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Ice Country The Country Saga #2 Read & Download Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å Dazz a hard edged fun loving Icer likes fighting particularly while at his favorite watering hole However while recovering from a particularly bad break up his decision to engage in a brutal pubroom brawl leads to a series of events thFamily together Along the way he meets a group of unlikely allies in the form of a travelling group of fire country natives Can Dazz when joined with his best friend Buff and new tan skinned friends defeat the King and his guards before it's too late for his siste. Ice Country is the follow up seuel to one of my favorite dystopians ever Fire Country I wasn't sure if this one was going to live up to Fire Country Namely because I loved the world building the slang and the MC Siena so much in that bookI shouldn't have worried Ice Country is almost a polar opposite of Fire Country and I loved it We still got great world building amazing slang in fact I think I may have liked Ice Country slang even better and another wonderful MC characterDazzoh my word Dazzsigh I don't know exactly what it was about him He's rash has a hot temper and thinks with his fists than his brain The total opposite of what I look for in a guy But I loved it He made me giggle a LOT He is also loyal and actually a big softie when it comes to things like his mother and his little sister Awwwwho can't resist that in a guy Dazz makes some of the dumbest decisions ever but it sure keeps things interesting He's lucky that he has a best friend who has sense in his head and tries to keep him on the straight and narrow Not that Buff succeeds in doing it but he sure triesWe also get cameos from some of our favorite characters in Fire Country Siena Circ and Skye along with a few others This is where the book just took off for me and had me hooked with every word I loved getting to see my favorite characters from Fire Country in the world of Ice Country The relationships between this group of people gave us great moments of laughter and really raised the stakes And just like in Fire Country I felt just about every range of emotion Like I said there are lots of funny moments and there are also some horrible heartbreaking ones I was so sucked into the story that I really felt every single moment along with Dazz Nothing was what I expected and I really had no idea what was going to happen next I loved all the twists and how even though they seemed to come from nowhere they made perfect sense looking back I love how so much of the plot and characters of Fire Country are tied into this book We also get a few sneak peeks of things to come in the third novelIn the end the story ties up nicely but there is still lots of things to come for the next installment I felt pretty wrung dry from all the emotion and had to seek out a hug from my hubby This was an amazing read and I will be reading Water Storm Country SOON

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Dazz a hard edged fun loving Icer likes fighting particularly while at his favorite watering hole However while recovering from a particularly bad break up his decision to engage in a brutal pubroom brawl leads to a series of events that thrust him into a dark and. uick reviewCover Very Nice Rating PG 13 Thumbs Up 5Overall What a masterpieceCharacters Well DonePlot This time Dazz lands in trouble he can’t talk himself out ofPage Turner Yes Series Cont YES Recommend YesBook Boyfriend DazzSUMMARY 50 words or lessThis series heats up or should I say cool off with another fantastic installment in this series Here we meet Dazz who is our reluctant hero Reluctant as he never thought himself the hero Still here he manages to impress me and I loved this installmentFor a full review and yummy pic see my blog post at

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Ice Country The Country Saga #2Mysterious scandal involving King Goff the ice country ruler When his sister is abducted in the dark of night Dazz pledges to do whatever it takes to get her back embarking on a uest that threatens to rip apart the very fabric that's barely holding his shattered. I liked this book less than Fire Country and I'm somewhat confused about how to rate it I adore the author's sense of humor and whenever he made me laugh and it was uite often too I was enjoying the read immensely But then there were the serious parts and they left me wanting something The plot felt kind of simplistic and predictable and maybe a tad too Young Adult for me I found it much harder to connect with Dazz the main character a hot headed guy who was all about gambling and fighting than with Siena from Fire Country And my best reading experiences have always come from books when I was able to become one with the protagonist and see the story though their eyesAnyway in the beginning Dazz is a reckless guy who'd pick fights just for fun We stand over our fallen foes grinning like the seventeen year old unemployed idiots that we are enjoying the aliveness that always comes with winning a good old fashioned fair fightbut gradually starts using his brain for a change too An important decision To fight or not to fight Why is it that I constantly have to make this decision over and over again My standard answer used to be fight which I preferred but now it's like my brain's taken over everything and I don't know up from downThere is barely any romance in this book if you even can call it that It's like mutual attraction and it doesn't happen until the middle of the story The romance seemed to come out of nowhere really but who am I to argue It's not like I haven't had a fair share of insta attraction in my lifeLike in the Fire Country I loved all the made up curse words and lingo they made for some very funny expressions A little excerpt to prove; A stone clatters to the floor leaving a gap in the wallWhen I peer through dark brown eyes stare back“Who in the burnin’ scorch are you” the eyes say as raspy as a punch to the face “And why the scorch are you followin’ me”“What the chill is scorch” I say feeling a warm blush on my cheeks What the chill I’m not a blusher I don’t blush“What the scorch is chill” the icy voice says Did I say icy I meant raspy Yah just raspy“I’m Dazz” I say memories of a strong brown skinned girl floating through my mind A punch to the face“I don’t give a burn whether yer King Goff” the Heater girl says which confuses me for a second because didn’t she ask who I was But she’s speaking so different than what I’m used to using words that make no sense and rounding them off almost like the curve of her hips“Uhh” I say“Why’re you followin’ me”“I’m not” I say“Who’re you talking to” Buff calls“That Heater girl” I reply“I ain’t no Heater girl” the Heater girl says sharply “I’m a Wild One”I grin “I’m sure you are” I say instantly pleased with my wit“You are” Buff says“No you ’zard brained baggard Not Wild—Wilde like with an e on the end”Roan’s words come back to me The Wildes steal and of our women every year“Yah Buff I am Now can you please shut your icin’ trap” I shoot over my shoulder I turn back to the hole in the wall and the set of mysterious brown eyes “You’re a Wilde” I ask stupidly considering that’s what she just told me“Well that settles it I’m speakin’ to a searin’ fool Sun goddess help us all”Well I don’t know about the searin’ part but the fool bit’s probably right considering I’m in a dungeon on an impossible mission to rescue a sister who might not even be here “Can we start over” I say hopefully“Watcha mean”I take a deep breath “I’m Dazz I’m an Icer I’m not following you”“Oh ho” the Wilde says“Okay okay I am but not like you think You see my friend and me his name’s Buff Say hi Buff”“Hi Buff” Buff says The Yag The set of deep brown eyes just look at me and I can see what they’re thinking his friend’s a searin’ fool too Which is probably a fair thought to have at this pointJust like with the previous book I felt the ending was too rushed like things were wrapped up too uickly view spoilerWhy wasn't King Goff chasing after the escapees Was he really that easy to defeat If so why haven't people of Ice Country ever tried to stage a coup It's not like everyone was happy with the King especially poor people And like we still don't have the slightest idea why the Glassies were trying to wipe out the Heaters so we can only guess why the Stormers came to Ice Country to destroy the King hide spoiler