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In a Heartbeat Heartbeat #1As the girl who lost her father and her brother in a car accident and who has cancer I want to have fun even if it’s for a couple of months” When Stella decides to visit her estranged cousin Lisa in Genoa she has no idea Italy will give her a new reason to live Max“Her gaze locked on a scene so beautiful the picturesue beach paled in comparison A lifeguard emerged from the water his orange trunks stuck to his legs and water dripping all over him He shook his head to get rid of some of the water in his hair and Stella felt as if everything started developing in slow motion – tiny drops of water slid from his neck down his broad chest and mu. Bad Terrible Im regretting the hours spent reading this book when I could have done anything else Stupid me that has to finish almost every book Rant ahead view spoiler 1 How can Max have a BMW a friggin yacht and a big house and also has to work 2 jobs for 2 years to get in a university While living with 2 other people mother and sister who have steady jobs ergo steady incomes Umm no2 Fascinating how even though Stella was recovering from surgery she could also look perfectly healthy go out run almost every day etc Also she is from England but sounds distinctly American Few typically English words are sprinkled here and there and thats it3 Writing just doesnt flow After a while it becomes tiresome and boring Author is telling everything while dialogue is reduced simplistic and boring again4 Story is too streched out Author just doesnt have the prowess to undertake such difficult topics Except the end when you really get the picture Stella has cancer5 The only pleasant surprise was when Lisa's POV was thrown in Though it was only one time and toward the end so it didnt have much sense on the grand scheme of things Dissappoiting hide spoiler

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Librarian’s Note Original cover edition for ASIN# B00C4XBS52Stella“I’ve been in and out of hospitals for the past ten months I’ve had half my liver removed and even though this time the doctors are very optimistic that they’ve removed all of the tumours they can’t be sure In another three months they want me here again for a check up Right now I feel better than I’ve ever felt I know the damn thing is gone at least for the moment Despite that I can’t make any plans for the future not yet I need to go somewhere where nobody knows me where I can relax and maybe even forget about all this Where I can meet people who don’t think of me. WOW Just WOW Completely overwhelmed with how much this book has affected me It has reached in to the depths of my soul and has taken up permanent residenceI LOVED it Okhere is my Full reviewWhen I read the synopsis for In a Heartbeat I knew it would be a book that I would fall in love with What I didn't know was that it would become A PART OF MY SOUL It has latched on to me CONSUMING my thoughts causing such an overwhelming degree of ADULATION for the story found within the pages of this book I started reading In a Heartbeat later in the night thinking I would read for a short bit and then pick it back up in the morning since I was out for spring break HA Little did I know that I would be so enthralled with the tale laid in front of me spelled out with the intriguing lives led by the characters in this book; that I stayed up all night just to find out what happens at the end I am so glad that I did It was worth every hour that nightThe only thing I regret now is that as much as I wanted to KNOW the end I DID NOT WANT it to end I have grieved this book ending because I am so captivated by it Don't you just love it when you come across a book that does that to you I know I do It is the absolute best thing in the worldSo I bet you are wonderingwhy do I love this book so much Well there are many things First it is wonderfully written Teodora does a fantastic job of allowing the reader to connect and feel exactly what her characters are going through Plus she paints such a beautiful world with her words that you actually feel like you are walking on that gorgeous beach in Genoa Italy or walking along the streets visiting shops Ultimately melting away the real world and entering the world found in In a HeartbeatSecondly the cast of characters utterly enchanted me From the very beginning in meeting Stella you instantly like her She is fun spirited with a strong willwhich plays such a major part in the struggles and battles that she has to overcome in her life And even though she starts out this way by the end of this book I was just blown away at how much she transformed There is so much that a person can learn from Stella She touched my heart and warmed my soul Now of course what great story doesn't have a handsome guy that completely turns you in to GOO the minute he comes around Well no worries In a Heartbeat has that covered too Ahhhhmeeting Max sighs heavily I mean what a guy Respecting the boundaries put up by Stella to only be friends he barrels on and by being himselfa true gentleman passionate caring honest trustworthyhe eventually breaks down that invisible wallAllowing for a romance of epic proportions The love shared between these two STILL fills my heart to the point of which I think it is going to explode But it is not all happy times With moments of discord and unrevealed secrets relationships are pushed to the limits and there is no way of knowing if there is going to be an HEAI was holding my breath my stomach was in knots pain in my chestWAITINGWAITINGWAITING YeahI'm not going to tell you how it endsyou will have to read for yourselfSo go get this bookYou don't want to miss out on such an elaborate cast of characters Stella Max Lisa Beppe Gia They fill these pages with fantastic scenes; you find yourself sitting right along with them at their dinners bonding creating friendssighs When does the next book come out I miss them so much alreadyThis is a DEFINITE MUST READwwwtsktskwhattoread2blogspotcom

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In a Heartbeat (Heartbeat, #1) Download ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Librarian’s Note Original cover edition for ASIN# B00C4XBS52Stella“I’ve been in and out of hospitals for the past ten months I’ve had half my liver removed and even though this time the doctors are very optScular arms along a weaving tattoo on his right shoulder and continued downwards towards his chest and washboard stomach finally getting lost in the waistband of his trunks A part of another tattoo peeked over his trunks on his left hip the other part hidden under them It was a total Baywatch moment”Their love is epic But there are too many things keeping them apart“How could you keep this from me Lisa If you had told me the first day I met him I would have avoided him like the plague Nothing would have happened between us”“I kept your secrets too Stella”Are Max and Stella strong enough to fight not only for their love but for their lives. Like us on FacebookRead More Reviews On Our Blog“Do you believe in love at first sight”This is a gut wrenching love story First off I usually shy away from sad stories but this sucked me right in I had to find out if Max and Stella would have their happy ever after Could Stella open her heart up can she realize that maybe pushing him away is worse then letting him fight with her Max and Stella both deserved a love story like no other and I really think they got it Max won me over at Italian lifeguard He was funny and sweet and instantly in love Swoon“Say it Stella please say it Say you love me Say you want me Say you won’t leave”I really enjoyed the other characters as well and hope we get of them in the other Heartbeat series I need of Lisa and her broken mystery man I also need to know what happens with Gia and Beppe“Don’t exist Live Cheers”