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The Plot to Save Socrates Characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ì In the year 2042 Sierra a young graduate student in Classics is shown a new dialog of Socrates recently discovered in which a time traveler tries to argue that Socrates might escape death by travel to the future Thomas Ns mysteries travels and time loops proliferate as Sierra tries to discern who is planning to save the greatest philosopher in human history Fascinating historical characters from Alcibiades to William Henry Appleton the great nineteenth century American publisher to Hypatia and Socrates himself appea. I read a lot of books I usually read them make some notes about them in my journals and then pass them on to other writers I met Paul Levinson on Myspace To be honest I bought THE PLOT to SAVE SOCRATES because I liked the title I was intrigued by the idea of a discovered dialogue that reveals that Socrates may have taken an opportunity that I can image Socrates being willing to take I enjoyed strapping myself to this remarkable time traveling adventurous romp and can't give this book away I must keep it If you don't get it after the first reading I recommend reading it a second time

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In the year 2042 Sierra a young graduate student in Classics is shown a new dialog of Socrates recently discovered in which a time traveler tries to argue that Socrates might escape death by travel to the future Thomas the elderly scholar who has shown her the document disappears and Sierra immediatel. Being a big Bill Ted’s Great Adventure fan I could not pass this sci fi work up I mean getting another crack at Socrates does it get any better Later on today the author of this fine piece of work meets me in The G ZONE I think it is a great way to start the week personally another reason to wake up all that kinda stuff Just to clue everybody in this is another huge week of guests and posts as we make a mad dash toward Saturday and another Improvised Digital Short Story contest This time 4 Girls vs 4 Guys 3 words two stories read on one Blogtalk Radio Show How about that for math This is going to be tremendous fun for everyone authors readers and listeners Okay where was I Oh yeah The Plot to Save Socrates here is what lies between the covers“Classics grad student Sierra Waters is understandably skeptical when her advisor hands her an unknown Socratic dialogue between the imprisoned teacher and Andros a time traveler Andros offers Socrates an escape from the hemlock a clone will be left in his place and Socrates will live in the future As she investigates the document's provenance Sierra comes across a number of bizarre coincidences and finally the genuine possibility of time travel She embarks on an adventure across past present and future trying to puzzle out Andros' identity and save Socrates In transit she picks up Alcibiades of the honeyed thighs and enigmatic Heron of Alexandria Eventually she finds Socrates The plot twists across itself filling the book with paradoxes and potential paradoxes in total disregard for linear time betrayal and plotting In the end Socrates' fate and Andros' motivations and identity unexpectedly conclude a uick to read entertaining treatment of the problems inherent in time travel with style and flair”Take eual parts time travel history philosophy and mix it all together for some funGreat recipe for a great read To be honest I have not read Levinson’s work before primarily because I was a bit intimidated by his genius Read the man’s bio and combine it with my simple mind and really do you think the two would meld No not really but I loved it enjoyed the read and didn’t feel lost or out of the loop The plotline was really good; the characters were excellent and all the lines met when they needed to Good stuff If you are like me and have not yet gotten a read on this yet give it a try and have some fun with it EnjoyWhat are you reading today Have you checked out our new blogtalk radio show The G ZONE Check us out and become our friend on Shelfari The Novel Spot Twitter Go to Goodreads and become our friend there and suggest books for us to read and post on Did you know you can shop directly on by clicking the Banner on our blog Thanks for stopping by today; We will see you tomorrow Have a great day

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The Plot to Save SocratesY begins to track down the provenance of the manuscript with the help of her classical scholar boyfriend Max The trail leads her to time machines in a gentlemen's club in London and in New York and into the past and to a time traveler from her future posing as Heron of Alexandria in 150 AD Complicatio. This book is uniue to say the least The closest book I can think of with even a remotely similar setting would be The Just City but only just The only thing that the two have in common is an attempt to 'save' Socrates so he can live on and contribute to the world and the time travel aspectTo start this book doesn't have a linear plot line which leaves you with a real lack of complete understanding of the characters until the very end And I mean the very end as in the final page reveals information that you didn't already know Because of this scenes often are not connected as they are in other books and the reader is forced to wait until later to find out what happened This to me is both a flaw and a good thingAside from the obvious plot in the title the real focus of this book lies in the mechanics of time travel and the conseuences as well as the limits that can be done with it For someone who hasn't thought much about the concept this book proved to make it very interesting and enjoyable at the same timeIf there was any flaw to be found aside from the uniue non linear plot line I'd say that falls to the characters The reader views the story from multiple viewpoints and because of that you often don't learn of character's motivations during their viewpoints which in the end detached them a bit from me But that's really my only complaint and uite honestly I look forward to the next installment Even though it's incredibly difficult to find