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The House of the Tiger has skillfully ruled Merina in times of peace But now the indomitable armies of the Emperor Balthasar stand poised to crush the vulnerable citystate And in the enemy's midst is the gray mage Apolon foul necromancer who se. I read this book in early high school a number of years ago and loved it Recently I began thinking about it remembering nothing specific about it and finally found it in a local bookstore I didn't know if I would have the same reaction to it the second time but I did This book is fabulous It tells the story of three generations of women of the ruling family of Merina a standard medieval style fantasy city modeled after Venice The women of the Tiger as the women of this ruling family are called are strong courageous willful stubborn and have hidden wellsprings of talents The Dowager ueen Adele head of the templespritual side of Merina her daughter ueen Lydana head of the secular side of the city and Lydana's neice Adele's granddaughter who is headstrong and stubborn and believes her aunt thinks her still a child but she has many secrets of her ownWhen the evil emperor Balthasar comes to conuer them having already conuered the rest of the countries and city states on the continent they hand over the city rather than put up a useless fight Their people are not fighters But they disappear into their city assuming roles in vastly different uarters dropping their old identities for the good of Merina In many ways they fit these new roles better than their old One of my favorite books of its kind this is an epic fantasy over 500 pages of excitement and action and one dominated not by men but by women The three female leads are strong and determined and the men seem to play a mainly secondary role in the book Except for a noted few such as the Mage Apollon advisor to Balthasar and Balthasar's son Leopold they get their own chapters in the story told from their point of view The story is told in a standard one character's point of view per chapter way which is convenient since each spends much of her time separated from the others It is gripping and engaging from page 1 to page 504 which is really uite an achievement It is also uite refreshing to have a female dominated epic fantasy for a change I can't think of another like it The men tend to be stereotyped a bit from Apolon and Cathal's brutality to Balthasar's hardness to Leopold's kindness generosity and gentleness My favorite part I think is that rather than rescuing the women or saving them or controlling them or dominating them the men who are 'good' in this novel Leopold and Saxon especially are portrayed as partners They do not take over They do not 'save' the women in fact they are often saved themselves They listen to what the women have to say they cook and are gentle to their young pages they try to protect the women but not to smother them The only negative thing I could possibly say about this novel i that towards the end as the pace picks up and so many things happen at once it gets a bit weaker Some of the loose ends get tied up too uickly and neatly; some things are glossed over or rushed past and it ends rather perfunctorily I think a few hundred pages and a leisurely ending would have improved the book but perhaps no one would read it if it were so long Other than that it is pretty much perfection Even the heavy influence of religion which I normally am not a fan of does not bother me here In fact the way it is done is so subtle and skillful that it feels very right even the great good vs evil heaven vs hell battle at the end

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Tiger Burning BrightTuous ingenious Designated Daughter the battle seems hopeless for they possess no defense save for their wiles and weapons of the spirit But the Tiger is a cunning beast not to be underestimated And when cornered she bares her teeth and strikes. This is a re read of a fantasy that has been on my shelf for many years I'm rereading them to see if I can let them go or not I can let this one go These are three of the major writers in the feels and I had a great time speculating about which one wrote which of the main characters story arch I liked these three major strong woman characters and enjoyed the maidmothercrone aspect of the plot Each used her strengths to advantage to save their kingdom The writing was a bit faux olden times a bit It was a little heavy on the religious component for me Enjoyable but not one I need to hold onto any

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Download Ë Tiger Burning Bright ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï The House of the Tiger has skillfully ruled Merina in times of peace But now the indomitable armies of the Emperor Balthasar stand poised to crush the vulnerable citystate And in the enemy's midst is the gray mage Apolon foul necromancer who serves the DreaRves the Dreadful Dark and whose mission it is to satsfy his Master's terrible hungers with living souls the Heart of a Goddess and the blood of a PrincessFor Adele aging Dowager ueen; for ruling ueen Lydana; and for Princess Shelyra lithe impe. Adele Lydana Shelyra are monarchy in a merchant city Invasion ends their reign It is a fight of epic proportions to return the city to peace Magic Gypsies street urchins thieves sea men craftsmen and clergy are all that lie between a city ruled by necromancy I predict David Eddings fans will love this one Since he is love it or hate it in reader's reviews I suspect this book will be too I loved it It is clear that the bad guys are reeeaaaalllly BAD without horrific descriptions that make your skin crawl and divert energy from the plot The good guys are interesting charismatic intelligent courageous and flawed No rooting for the bad guys 'cause they are interesting than the good guys grin I enjoyed the writing style Three author names are on the book However it did not feel disjointed The descriptions were rich detailed but not encumbering