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READ Ü The Prince of Tides à PAT CONROY has created a huge brash thunderstorm of a novel stinging with honesty and resounding with drama Spanning forty years this is the story of turbulent Tom Wingo his gifted and troubled twin sister Savannah and their struggle to triumph over the dark and tragic legacy of the extraordinary family into which they were bWingo his gifted and troubled twin sister Savannah and their struggle to triumph over the dark and tragic legacy of the extraordinary family into which they were bo. Before I wrote this I took a cursory look at a few of the reviews and realized to my dismay that in this case I am the Grinch who took the roast beast And yet I stand by my rating because this book was for me an exercise in maudlin pablum The protagonist experiences all matter of tragedy in his youth both uotidian and bizarre an abusive wretch of a father a venal socially climbing mother a horrific yet nonsensical assault and then grows up to have a mentally ill sister and a cheating wife There's also some mystery about his brother's fate but I won't spoiler it for you hint it's nonsensical too The aforementioned sister has suffered a breakdown which takes him from South Carolina to NYC where he meets her therapist There he tells the story of their life to nice therapist lady with lines like I haven't gotten to the worst part yet I haven't told you about the time they picked up and MOVED my hometown Doctor Ahem sniff sniff Yes that scene is in the book At some point he hooks up with the therapist She has a snooty violinist husband That is the highlight reel Now you don't have to read this book De nadaI'm not completely heartless The story about the pet tiger choked me up a little Wait a pet tiger in South Carolina In the 1940's See I told you this book was freaking ridiculous By the way I read this around the same time the movie came out and told a friend who had seen it I hated the book but the part with the tiger was sad She said TigerI have heard that The Great Santini was a better Conroy book and I did like the movie version of it Then again people seem to like this book too So for now I'll go back to stuffing the Who's Xmas tree up the chimney

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RnFilled with the vanishing beauty of the South Carolina low country as well as the dusty glitter of New York City The Prince of Tides is PAT CONROY at his very bes. I can't remember the last time I felt this torn; I hated the characters for being so selfish with their affections so cowardly in their confrontations the cruelty shown when the moment was theirs for the taking What I hated was when the victim on the receiving end and to be fair it always rotates would rise up in anger but then crumble to their knees in love and forgiveness And that's also why I loved them In one moment they felt so betrayed so dishonored by blood and by love Then would wait five minutes and forgive them because of who they werefamily The parents who brutalized but also showed beauty the siblings that both threw each under the bus and saved them from it and the hometown that treated them like nothing than low rent scrubs And all those in betweens the hits the tragedies the shining moments the crimes so unspeakable it leaves the reader wondering if there really is Godthey stream in and out of life the yellow red threads in life's tapestry I've read other reviews on this book and I think 75% of them got it wrong While the location is in South Carolina and the southern culture itself becomes a character in it that town feeling that family feeling that can be anywhere And finally even had I not been utterly entranced by Conroy's writing style I never would have wished for one page less

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The Prince of TidesPAT CONROY has created a huge brash thunderstorm of a novel stinging with honesty and resounding with drama Spanning forty years this is the story of turbulent Tom. I'm wearing my softest fuzziest slippers while writing this review treading as lightly as I possibly can realising that I'm on holy ground here discussing a much beloved book among many of my very dear and respected Goodreads friends PLEASE DON'T HATE METhis book was at a disadvantage from the beginning because the spectres of Babs and Nick haunted me continuously from the horrendous movie adaptation However I was fully expecting to love and revel in this big romantic Southern family epic I didn'tThere I said it I didn't love it I didn't enjoy it I am bewildered how I received this book so off the mark from legions of other readers If you love this book please just laugh and disregard my review and keep on loving itMy first problem is that I found it incredibly sentimental with prose as purple as can be An example He was tall and thin and had a complexion like goat cheese left on the table too long The funeral parlour smelled like dead flowers and unanswered prayersAnd another I tasted the wine and it was so robust and appealing that I could feel my mouth singing with pleasure when I brought the glass from my lips The aftertaste held like a chord on my tongue; my mouth felt like a field of flowers The mousse made me happy to be aliveI also found a very weird incestuous tone cropped up dozens of times throughout the book This is a book in which sisters kiss their brothers on the lips where a brother carries his sister like a bride where a mother tells a son if she was younger she'd have a go at him where a father chases lewdly after his daughter after she shows him her budding breasts And so on and so forth and I could come up with many examples Once I started noticing the weirdness I just couldn't stop It gave me the no feelingI found the dialogue to be horrid characters constantly used each other's names in almost every line of dialogue Are you enjoying this Tom Lowenstein I really am not Oh Tom Tom but why not I wish I knew Lowenstein TOM Lowenstein Once I noticed it it was impossible not to notice it and cringe I felt like I was watching a terrible 1980s movie most of the time with a showy cinematic predictability And believability went out the window with the TIGER For goodness' sakes A very poor shrimping boat family has a Bengal tiger in their barnFinally the love story between Tom and Lowenstein did nothing for me She wasn't particularly likeable and so unprofessional I might add So much build up leading to their relationship and then the sex scene was chaste enough to fit in a Stephenie Meyer book BOO And the way it ended was over the top cheesy Now that I've complained mercilessly and I apologise for that I will say one thing Pat Conroy does consistently well and which I appreciated is convey his love for the American South its beauty its vibrancy its imperfections and uniueness The South in particular Colleton South Carolina is the main character and anchor to the rest of the players in the story The sense of place and its tidal pull on the Wingo family is indelible and irresistible That is where the gold lies