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Spark Spark #1Eric Reilley comes into her life unexpectedly everything changes Velaney has never felt loved or cared for and her past prevents her from letting anyone in Eric manages to break down her walls despite the repercussions that come for them afterwardsThey have an undeniable spark something she h 2 starsSpark is a novel with great potential that unfortunately was not used even in 10% This book could easily mesmerize me and be fantastic read but author decided to go another road and this spectacular premise could not handle it it was just crashed by things that weren’t necessary Fantastic blurb made me believe Spark will rock my world but unfortunately it only made me frustrated and sad People who supposed to help author with eliminating unnecessary things haven’t done their job My biggest issue was the fact that there were so many events I couldn’t keep up It was like bad soap opera where things go from bad to fucking terrible The story follows Velaney 23 year old woman who one night was caught in the fire Thanks to her hot neighbor who happens to be firefighter she’s alive He goes to her bedroom and helps her out of the house And I loved how it started But after that things went a little downhillIn only four chapters main character Valaney meets Eric five or six times Almost every encounter ended in Eric rescuing Valeney from fire bar brawl getting lost in the woods when she knocked herself on the butt while running and so on It was absolutely irritating to see her acting like silly damsel in distress Every damn time Velaney feels toward Eric instant attraction that easily changes into insta love despite the fact she act like she doesn’t care about him at all it was plain to see how she really feel Add to the mix she has a terrible past that hunts her and another situations where she’s helpless and Eric rescues her there’s nothing I haven’t seen before Oh yeah there’s a fact that this sexy tattoed firefighter isn’t as smokin’ as I thought he would be cause he acts like a totall creeper He just walks inside Velaney apartment every time he feels like it is almost everywhere where she is like knight in shining armour waiting for her to fall on her butt to ‘take care’ of her I mean what the fuck is that? Another thing that I despised is the fact that writing is too fast there’s several things happening at once I couldn’t connect with characters and I was so mad because of thatI wish there were to Eric and Velaney relationship and that there wouldn’t be cliffhanger which was forced All situation with Aiden is horrible and it’s definitely not well thought But there were nice enough moments to make you forget for a while about errors I loved sex scenes which were enough to show affection and to turn you on Overall I wish someone helped out the author and gave a few tips how to change this soap opra drama to really entertaining and beautiful story because Spark definitely could melt few hearts More reviews on Smokin' Hot Book Blog and my Facebook Page

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When your past controls your future how do you move forward?Velaney Wills knows about that all too well Weak powerless and fearing the one person who has hurt her the mostcan she overcome the barriers to move forward?Being saved by a muscled Godsend was never on her agenda but when firefighter Velaney Wills has a past a past which has made her feel weak and damaged a past that has scarred her for lifewhat happens when that past comes back to haunt her?Will her horrid past ever leave her alone?Can she be saved?The book starts off where there is a fire in the building Velaney and her roommate Carissa stay atWhen Velaney is saved by a hot firefighter things begin to change They have an undeniable spark but will is be enough?My eyes wandered up to his abs triceps and pecks Hisshirt looked painted on it was so tight against him The V neckwas a perfect touch giving a small view of hair and tattoos on hischest His jeans are ripped of freaking course and his shoes—no boots cowboy boots are sticking out the bottom He stands sotall and manly—I suint to make sure he is for realEric is a strong funny determined firefighter and when he first lays his eyes on a sleeping Velaney he is determined to find out about herthere is a spark he can feel it and he is determined to make her see that they are good togetherVelaney can feel the chemistry she has with Eric but can she open up to him and tell him about her past? She feels safe with him which she hasn't felt in a long time Eric manages to break down her wallsBut what happens when her past comes back and is so much dangerous?Can Eric save her again?“I’m a firefighter We don’tusually knock” he grinsknowing exactly what I meant “Okay fine I was hoping I’d catchyou naked again Looks like I got half lucky” He laughs anddodges my hand as I go to slap his shoulder“Gees you really are a perve” He pouts putting hislower lip out as if he’s offended It immediately puts a soft spot inmy heart as I keep running—literally into this man Maybe it’sokay to let my guard downI loved this book Well done BrookeI was hooked right from the first page the suspense the humour the shocks and horrors kept me readingI really felt sorry for Velaney her past was messed up to say the leastI admired her strength to carry on and grow into a stronger person but there were times I wanted her to stop running and embrace itthe it being Eric ;Now talking of EricAhhhhh Eric he rocks I loved how he never gives up on Velaney and helps her through it allOh and he saves her like soo many times DEric is charming funnycaring honest and did I mention HOT?The ending of this book came too uickly and for a few momentshours I thought pages were missingIt couldn't just end there Give me the next book nowww I need itARC provided by the author for an honest reviewCheck out my blog for reviews

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Spark Spark #1 kindle ✓ 252 pages Download ☆ When your past controls your future how do you move forward?Velaney Wills knows about that all too well Weak powerless and fearing the one person who has hurt her the mostcan she overcome the barriers to move forward?Being saved by a muscled Godsend was never on her agenda but when firefAs never felt before but will it be enough? Can love overcome all obstacles? Can they save each other to protect their love or will her past shatter everything she never knew she needed?Spark is for mature audiences only – strong language explicit sexual content and sexual abuse are apparent Ok first of all I want to thank Brooke for giving me an advanced copy of this book to review Let me say this I absolutely loved this book and I could relate to Velaney in so many ways due to the both of us having a horrible thing happening to the both of us in the past Velaney aka Lane aka Laney aka Vel has a damaged past and because of that she shuts out everyone except her best friend since birth Carissa Then one night her life is changed when a sexy firefighter named Eric saves her She keeps running into Eric often times literally Velaney then finds herself battling her feelings for Eric she knows she is attracted to him and feels this pull towards him but she doesn't want to have feelings for him at the same time because she feels she cannot be with Then comes Alex the sweet older brother of Kenna a girl she works with She feels comfortable with Alex and thinks that she could possibly be with him but at the same time she is battling feelings for Eric Velaney is strong stronger than most would be considering her past and the damage it caused Eric makes her open up and come to terms with her past like saying things that cause her pain Velaney is a girl who is very magnetic and pulls you in makes you feel her pain and feel overcome with her emotions and that is one reason this book is so great because not only is Velaney a very detailed well written character but all the characters in this book are written the same way You get to know them and feel emotions when it comes to themDon't even get me started on Aiden the cause of Velaney's pain because that will not be a happy conversation Needless to say I believe he should be taken into a room and beaten to a pulp but who knows it could happenThis book had be laughing at times crying biting my nails and racking my mind trying to figure out what would happen next It was hard to put down I found myself sleep reading because I just did not want to stop reading At times I found myself holding on to my blanket and gasping and I seriously felt the Spark Just when you think you know what is going to happenBAM you're blindsided and in complete shock This book is a tale of learning to forget the past and not let it affect your life It's about learning to be yourself and letting people in letting yourself feel and not fearing the past Learning to let go and move on allows you to feel things and experience things that you never would have beforeSpark is to be released on August 6th and I would recommend to anyone who will listen to purchase this book It is worth the money and you will not regret it and you will find yourself enthralled and love it You will laugh possibly cry smile growl chew your nails and fall in love This book is for mature audiences only