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The remote and impenetrable Pakistani mountains have offered refuge to the worst enemies of civilization since the time of Alexande. Another thriller from the special ops writers Enjoyed this so much I got the next two books

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Retribution Will Parker #2Will rage for centuries And the window of opportunity to stop him is shutting much faster than Washington DC can hope to deal with. Originally published at Reading RealityIf you’re looking for a way to get your Tom Clancy fix Retribution is a great place to startI read the early Tom Clancy books and loved the fast pace of the adventure as well as the neverending skullduggery involved in the politics but the later books felt a bit bogged down to meThe action in Retribution never lets upAlthough the story focuses on ex Marine William Parker the point of view switches between Parker the man he is hunting and the politicians who want to make sure that there are no loose ends when his mission is completedRetribution is a complicated story because “retribution” is something that every character seems to want they just have wildly different perspectives on who should get retribution for whatThe plot and counter plot revolve around a man who wants to become a second Osama bin Laden but his ambitions are greater The goal of Yousef al adi’s jihad is to recreate a mythical pure Muslim kingdom in parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan without giving a damn about the governments that currently hold those territories He also wants to wipe out the Western influences from Saudi Arabia and its rulersHe already has an army he’s planning to use that army to steal nuclear material from Pakistan and hold the world hostageThe plan that William Parker comes up with to eliminate the threat is eually as deadly; Parker plans to infiltrate Yousef’s inner circle and expose everyone in it to a disease as deadly as the black plague and nearly as infectiousGetting in turns out to be much easier than getting out; especially since there are plans back in Washington to make sure that Parker doesn’t survive his mission And there are forces in Yousef’s camp willing to do anything to ensure that Parker pays in blood for his actsThey wanted the best for this mission and they got the best The best at surviving the best at succeeding the best at turning the tables on his enemiesEscape Rating B Parker is a great point of view character not just because he is so good at what he does but because his reasons for doing it are so complexHe is an adrenaline junkie who still takes missions just to feed that particular habit He’s also intelligent and multi talented that’s what makes him both a hero and a survivor But this particular mission has a goal for him beyond removal of the threat His parents went down on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland His reward for the Yousef mission is to find out the unvarnished truth about the Lockerbie bombing conspiracy by seeing the secret and unredacted US Government filesIt’s the one mystery he’s never been able to solve and he needs to know even if the truth includes culpability on the part of the government he servesIf Parker is a bit larger than life so is Yousef It’s difficult to know whether his particular jihad or the reasons behind it have a basis in a real person; I definitely saw him as a threat but his character felt like an amalgam of possible dangers than a complete character YMMVThe last third of the book goes along at a “can’t stop reading” level of adrenaline especially as the action focuses in on the actual mission and relatively few characters In the beginning when a large number of people and a lot of background are thrown at the reader all at once I would have killed for a dramatis personae listBy the end I was practically biting my fingernails to see if Parker’s mission succeeds and the various missions to stop him are finally foiled

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Read Ñ Retribution Will Parker #2 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ä The remote and impenetrable Pakistani mountains have offered refuge to the worst enemies of civilization since the time of Alexander Now the world faces a new challenge Reared from birth to harbor a seething hatred a lone man is about to unleaR Now the world faces a new challenge Reared from birth to harbor a seething hatred a lone man is about to unleash a firestorm that. Retribution Anderson HarpOne man’s family is obliterated on a flight that would take than just their lives Terrorists often feel that they win when they blow up a plane All too often the other side looks to retaliate and the war is waged and the final body count rises A lone pilot flying over the Atlantic loses control of the plane and dies for her cause A huge white ship came out of nowhere The “rust of the ship and its dark ore cargo had been camouflaged by snow and ice making the vessel nearly invisible” The lone pilot prayed to Allah but in the end her words be heard United States Embassy Doha atar where Maggie O’Donald has just received an email from Riyadh Tired and weary she and her partner Pat Stuart would face something they never expected Information in e mails coming through that were being sent she thought to present her with information for some reason but what Something odd struck her and then her whole world would change as she removed her Glock from her draw and along with Pat remained at the window where she saw a lone figure and then everything turned black Colonel William Parker is a dangerous man His family killed in Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland A bomb tore through it and everyone was killed William Parker would seek justice for his parents but someone else would change the tide first A simple phone call would bring him out of retirement and back into the fold of the CIA as Agent James Ford Scott enlists his help Parker’s team the ANGLICO team had been awarded two bronze stars and a purples heart for service in Ira This next mission would change not only his perspective but the end result could bring death and devastation One bomb that would change it all the composition is Semtex according to Scott As the victims are counted one in particular is of interest because somewhere in the recesses of Maggie’s mind is the name of a person who was her contact and whom she cannot remember uestioned and asked many times Maggie’s mind is devoid of her recent memories and the Brain Traumatic Injury just might be permanent A successful mission in Korea and millions of dollars paid to Parker Scott was going to enlist his aid and the budget and resources were unlimited Wanting to know why the target was who was involved and why would they want a retired operative to come out of retirement were the uestions of the day Except the important one is WHY Maggie O’Donald is than just a friend and the link to an operation called Intekam was the clincher One Saudi named Yousef al adi was his target His purpose a Jihad that would take millions of lives if not stopped What is planned will make you shudder and the end result could not only kill those involved in the mission along with the target but if not handled the right way many innocent victims too As the plot unfolds and we learn about the mission Scott reveals information about a reporter named Sadik Zabara A powerful journalist who was offered a position with Al uds who now has a meeting with Yousef As the plan unfolds we learn about each player and Parker begins to formulate his plan and his team Take a black cargo hole of Pakistani airline freighter and place something within a weaving machine But there is something else within this object that if not controlled will take out an American city and much Learning about the Muslim’s we find out that Yousef’s niece was killed in a retaliation bombing sending him on his path of revenge What could the Center for Disease Control do in order to stop this man What was Parker’s plan Retribution punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved But just how far will Parker and the CIA go to get this Intekam “Farsi for an eual and just revenge” Iran Air Flight 655 went down killing 290 innocent victims one of whom was Yousef al adi’s niece There is much as the author relates information of previous mission referred to as Lockerbie and names those involved and where the Semtex came from and who the person’s relation to Yousef Hear his voice and know that he will stop at nothing to create this jihad killing Americans and sacrificing his own When this reporter was taken and placed in a safe place his wife and young infant niece stowed away with Parker the dye is set and Parker is going to become Zabara and the rest remains to be unfolded as we learn his plan Wanting the best infectious disease doctor was the start as the author takes readers inside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and we learn about a deadly virus and its implications called Neisseria Meningitidis The research into this disease was extensive and the deadly virus would infect victims causing either brain damage that was permanent or those that were lucky not to succumb to this might lose limbs Some if lucky might become deaf but most would need treatment that would be so aggressive from powerful drugs that would have to be on hand and readily available To learn about this virus what it does and how it is spread you need to read Chapter 12 to understand the seriousness of what Parker has planned if this virus is unleashed The author reminds us now of Maggie O’Donald as we enter her hospital room hear the many uestions she is asked and learn about the injuries to her mind Yousef al adi was responsible for the death of Parker’s parents and would kill many if Parker does not stop him first His cover in place the phones needed and two articles planted as if written by Zabara Parker is about to go into deep cover with no backup endless resources and hopefully a team that would come through But the reader begins to wonder who can be trusted even within his own organization as we learn about James Ford Scott a CIA agent who has enlisted Parker’s talents to foil the operation that Yousef has already set into motion Contacting Clark Ashby a court reporter and someone close to Parker was his lead to getting his attention and the message he sent even But just what are his real motives and will he really protect him uestions asked and some answers not given as Parker hesitates before agreeing A jihad that would make all others look like a sunny day in May and an end result that would kill millions We continue as we learn about Sadik Zabara as Parker assumed his identity is writing for the Al uds newpaper and hopefully will get that face to face with Yousef Meet his team Kevin Moncrief Enrico Hernandez and Army Captain Mark Furlong as they discuss the mission But no one realizes that their movements are being tracked and someone is following them A terrorist who has stolen an Islamabad nuclear weapon but Parker has to come up with a way to stop him and using a highly dangerous and contagious strain of a communicable disease is his method of choice Ripped right out the headlines you might say when we had that Anthrax scare Retribution is a sober reminder that we need to stay alert and even vigilant Within the novel there is much violence and other forms of retribution as our main antagonist takes readers to the House of Saud and has the Prince kidnapped tortured and buried alive to prove to his father what happens when he is crossed CIA Deputy Director Robert Tranthan wants answers from Maggie and although warned not to push her too far he disregards the nurses orders and proceeds Information lodged within the deep recesses of her brain would help them when dealing with the House of Saud and the upcoming elections But the Secretary as he is referred to is smart has his own network called the Black Swans as the author reminds us of the lone pilot at the start of the novel and her fate is about to be sealed One Chechen named Umarov Yousef and the secretary so powerful and so diabolical their actions will make you cringe But all the uestioning in the world by Tranthan cannot restore her memory as yet and the information she had imparted to a nurse when she was lucid was passed off as ramblings The plan is carefully outlined by the author as we learn just what Yousef has planned in order to create what he envisions is as new Muslim state Entering the hospital room of the King of the House of Saudi we hear the voice of the secretary One side he shows allegiance to the King and on the other to Yousef Torn between both which way will he go as readers learn that someone hiding in plain sight is than just a traitor and lives that are supposed to prevent what this man has planned are in danger by someone they are supposed to trust A death within the hospital is about to be hidden and the safety of many in than just danger as Yousef plans to take down the communication system and computers in the US and Canada hoping that no one will notice where the real bomb is going to explode and what now that he stole the two nuclear cores will be in it as one young girl with a limb comes flies her last flight Parker’s life is in danger if his team fails The team’s rules apply Parker’s friend Gunny on board no special treatment given just what the end result will be remains to be seen as the author although shares what happens to Zabara’s family the bomb that took out so many and those behind it Terrorist attacks are the norm not the unusual and the intricate planning and the nature of how these terrorists are able to inflict the devastation on so many innocent people is blood curdling to say the least Two nuclear cores that if released would wipe out Chicago in a heartbeat A plan so diabolical and one man who would risk it all to save so many With the plan in place and meeting with Yousef what Parker does will stupefy readers as he takes on piece of gum chews it and infects himself with a deadly virus that takes immediate hold of him But just what he does to Yousef and those with him will allow readers to know to what lengths he would go to in order to save lives With his team in place the virus overtaking him and his life in danger will he manage to escape An ending so riveting and a story so terrifying you won’t be able to put it down until you learn the final fate of each member of the team and whether what Yousef has planned is stopped Anderson Harp gives new meaning to the word Retribution Which side gets theirs Read it to find out