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Summary Belgian Chocolates and Incubus Kisses ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM shape shifters incubi HEAHere’s my problem folks My name is Mackenzie Scott and I’m a normal guy The most exciting thing about me is my addiction to Belgian chocol?m going to be sick Well that might be just because of indigestion I hear unicorns don’t digest Belgian chocolates well Seriously I’m going to kill Julian Wait I can’t I love him I guess I’m just going to have to live with it How hard can it be Note This book is written in first person point of view. GrammarI must say that i dont usually like books wrote in 1st POV but this wasnt so bad I didnt like the start but i liked the end and how the characters matured and changed Mackenzie Scott is a normal guy or so he thinks He is in love with his boss since the first time he saw him 2 years ago but he is shy and with no experience and is sure that Julian Hayes will never want him as a lover The man is famous for having a lot of lovers and changing them each week Mack is sure that his love will always be unreuited he doesnt know that his boss is an incubus and in love with him too Julian cant hold any his feelings for the human but he knows that any relationship btw them could never last they are too different and he cant tell Mack about the paranormal world Luckily for them Mack is not fully human When in the end the 2 men cant hold themselves back any and end up having sex Julian understands that something is strangeother than the fact that he is surprised Mack is a virgin Some minutes after they are finished we see Mack changing shape and become an unicorn Julian finally understands that the pull he felt towards the human wasnt only lust or a crush but the mate pull Julian is really patient and tries to explain to a freaked out Mack what is happening and what he is The younger man is shocked but at the same time we see his real strenght and also his new sassy attitude and i really liked this change The bickering was amusing and we see a part of Julian's character that is interesting his protectivness and his loyalty With the help of Colton one of Julian's friends and ex lovers they are able to take Mack out of the building and back to Julian's home There we meet Brynn and see for the first time Mack's jealousy The incubus is supposed to be Julian's fiance their parents arranged their marriange bcs the incubus royalty needs an heir none of them wants this marriage and they dont have feeling for each other they're only friends or sort of anyway When Brynn understands that Mack is Julian's mate he is happy for them and breaks the engagment by slapping Julian in the face and saying some ancient words this was the only way to break itWhile we see Mack's jealousy we also see Julian's when Arden an alpha werewolf and Julian's friend and ex loverwell this dude really had sex with half the world it seemsbut anyway was before Mack so ok flirts with Mack Arden is joking but Julian is still jealous and possessiveThanks to their help Mack is finally able to shift backSaid this I need to add that the book isnt only about their love storythere is also another side of the plot the one with a little angst and that is a bit sad When Mack's brother comes searching for him and finds Mack with Julianthe 2 older men start fighting We find out that Rylee is an hunter and that he and his parents had always knewn Mack was an half breed When Mack finally talks with them they explain to him that he isnt their real son but that they found him He was lying near a deceased incubus and a dying unicorn his real parents They tell him that they clocked his powers scared of the fact that who had killed his parents would try and kill him too Mack cant believe that his mother killed his father with her horn and that now someone would want to kill him bcs he is an abominion He refuses to believe he is the product of rape He wants to go where all happened When he is on the spot thanks to his unicorn's powersMack is able to understands that his parents didnt kill each other they were in love and happy to have him Few minutes after their arrive Julian starts to feel that something is wrong and he is right They get attacked by other unicors Their leader is Mack's grandfather and the man is crazy He was the one to kill his parents and he wants Mack too dead Mack's uncle and the brother of this crazy unicorn tries to help them With his help and thanks to Julian and Mack's family their are able to stop the old unicorn that in the end will decide to kill himself jumping from a cliff unable to bear his failureJulian and Mack can finally have their HEA The fact that Mack is also half incubus makes him able to become pregnant and he is now pregnant with Julian's baby something that Julian's parents I'm sure had found out soon after they had seen Mack in his unicorn form and noted his colour had changedThere were also 2ndary characters like another couple having problems a ruslakaor something like that and an incubus expecting a baby and fighting bcs they didnt think they were mates and Mack helps them Or like Brynn and Kage the leader of a lions pride I's sure that there is something btw themBrynn was an interesting char also if we see him in a few pages and I'd like to read a book about himThe book ends with Mack hitting Julian in the face with a pillow when he finds out that he is pregnant and Julian tells him that he didnt know that was possible with him since when they first had sex he didnt know Mack was an half breed Mack isnt really pissed but he will use this as an excuse to order the prince around and make him his little slave during the pregnancy starting from now and asking him to bring him chocolate XD

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Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM shape shifters incubi HEAHere’s my problem folks My name is Mackenzie Scott and I’m a normal guy The most exciting thing about me is my addiction to Belgian chocolates I work nine to five at a law firm and I have a crush on my gorgeous boss. Oh My God I did not like this book Other people really like it so don't go by my review I have really enjoyed shifter books in the past and am not opposed to paranormal But I found this book to bewell stupid I expected it to be witty uh no it wasn't I thought it may have an interesting plot uhno it didn't There was insta love no chemistry and the conversations all fell flat For such an imaginative theme there was no imagination in the writing Maybe I could have given it 2 stars for the stroking of the unicorn hornbut I just can't do it

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Belgian Chocolates and Incubus KissesJulian Hayes But what’s life without a little unreuited love rightThen how in the world did the man I’ve wanted for two years end up bending me over his desk Worse what’s all this about him being an incubus Why do I suddenly have hooves And what’s this obsession about fondling my new hornI think I?. So the title kinda threw me and it seemed to start off jumping into a relationship just like that after two years which was kind of weird for me Then it being in first person point of view even thou it switches from Mack to Julian and back again I wasn't sure what to expectI thought it was great I can't wait to see what comes next for this brand new series view spoiler Mack's powers get unlocked and he turns into a white unicorn Then he finds out the truth about his family and his adoption Once they investigate the mystery behind his birth parents deaths he goes from white to red colored unicorn Thou we don't find out what caused this Julian's parents gave me the impression that they knew why or at least this is why they gave their blessing after seeing him in shifted form I'd like to learn what the meaning of his color change means to them hide spoiler