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eBook ↠ Pull Seaside #2 Ü Kindle Edition Í Rachel Van Dyken Í Jaded rock star Demetri Daniels is in Hell — also known as Seaside Oregon Sent to rehab after nearly getting himself killed last year his record company wants nothing than for him to lay low away from the limelightIrritated and alone tElse she’s damaged And one thing Demetri has learned is two broken hearts don’t eual a wholeIn the end he has to decide if he can rise above the life he’s created in learning from his past mistakes or fall into the darkness of his choices OH MY GOSH This is just an amazing book I laughed a lot I cried I got angry very angry Demetrioh sweet Demetrihe is amazing in this book You know how in the first one you got glimpses of his sweetness but then it got over shadowed by his stupidityyea not in this onejust his amazingness is that a word? His love for Alyssa is just unyielding He really is just a sweaty who has been hurt than anyone should be Alyssa poor sweet Alyssa also has been hurt than any human should be and oh the hurt to comeI love that we get to see Nat and Alice in this book And oh what they have been up to hummmmm can't wait for the third book OK is this even making since at this point I'm still on my high from reading this bookThis is the second book in the series if you have not read the first one you should really do that before reading this book it's called Tear In fact I may go back and read both over and over until the third one comes out This book has everything you need and want from a love story hot bad boy sweet good girl fame unconditional love and gut wrenching heart break In the best way possible of course If your having a bad day and need a lift here it isjust know every time you curse me my answer is I love you Every time you hit me my answer is I love you and every time you close your eyes I'll still be loving you Demetri That's right my friends just try not to swoon you know you will This book will release on the 28th and you need to get it You will not be disappointed Happy Reading

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Jaded rock star Demetri Daniels is in Hell also known as Seaside Oregon Sent to rehab after nearly getting himself killed last year his record company wants nothing than for him to lay low away from the limelightIrritated and alone than he’s “Sometimes when love pushes you it’s time to pull until you snap”I have been waiting for Pull to be released since reading Tear back in November I’ve been teased mercilessly by the little “teaser” uotes posted on Facebook by Rachel VanDyken over the past few months that I was near ready to pull my hair out Finally it’s in my hands well on my iPad and I read it straight through in one day True to the style and feel of Tear this seuel is a gritty emotional true to life and angsty romance that I couldn’t put downWhile in Tear I felt a few plot lines were rushed at the end and that there were some inconsistencies in Nat's character Pull didn't have these issues Yes the climax kind of hit all at once but it wasn't forced and it played out in very realistic way I didn't feel that any of the plot lines were condensed inappropriately Everything was fleshed out nicelyOur main character this time is Demetri the slightly ADD recovering drug and alcohol addicted brother who’s trying to stay on the straight and narrow now that he survived a near fatal car crash Nat cons Demetri into working at Seaside Taffy to help keep himself out of trouble while Alec Nat are in LA He sits on the corner singing the jingle and passing out taffy samples Enter Alyssa the taffy girl from the store across the street If Alec and Demetri had emotional baggage Alyssa has a truck full At least in her view Truly her baggage isn’t much different from what Demetri is carrying but she hasn’t dealt with it as well Not that drugs and alcohol are a good way of dealing with past pain – but Demetri has grown up in Pull He is staying clean and even though he uestions his value as a friend and his worth as a person he has that “rock star ego” that keeps him putting one foot in front of the other He also has a wonderful support system in Alec and Nat and has actually learned a thing or two from Mrs Murray Nat’s mom and Demetri’s psychiatristThe fragile relationship that grows between Demetri and Alyssa unfolds beautifully It’s complex and fraught with emotional outbursts and tender moments The two of them are so much alike and yet so different They carry similar pain but Demetri has reached a point that he can help Alyssa deal with hers He knows when to push and when to pull and he knows when to give her space Through their experiences together they learn that “love the type of love that’s realit’s selfless it’s persistent Real love pushes your boundaries it pulls you until you snap and then when you think you can’t take any it’s relentless in its pursuit of your body soul and heart” Shatter the third book in the Seaside series can’t come soon enough I did receive an ARC copy of Pull from the author for my honest review I purchased Tear the preuel from

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Pull Seaside #2Ever been in his life Demetri tries desperately to rebuild his shattered reputation as a drug addict and player which proves to be difficult when he meets AlyssaAlyssa is everything he should stay away from She’s beautiful smart but above all This book and its preuel Tear came highly recommended by a close friend of mine So when I got the chance to read and review them both in exchange for my honest opinion I jumped on the chancePull was thankfully and in my opinion so much better than Tear The author seemed to spend time on her characters this time around expanding upon Demetri Daniels from the first book while creating a sad and compelling new character in Alyssa She takes you through their lives their pain their grief and finally their start to healingYou can’t help but feel sorry for Alyssa who has fallen into a deep depression after the sudden death of her boyfriend Brady She can’t let go of him and even though she’s been in therapy she still doesn’t feel like she can open up about the whole truth When she meets Demetri he makes her laugh He opens her up to the feelings she’s long since let go of and he puts a smile on her face again When though he becomes her group leader he helps her farther explore her feelings and ends up exposing himself to a secret no one else knows A secret involving Alyssa’s ex BradyI thoroughly enjoyed watching the relationship between Demetri and Alyssa build At first it was a tentative friendship two damaged souls leaning on each other for support while still managing to keep their secrets safe As their relationship continues and the feelings grow deeper the find that they can confide in each other and most importantly even though they have their secrets they can still be lovedI am now eagerly waiting to get my hands on a copy of The third installment in the Seaside series Shatter