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Starship Troopers Review Ò 7 Ö The historians can’t seem to settle whether to call this one The Third Space War or the fourth or whether The First Interstellar War fits it better We just call it “The Bug War Everything up to then and still later were incidents patrols or police actions However you are just as dead if you buy the farm in an incidentThen and still later were incidents patrols or police actions However you are just as dead if you buy the farm in an incident as you are if you buy it in a declared warIn one of Robert A Heinlein?. I enjoyed this book greatly While I certainly can't be said to agree with Heinlein on every aspect of life politics or theologyI do appreciate where he's coming from in this book Remember it's a 1959 book before the idiotic handling of Vietnam became apparent There are thought provoking ideas in this book even if it is considered a YA book Agree or disagree it's a good read By the way I must say this It's often actually often than not true that a movie doesn't live up to the book In this case that would be like saying the Atlantic Ocean isn't exactly like Death Valley If your only experience with Starship Troopers is the movie of that name then you don't know anything about this book excepting the names of a few characters The characters in the movie don't resemble the characters in the book The universe and governmental structure in the movie doesn't resemble that of the book The main science fiction hook of the book isn't even present in the movie When you saw the movie some of you may have noticed a flaw in the soundtrack a whirring noise That was Robert A Heinlein spinning in his grave at high speed The movie by the same name as this book is so spectacularly bad compared to the book I sometimes wonder if wasn't an intentional hit piece Sosee the movie if you will but PLEASE don't confuse it with or miss the book The book is or less a YA bookthen called a teen book an easy and uick readand FAR FAR superior to the travesty of movie by the same name By the way my late wife summed up a lot about the movie when she observed it should have been calledBug Blasters Update They have been playing this thing the movie by the same name as this bookon several TV channels lately AD NAUSEAMit seems to be on almost every time I check the listings on the idiot box So since there seems to be a new push to legitimize this grotesue cinematographic attempt at science fiction I'm forced to revisit my review here Yes this is a YA or as it was called at the time a teen bookbut it's a good one Let me emphasize again the movie doesn't even resemble the book except in that the enemy vaguely resembles the one in the book the movie uses 6 legged insect type life forms the book refers to them as arachnids giant spider life forms and they use some of the same character names But the world the novel takes place in the actual characters the nature of the government the way the military worksit's all different they even get the heart of the actual story wrong For that matter the relatively minor romance angle is as portrayed in the moviesilly and will mislead The story in the book is peripheral and is to give insight into the worldcosmos than to be a love story This movie is terrible please don't confuse it with the book This is one of those movies that ticks me off in that I liked the book and this thing takes the book's title and gives us a perversion of that story29 2018Okay time for another updateThis has come up in the discussion of the book onin the Action Adventure Aficionados group and now in a comment here I'm aware but didn't mention it in the review above The movie was actually an intentional hit piece by the movie maker He gave the book a Nazi look through his interpretation in the movie The government pictured by Heinlein in the book is Libertarian Everyone is free to live do business etc as they choose The right to vote and send the military out however only rests in the hands of those who have themselves served in that kind of service thus the reasoning in the book that a panicked civilian can't order disastrous military action You may agree you may disagree but it's not a government anything like the one in the ridiculous movie

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??s most controversial bestsellers a recruit of the future goes through the toughest boot camp in the Universe and into battle with the Terran Mobile Infantry against mankind’s most alarming enem. Where do I even begin For starters I should let the reader know that I'm not basing my score on the politics of the book as laughable as I think they are but on the plot of the book or rather the complete lack of a plot in the book While things do happen some of them pretty big Mr Heinlein has seen fit that we should not be party to any of those things Instead he saves the most loving descriptions for daily life at boot camp Seventy yes seventy pages of a two hundred odd page book are dedicated to boot camp Within those pages we learn the importance of food and being able to sleep in any condition Thrill to the excitment of marching into the middle of nowhere You will weep and wail along with the officers when you hear them lament the fact that they are compelled nay forced to flog their men when they misbehave Honestly you could watch the beginning of Full Metal Jacket and skip reading that whole part and save yourself some time and be entertained in the meantime Next you're treated to an extended flashback where a teacher who is uite obviously channelling the author lectures his students representing the reader about the major reason for the downfall of society in the past today What one overarching reason is responsible for the collapse of society Massive energy crisis Economic collapse Political anarchy WRONG It's because people listened to psychiatrists and didn't spank their children enough The secret to an orderly society is corporal punishment and lots of it It does make me wonder about the particular proclivities of the author but that's neither here nor thereSo now that our main character Johnny Rico is a full fledged soldier we can finally get to some action after half the book is already finished right No No no no a thousand times no You will not see action in this book that is advertised to be about killing gigantic outer space bugs Instead you will be treated to the doldrums of a soldier that isn't busy killing things Guard duty Sleeping Maintaining weapons and space armor Dinner and its various protocols Even his time off gets detail than all the fighting Rico participates in combined The typical description for a battle will go like this We dropped on this planet to smash things up Boy what a mess that was This guy died These ones got hurt Then Rico goes to officer training school where we get detail about learning things And another lecture from another teacher to his students about why soldiers should be the only ones to handle government affairs Then we get told how battallions are broken down into platoons and suads and such forth Finally we get to the end which turns into one of the biggest anticlimaxes I've ever had the misfortune of reading You'll get what feels like five hours of blabbing about setting up patrol and coordinates streamed endlessly at you some thrilling detail on hypnotically suggested sleep and then a blessed five seconds of actual confrontation with something Then it's over before you even know it started The endI realize that the life of a soldier is probably pretty accurately portrayed in the book days upon days of boring drudgery with a few moments of life and death craziness but that doesn't necessarily make for a particularly interesting book At least not the way it's depicted hereDon't be fooled by the first ten pages of the book which actually contain action than the other hundred and ninety What you're getting when you get this book is only one step away from a military training manual only with some references to outer space and aliens tossed in along with a couple crazy rightwing ravings as the chocolatey syrup to go on top of the whole crappy sundae Don't fall for the hype pass on this bookAnd yes the movie is better It's stupid and fun The book is just stupid

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Starship TroopersThe historians can’t seem to settle whether to call this one The Third Space War or the fourth or whether The First Interstellar War fits it better We just call it “The Bug War Everything up to. A great work of science fictionThis is not at all about action and fighting bugs it is a study of a man’s compulsion to fight and or serve his country and a discussion about our society’s and any society’s responsibility to its citizens and what is best for society Like many Heinlein novels it works well on many levels the surface science fiction and then the deeper complicated voice of the storyteller speaking from his own experienceThis is a controversial book Criticized for espousing a militaristic maybe fascist ideal Heinlein was also criticized from the other side for his own lack of combat experience This book inspires strong emotions At the end of the day it was a fine book another excellent genre transcending work from Heinlein