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Innocent Ink (Inked in the Steel City, #2) Free download ✓ 0 ↠ Book 2 in the Inked in the Steel City SeriesPhotographing exceptional tattoos for the Hot Ink Tattoo Studio turns into much than just a job when Karen meets Jed the sexy as sin owner With attraction sizzling between them each photo shoot is a labor of loIngly naughty dreamsCurvy vivacious Karen is everything Jed would want in a woman if he wanted one at all But a relationship seems like too dangerous a gamble for someone who’s loved before and suffered the ultimate loss So why can’t he resist when he discovers the attraction is mutual Even if he were wi. Innocent Ink is a steamy sweet read No angst or nail biting tension Just a sweet love story that revolves around a passion for artSummaryKaren was introduced to the Hot Ink studio its owner and its clients when her best friend Mina went there for her tattoo Karen of course accompanied her despite her fear of needles and certainty she would never get ink and she was lucky enough to get a job photographing tattoos for personal portfolios and advertisements Karen's dream is to be a fashion photographer but until she got business from Hot Ink she was full time waitressing and only part time photographer She was still barely making her bills Getting noticed from her pictures of tattoos has allowed her to follow her passion full time and actually make some money It's also allowed her to spend inordinate amounts of time communicating and spending time with her crush and the owner of Hot Ink Jed Karen has ogled him for months now but cant bring up the courage to do anything about it He makes her heart race and her face flush just from a look Jed isn't looking for a relationship Not after he suffered a huge loss in his past already but Karen wont keep running through his mind He cant keep himself from making up projects or reasons to call and see the curvaceous photographer He wants her but knows he shouldn't because she's so young and innocent and he's afraid he has nothing to offer her Luckily they happen to share a birthday and much celebration ensues Karen drinks enough to feel tipsy but Jed stays sober and drives her home Knowing she will never have this chance again Karen makes her move and is disappointed when Jed moves away But her disappointment is fleeting when Jed unexpectedly pulls her into his arms Despite his reservations he cant not touch her The pull is too great A sizzling passion ensues but life is very rarely as easy as all that Much to Karen's surprise and concern Jed lost his wife some years ago and seems to still be working through some of his grief On top of that Karen is given a shot at making her dreams a reality on the very same day tragedy strikes her family All Jed can do is be there for her and guide her through what he's already experienced Soon enough the couple are closer but concerns about where they could possibly be headed run rampant Jed will have to learn to remember fond memories while letting go of the intense hurt in order to have a chance at a future with Karen and Karen will have to make the biggest decision of her career stay in the home she's built and the people she loves or pick up and chase after the dream she's said she always wanted Karen was great I loved her bubbly personality She was young but not immature and knew what she wanted out of life and committed to going after it Jed was so vulnerable Realizing you could really love someone after thinking you'd never feel that way again can be scary He handled his and Karen's feeling with care though and was so sweet I love the angst free goodness from the Inked in the Steel City series They are light fun romance reads that get your blood pumping in a sensual sexy way Cant wait to read 3

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Book 2 in the Inked in the Steel City SeriesPhotographing exceptional tattoos for the Hot Ink Tattoo Studio turns into much than just a job when Karen meets Jed the sexy as sin owner With attraction sizzling between them each photo shoot is a labor of love and a chance to get closer to the man of her increas. Karen has a gift Her photography is art The photograph she took of her friend Mina’s tattoo got her noticed and Karen is now a full time photographer She is still doing tattoo shots for the clientele of the Hot Ink tattoo studio where Mina and her fiancé work Ever since she met Jed the owner of Hot Ink she has had a mad crush Jed and Karen share a birthday and their friends throw them a joint party When Jed drives her home the kiss they share has Karen thinking they could share than a birthday You know you are invested in the characters when you want to reach out and smack them on the back of the head as I was want to do to Jed on several occasions I really liked Karen when we met her in Hot Ink and was thrilled that she was going to get a story Oh what a story Jed is hot but he has issues Karen is the best thing that could have happened to him She drags him kicking and screaming back to life and love This book could probably be read stand alone but you will enjoy it so much if you read Hot Ink first I’d like to thank the author for giving me an ARC to read and review as I really enjoyed this book

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Innocent Ink Inked in the Steel City #2Lling to risk everything again Karen’s too young too full of life to be burdened with someone whose heart bears scars as permanent as the ink in his skinWhen the two finally face what lies between them the passion is undeniably real but will the unexpected extinguish the spark of their love or fan the flam. So I'm clearly determined to finish the series before the next one comes out which I hope is soon so you guys are going to be reading about these books every couple of days Normally in a romance series like this you know the kind the simple easy and heart warming tales the first book sets the tone for the series and it doesn't get any better than it was in book one Well this series just broke that mold for me I liked Eric and Mina's story but I loved Jed and Karen's I was even in tears at one point that's not actually that rare for me though hahaThe biggest change that I loved was that in this story we got to know Jed's thoughts It's like Ranae Rose knew exactly what I wanted to read There were also no awkward time jumps Just a very fluid and lovable storyThe characters were just lovely and I found them to be uite realistic Once again it also motivated me to get tattoos Clearly I've been thinking a lot about thatOverall I loved this story Check out of my reviews at