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Darkness Before DawnEd to revisit his past and align himself with the people who knew about Blake’s disappearanceSeparation has forced both Blake and Cole to learn how to live under the worst circumstances each of them alone in their own. COLEOk lets see those green eyes again holy hotness❤COLE❤So after surviving from the holy mother of all cliffhangers in book 1 There is no Light in Darknessthis book picks up right after The pace was very fast and I was consumed Biting my finger nails and reading like I was on crackI needed answers I could not at some points figure out who was who and what the hell was going on Good guy Bad Guy What the HELPBLAKETHIS POOR GIRLshe went through A LOTLuckily for her she was the love of Cole's life It was sweet and genuine his love and devotion to her From a young age they had been each others rock I really loved that So she has been kidnapped and her experience was brutal The only light in that situation was Deanand I had my feelers out for Dean very early and the jury came back with ME LIKE Don't even ask me how they are related or connected Its a very convoluted family tree Dean has a plan for Blake's escapesome drama happens and thenshe is returned rightfully to Cole This is where i was looking around wondering what the hell was going on I'm expecting creepy evil bad guy to jump out at mebut nothese characters were having an easy peasy sunshine and lollipops couple of chapters I get itI get that we needed to heal but it definitely made me go hmmmmmBut all in allI loved the story The characters the big mystery and finally finallyANSWERS cause for a while there my head was spinning The steam was greatI definitely was convinced of their chemistry Cole was just ridiculously perfect Getting his point of view was incredible Blake is everything to me She's not somebody I'm involved with she is my reason my everything I'm nothing without you I can't Live without you I was empty without you She knows she has my heart forever I'm not going anywhere EVER But you need to stop pushing me away Your pain is mine let me carry it with you for you I don't care as long as you're with me I thought we covered this last night and a hundred times before I want to be with you FOREVERI highlighted the whole last chapter basically It was a gorgeous happily ever after My stomach and heart were doing somersaults I was complete and so happy 5 huge stars COME ON LADIES LET COLE SHIELD YOU FROM THE LIGHT THE DARK AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN❤❤❤❤image error

characters Darkness Before Dawn

characters Darkness Before Dawn 107 æ Is love ever enoughFaced with obstacles she could have never imagined Blake is brought to darkness and back by forces in her past she never knew existedDesperate to stay connected to the only thing he loves Cole is forced to revisit his past and align himself with the people who knew about Blake’s disappearanceSeparHellWhen they reunite can they be the same two people they were before darkness swept upon themTold in separate points of view Darkness Before Dawn is the continuation of Blake and Cole’s fight to make it to the ligh. Claire Contreras sure can write She brought us one hell of a story in There is No Light in Darkness I absolutely loved the first book – total 5 stars for me it was the heart pounding tale of Blake Brennan and Cole Murphy who grew up not knowing who the heck they are who is after Blake and of course the whys to it all The love story portion of this seuel was absolutely FANTASTIC I cried for them to get there through all the obstacles they faced and rejoiced in their ending Blake and Cole were so likable and so lovable I could read about their day to day lives without all the conspiracy and mysterythat’s how well Claire wrote these two charactersCole Murphy can cook me pancakes anyday Blake and Cole were not only sexy and steamy they could be funny and so heartwarming they have a forever kind of love ”Are you going to let me fuck you or are you just going to do it all on your own standing from there” he asks making me smile” I loved you then I love you now I'll love you always You've always been it for me Blake Some of my friends that haven't been around us have given me shit because they don't understand our relationship They say it's not normal not healthy and I get that but we can't change our past We're just two broken people in love trying to heal each other and despite everything we don't want to be with anybody else When it comes to Blake nobody else matters Onto the answersthey didn’t work for me I’m sure I’m in the minority on this but when the rounds of answers came I was like Were the explanations confusingsomewhat but they really didn’t make any sense in the “mob world” Here’s my thing if I’m off please write me because maybe I misinterpreted the big twistsview spoilerSo at first without her paternity revealed her “father” Liam let her be raised by her grandmother Her biological father Alex – who’s mob family is a threat to her and later kidnapped her is her real family Why not tell Alex from the get go that the kid is his Mobsters don’t hunt and kill their own Also if by chance I read this wrong and her mother is a mafia princess and that makes her grandfather the head of the biggest mob family they would leave her in hiding till the threat is overwhich means go gunning down Alex Benny and if need be the whole lot of them It’s just that simple hide spoiler

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Is love ever enoughFaced with obstacles she could have never imagined Blake is brought to darkness and back by forces in her past she never knew existedDesperate to stay connected to the only thing he loves Cole is forc. 5 Phenomenal StarsClaire Contreras has managed to do what has seemed to be impossible lately She gave me a 5 star book a favorite of mine and she wrote a seuel that was BETTER than the first Yes I loved the first book but I think this one was even better For those who haven’t read There is No Light in Darkness because of the wicked cliffhanger you have no excuse now Book 2 is out so get on it Both of these books will pull you in from the first page I could not put this one down I should have known better than to start it later in the evening because I read until the wee hours of the morning to finish it Yes I read it in one sitting It was THAT GOOD Once again the perfect combination of suspense romance mystery angst drama it’s just beautiful emotional fun intense sexy and all around wonderful There are no words to really describe how much I love these books Now I will uit gushing for now and start my review If you haven’t read book 1 there will be some obvious story line spoilers just an fyi Blake has been taken She doesn’t know how long she’s been gone A week two three She is miserable Her captures haven’t hurt her much She doesn't’ know how she will get away or if she will be able to get away at all Cole is a mess without Blake Seriously a mess He can’t function without her He is doing everything in his power to try to find her Even if that means meeting people and talking to people he doesn’t want to deal with Thankfully there is someone on the inside who is willing to risk it to help Dean I had mixed feelings about Dean at first but he ultimately won me over We also meet Connor who is related to Mark who is Blake’s Uncle yes it can get very confusing if you aren’t paying attention I have to agree with Cole on this one ‘Can someone get a pen and paper and start drawing out the family tree’s and everyone’s connection to everyone else’ After a pretty big snafu Blake gets away But her struggles are still there Cole is so relieved to have her back ‘I have you now and neither one of us is going anywhere I loved you then I love you now and I’ll love you always You’ve always been it for me Blake’ Blake is struggling a bit to be back in the real world ‘I don’t know Cole I don’t know anything any’‘You know me’‘And thats all I need to know’ After all Blake and Cole have been through things still aren’t easy for them We’re just two broken people in love trying to heal each other and despite everything we don’t want to be with anybody else There are even MORE family secrets lies its just crazy CRAZY I was shocked over and over again I’m not going into detail about any of the story I don’t want to spoil just READ IT Now this is the part of the review I get to swoon over Cole What can I say about Cole There is one word that comes to mind when I think of him Perfection Cole is the best kind of guy He loves Blake with all that he has He is a pillar of strength for her he gives her love and security she has never had before Plus he is a straight up hottie Can’t forget to mention that ;D Just look at the things he says and you will see why I love him so ‘My soul belongs to you Blake I go where you go I can’t live without you I don’t want to live without you If you die tomorrow I die with you’I know there will never be anyone else because she’s it for me always has beenI’ve loved you for half a lifetime and I’ll love you for many beyond this one I love you to the moon and back Forever Now don’t get me wrong Cole will always be my number 1 guy but I found myself seriously crushing on Dean too He was so sweet and charming just couldn’t help but love him especially towards the end I also really loved Connor and Aubry of course This always reminds me of Blake and Cole and their ‘true’ family Aubry Greg Becky etc This story is powerful As you can tell the seuel did not disappoint All the unanswered uestions from book one became known and there is NO cliffhanger at the end of this book What would make me really happy spin off books for the other characters in this series I would love and AubryAimee book a Dean book a BeckyGreg book or a Connor book I love these characters so much I don’t want their stories to end Claire is an amazingly talented author and I will read ANYTHING she writes Just wanna throw that out there D The ending was just amazing I can’t wait to read the epilogue I wish I could give this one than 5 stars Read it and LOVE it ♥ ♥ ♥