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My Unexpected Forever Beaumont #2 characters ¹ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ó I expected a life of musicI expected to raise my sonIt took one look to make everything changeI never expected happinessI never expected to find herI never expected to feel desireI never expected I’d be a family manI never expected tEr expected to fall in loveThey say you should expect the unexpected I didn’t realize my unexpected would be the forever ki. 2 Pull Your Hair Out ★'s “Everything in me is saying give up; that I don’t need her but I do I need her like I need to breathe” Unfortunately I can't bring myself to continue with this series at this time I don't know maybe one day I'll come back to it For now I must move on to better adventures Yes this book did make me smile laugh and at times happy but mainly those times always involved the kids Damn there was so so soo much that annoyed the ever loving shit outta me Like view spoilerthe fact that the main character Katelyn says over and over again to herself and to whom ever would listen that Harrison wasn't her type and constantly looked down on him for having sleeves tats and a lot of other tattoos Same for Harrison he says it many times about how he doesn't think she likes them Ya freakin think I got that you don't have to repeat it 100 times Seriously For crying out loud Harrison is the drummer of a rock band of course hes tatted up I was so tempted throwing my tables across the room every time this book repeated its self Then there was the whole beaniehat thing Also Liam was such a jerk and for Josie supposedly being Katelyn best friend she didn't say crap when he'd go off on her I'd never let my man treat my BF like that hide spoiler

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Er expected to find herI never expected to feel desireI never expected I’d be a family manI never expected to be lovedI nev. 4 Unexpected Stars In this second installment we have Katelyn and Harrison Harrison lives for his music and his son He never expected to fall in love And he especially never expected to fall in love with a woman raising her two twins alone and mourning the loss of her ex husband Katelyn can’t deny her feelings for Harrison any But she can’t stop feeling like she’s betraying her husband Even knowing that he would want her to be happy and move on But the most she tries to ignore her feelings and convince herself that he’s just a playboy musician like so many others the she knows him the she realizes that is not true and her feelings grow even And so this story turned this book in a beautiful journey that teaches us how to mend broken hearts and how to move on after we lost everything This was a very sweet and real hot in some moments story I loved Harrison and I did like Katelyn although she pissed me off in some moments I understood where she came from but still there’s a limit for stubbornness The kids in these books are awesome as all the supportive characters but what I really liked the best was the moments where Liam and Josie would show up They’re still my favorites ones ;Anyway if you haven’t started on this series start And if you already started you’ll want to read this

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My Unexpected Forever Beaumont #2I expected a life of musicI expected to raise my sonIt took one look to make everything changeI never expected happinessI nev. So what can I tell you about My Unexpected Forever Firstly I can tell you that it's the second book in The Beaumont Series and to be able to fully enjoy it you should read Forever My Girl Book 1 and My Everything Book 15 firstWhat else can I tell you without giving away any spoilers Hhmm let's see1 Liam Page has met his matchYep I said it Let me introduce you to Harrison James drummer in Liam's band 4225 West Tall green eyes tattooed rock star dad; Harrison is everything you want in a book boyfriend and Whereas Liam had a history with the love of his life and his story was about winning her back Harrison has a bigger fight on his hands to win the affection of the woman of his dreams and his story is about winning her over And let me tell you that boy goes ALL OUT to do that Let's just say he pulls out some pretty neat tricks I will never think of a fairground ride in the same way and some pretty dirty tricks cold shower anyone but its the way he acts towards the younger generation of the story that will make you open your heart to him and never let him go2 There is one scene that will literally melt your e readerI am not kidding you with this When I read this particular scene in uestion I had to step away from the screen for at least a good 15 minutes before going back to it 'Hot' is an understatement 'Steamy' doesn't do it justice and 'sexual tension' is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this scene 3 uinn will be the person you want to adoptOh my god uinn James is the most savvy kid I've ever come across in a story Sweet endearing yet mature and matter of fact Harrison should be proud of the son that he's raised I want to babysit this kid No I want to be his mother And I'm not the maternal type believe me The relationship between father and son will give you the warm and fuzzies it's just so tender and heart warming4 You will be overcome with emotionI won't lie to you there is a fair amount of angst in this story Both main characters come with their fair share of emotional baggage and Heidi handles this with sensitivity and feeling I guarantee you will be bawling during at least two chapters in this story if not Those who have read Forever My Girl will know the grief that Katelyn is going through and this is one of the main focuses in My Unexpected Forever And I won't lie Harrison has his own emotional baggage too so what you're getting here is how these two characters handle their pasts to be able to move on with their futures5 There are some great one liners that will stay with you for some timeOne of my favourite things about Heidi's writing is the powerful way she can deliver lines and you get them in abundance in My Unexpected Forever One of my favourites and the response to it is below We can count our own steps I'd really like that Katelyn Now as is stands without reading the story you probably think that's not so special But trust me it is It happens at such a pivotal moment in the story that those two simple lines are almost a game changer 8 You still get your fair share of Liam and JosieI know there are a LOT of Liam fans out there and I promise you Liam and Josie for that matter continue to be a constant presence in this book You won't feel their loss at all despite the fact that this is not their story In fact I can tell you that after reading My Unexpected Forever I fell in love with Liam even than I did in Forever My Girl And for those Team LiSie fans out there who still aren't convinced then here's a little secret for you there's a little something in My Unexpected Forever that's just for you7 It will give you goosebumpsYou know that feeling you get when you're reading a book that you are absolutely engrossed in The one that gives you goosebumps every time you think about it The one that gives you butterflies and makes your heart jump when you think about what's going to happen next The one that you think about constantly during your day when you're not reading it My Unexpected Forever is one of those books Ever since I've finished reading this story I've been thinking about it 247 This is a story that you'll want to read and re read over and over againSo to sum up if you likeA love storyAngst tears and heartacheA hot rockerA hot rocker with tattoos;Men who are good with kids;Some steamy STEAMY sex scenes; andA story that will stay with you long after you've read the last pageThen you will LOVE this story I promise you If I could give it 10 stars I would PS A lot of you will know that I am a friend of the author's and I am also her beta However I've written this review as someone who loves reading books Some of you may think the above is slightly on the biased side If you do please don't let that put you off reading this story Give it a chance I really don't think you'll regret it