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free read The Valentines Arrangement Hard Feelings #1 ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ò THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The “emotional spicy hot story” Belle’s Book Bag that propelled Kelsie Leverich to the New York Times bestseller list Tattoo artist Ronnie Clark is counting the days until ValentiNt he sees Ronnie he wants her And he agrees to her terms no romance no fluff just passion But as their sexual chemistry ignites the lines of their arrangement get blurry and Ronnie starts to push Kale away And when Kale realizes he’s found his match in this razor tongued gorgeous woman who is hell bent against love winning her heart could be the toughest battle he has ever fought. 4 starsMature ContentI was sent this book by the author in exchange for an honest reviewSexy steamy and enjoyable Kelsie did in my opinion a great job with her first book She created a steamy read which was fun uick and enjoyable Did I mention steamy Yes this book was hot It was a great romance for the mature crowd And one I am so glad I got to readKelsie was a joy to talk to so when she asked me to read and review this book I jumped on it Why Well the synopsis she sent me had my toes curling and my interest captured Getting to know her and her book was a pleasure and then when she showed me the cover dear Lord I knew I had to read The Valentine’s ArrangementI also have to mention another reason why I wanted to read this book it’s because I’m a military wife Since her book deals with the aspects of the military I just had to read it I just had to see what Kelsie’s story was all about I knew that I would be able to understand a lot with this book and I was right ‘Needless to say Ronnie was not a fan of the lovey dovey mushy shit; in fact that was putting it graciously' Ronnie does not and will never fall for all of that Valentine mushy crap It’s a date that is meaningless and very pointless to her She’s experienced ‘love’ and she wants nothing to do with it She’s a girl covered in tattoos with an attitude you don’t want to mess with Plus she doesn't sugarcoat anything And she wants nothing to do with military men Never will she fall in love with oneagain She’s learned her lessonSFC Kale Emerson will do anything for his men They are the very reason he does what he does Nothing comes before them With no family and no relationships all he has is his men He doesn't need a relationship; he has seen what it can do to a person Kale just needs someone to keep his bed warm while he is home in the States for some rest before he heads back to combatWhen Kale goes to get a tattoo from a tattoo artist who is said to be amazing he never expected this person to be a snarky sexy woman with cherry lips dark hair and red heels Ronnie as Kale soon discovers is a woman with passion and a mouth To Ronnie Kale is just another sexy soldier she needs to avoidBut when these two are together intense passion is all they can find Sparks fly whenever they are nearKale doesn't do relationships or commitmentRonnie doesn't do Valentine’s Day or soldiersAll Kale needs is someone to keep his bed warm for a few days Ronnie just wants to forget someone So together they make a dealBut can they make it to the end I'm no lady The Valentine’s Arrangement does have some very intense and passionate sex scenes but it was definitely than that It was a short but very captivating read The characters were amazing definitely had their own personalities The story yes a bit fast paced but still a joy to read It had is intense moments steamy moments; moments that brought tears to my eyes and had me in uite a few giggling fitsIt had some things that I was expecting but still enjoyable nonetheless The relationship with the characters did happen fast but this is a short novel so that was to be expected The relationship didn't really feel forced so that was a big plus The story also flowed decently; again it’s a short book so a lot happened in only 131 pages But with that length it didn't feel too crammedBoth Kale and Ronnie where amazing characters I enjoyed them both I especially loved Ronnie She has such an attitude and doesn't give crap about others Kale is just sexy What can I say You can tell they feel something for each other the minute they meet But as their deal progresses they realize something about each other They both get under each other’s skin I loved reading about thatKelsie did create a very nice and sexy read One you can curl up with for the evening Her writing was nice and the book did flow decently All in all I really enjoyed The Valentine’s Arrangement and if you are looking for something fast but racy I suggest you give this book a try

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Never to let herself get hurt again Sergeant First Class Kale Emerson is home on his mid tour leave from Ira but he only has one thing on his mind returning to his soldiers to finish leading their mission He’s dedicated to his men and to his country and he’s not interested in getting wrapped up in a distracting relationshipbut casual sex that’s a different story From the mome. This book was a MAJOR LET DOWN When I saw this book I thought it was going to be a good read it wasntThis book featured good characters which could have made a good story line but it seriously lacked content Majority of the book took place in a span of a few days then they fell in love SERIOUSLY are these people for realRonnie was is a beautiful and sexy tatoo artist whose heart was broken when he fiancee who is in the army cheats on her She decided to cut off men and love from her life as it just hurts at the endEmerson is a HOTT soldier who is also in the millitary and he comes home for a few days leave and decides to get a tattoo in remembrance of his fellow friends who got killed at warHe meets Ronnie and there is an instant chemistry between themThey flirt with each other and Ronnie's friends advise her to have a casual relationship with him with no strings attached They spend the next few days together and open up to each other then suddenly the one wants out of the relationship as they develop feelings LIKE SERIOUSLY this is so stupid How can you know someone for less than a week then suddenly want to be with them foreverThen Emerson leaves and she goes to the airport to say goodbye and he tells her he wants She tries to forget him and moves on but he writes her emails and sends flowers etc but shes not interestedThen she finds out he got hurt at war and is back and she rushes to him Typically its all hearts and flowers as uoted in the book totally stealing lines from Fifty Shades of Grey and she wants He is so hurt that he cant walk but she has sex with himAgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh REALLY THE MAN JUST GOT HURT FROM WARThen he asks her to move in WHATEVER Anyway this wasnt such a good story line besides the few Steamy scenes in the book You could anticipate what was going to happen The book was MUCH too short and hurried Only two stars and its mainly because he is so hot and because of the steamy scenes

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The Valentines Arrangement Hard Feelings #1THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The “emotional spicy hot story” Belle’s Book Bag that propelled Kelsie Leverich to the New York Times bestseller list Tattoo artist Ronnie Clark is counting the days until Valentine’s Day is over Ronnie doesn’t do romance She doesn’t do flowers or dates and she sure as hell doesn’t do love not any Love leads to heartbreak and she’s vowed. Three Stars You can stop mind fucking me nowKale's eyes came close to popping out of his head Excuse meRonnie rolled her eyes Let's get this straight Soldier I'm not sleeping with you You can get it out of your pretty little head and I suggest you do so before I stick a needle to your skin I saw this book on Facebook thought the cover was beautiful the blurb interesting and the next thing I knew I had to have it Maybe it was the kind of day I was having or if I was just in one of those moods where the cover was too pretty to say no to but I had to start reading it immediately I hate to say it but this story didn't wow me ”I don’t have a problem with pain baby Touch me wherever your little heart desires” he whispered as his mouth reached her earHoly fuckinghe was driving her body insane Ronnie is a very talented tattoo artist who broke up with her ex fiancé after finding out he cheated on her while he was deployed in Afghanistan Men are just cheating bastards With Valentines Day just around the corner the last thing she needs is to meet a man like Kale He’s a soldier and is sex on a stick It’s pure lust at first site for both Kale and Ronnie Both aren’t looking for a relationship but both agree to just a physical relationship I mean he’ll be leaving soon again anyway right No strings attached just sex Well obviously we all know where the story goes from here I did find Kale sexy and hot though Ronnie did annoy me a little I didn’t mind the predictability and the steam factor is very hot but there was just something missing I can’t really pinpoint it but it’s the reason for the three star rating