWell now that I know that's what it was supposed to be I guess I have to reevaluate my opinionAll of the stories take place in the same very creepy mental institution The stories have the same characters but each is narrated by a different one And each character has different magical powers In each story the danger builds to a crescendo and then there's a big showdown among the evil spirits and our good guy characters and there's a victory Then we start all over from another perspective to battle a different demonIf you like creepy scary disturbing ghost stories Insanity is for you Vaught can write scary scenes with some really nasty demons Each situation is uniue and a different magical trick is pulled out of the hat to prevailAs far as characters well we get to know them but they aren't normal I felt some sympathy for them and cared about their well being There's a little romance that helps tooI just wasn't prepared for this type of story I kept thinking well this is the end right But I'm only 25% through the book I don't know what to do about this book dilemma I wish there had been a blurb on the cover or something in the contents to indicate it was SUPPOSED to be three separate stories Because I really like to stay away from book descriptions They often give way too much away How do you feel about reading book blurbs Let me know if you have any suggestionsRecommend Insanity to your teens who like to feel the creeps