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READ ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Å Diane Chamberlain Her family's cottage on the New Jersey shore was a place of freedom and innocence for Julie Bauer until tragedy struck when her seventeen year old sister Isabel was murderedIt's been than forty years since that August night but Julie's memories of her sister's death still col. Bought in a used bookstore this novel has been sitting on my shelves since 2012 I liked the memories of Lucy and Julie's childhood but I didn't feel close to the characters and wasn't moved by the story I was eager to discover the murderer but the ending felt rushed About the plot there was nothing new under the sun All in all there was enough mystery to keep me guessing and to make me want to finish the book but nothing amazing

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READ The Bay At Midnight î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Her family's cottage on the New Jersey shore was a place of freedom and innocence for Julie Bauer until tragedy struck when her seventeen year old sister Isabel was murderedIt's been than forty years since that August night but Julie's memories of her sister's death still co Mother kept from them all uestions about the person who went to prison for Izzy's murder and about the man who didn'tNow Julie must harness the courage to revisit her past and untangle the shattering emotions that led to one unspeakable act of violence on the bay at midnight. 375 starsThis book turned out better than I had hoped It was a really pleasant read and I didn't regret reading this book I must say this novel was not a thriller I had thought it was a thriller though a mystery was what book was centered around It focused on how this mystery impacted on every character rather than solving the mystery Obviously the perpetrator was revealed eventually but they were not uncovered through a process of investigation it was through reminiscence of a certain character that led to the revelation of the culprit What I should compliment this book was its very well thought characters Their personalities were extremely deep by this I mean they were constructed in a thorough way that enabled me to re imagine them in real life The characters included Julie Lucy and Mariana Julie and Lucy were Mariana's daughters and their oldest sister Isabel was murdered many years ago and a man was wrongly accused of her murder Julie always blamed her sister's death on herself since there were certain things that Julie caused which might indirectly lead to Isabel's death which was known to every one not a thriller clearly This was just a process of dealing with emotion when Isabel's death once again was open in the present time It began with Julie meeting with her old friend Ethan who was also a part of the tragedy that took place on Isabel From that Julie's life was spiraling tremendously in addition to her discovery about her daughter Shannon wanted to move into her dad's before going to college Julie was very protective of Shannon so this was apparently a shock to her Why Julie was so protective also stemmed from Isabel's murder Seeing Ethan again raised many feeling from Julie Well it was undeniable that they had mutual feeling and things continued to escalate From there in Julie's point of view in present time it was focused mostly on their rebuilt relationship and anxiety arising following the reopening of Isabel's case What really uncovered who might kill Isabel was Mariana's perspective At first I wondered why the author wanted us to know Mariana's childhood and adolescence while Julie's and Lucy's perspectives were enough There was no place for redundancy here guys and the past was told in a perfect way that didn't bore me too much Therefore I was able to guess the killer before they were revealed However it didn't matter who the killer was the most important thing this book revolted around was how to cope with death and how to deal with it when it came back from the past and haunted us and how to deal with rising emotion In this novel I also followed Julie's messy relationship with her own daughter and how her daughter thought about her It was a very thoughtful insight into mother daughter tension and the only way to relieve the bond of that tension was to tell the truth The truth was what mattered most I didn't rate it a full 4 stars since I had wanted it to be a thriller when it wasn't However I enjoyed reading it It was not heavy with a very tense mystery and not suspenseful whatsoever The tragedy happening was indeed unfortunate but I felt sad and pitied for the main character Julie If you like a pleasant light read for the winter time I will definitely recommend this book

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The Bay At MidnightOr her world causing turmoil in her relationships with her teenage daughter Shannon and her mother MariaNow an unexpected letter from someone in her past raises uestions about what really happened that night uestions about Julie's own complicity about a devastating secret her. THE BAY AT MIDNIGHT was extraordinary I tend to start with an author's newer books fall in love with their style then uickly devouring their backlist A 2006 hidden gemEach of Diane Chamberlain's books are uniue and different A complex story of three generations of women hidden family secrets death intrigue love relationships romance and mystery Appreciating the era the lake cottage bungalow setting; born in the 50’s and in my teens in the 60’s reminiscent of past summer family vacations teenage rebellion segregation young and forbidden love and all the other fun things Urging you to return to simpler times when we were 12 and 13 yrs old It is always funny to hear of hidden secrets even in generations of the 30s and 40s; capable of the same mistakes; however kept them very taboo due to the times The teenage loves of next door lake neighbors for both generations the relationship between mother and daughters sisters and how Diane portrays them so elouently with her past expertise in social work as well as being a talented author – making for a five star novel Pulled another 3 am to finish 1962 at the Jersey Shores for the setting of the main story which involved 3 sisters daughters mother and father and grandparents at their summer bungalow and another family next door with two sons and a dad with a past connection to the mother A setting for a night of horror with a murder of the oldest sister; cover ups guilt and the wrong person dying in prison and not until years later did the mystery start to unravel which changed the lives of all involvedCombined with current day events of Julie’s struggle with her pregnant daughter the strained relationship between Julie and her mother Maria secrets of years past and the reentering of her past next door neighbor and a new budding friendship and romance Faced with doubt uestions and guilt It is time to bring all the lies and secrets to the surface The families have to revisit their past and gather the courage to face the complex emotions which led to the one unexplained night at midnight on the bay An Oldie but Goodie Highly recommend all Diane's books You MUST read her upcoming PRETENDING TO DANCE a 5 Star top books of 2015