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Drawn Together Brown Family #5Ike smoke Jonah Warner is a smooth talking highly successful attorney with a body that should never be hidden by a suit He’s the kind of man who never takes no for an answer and always gets what he wants And what he wants is Raven She’s a survivor and he finds that incredibly a. Posted at Yummy Men Kick Ass Chicks Drawn Together is the fifth full length book in Lauren Dane’s Brown Siblings series I did not know that she was working on this book until I saw people chat about it one twitter Then I got all well a twitter because I hoped Lauren would someday write Raven’s HEA and to find out she did made me uite happyRaven is the character you loved to hate in the previous books She definitely has a hard exterior and is a bitch to everyone And even though you know there is there after all Brody did fall in love with her once upon a time it’s sometimes hard to see But she has been mellowing out bit by bit in the last few books and her growth in this one not only works well as in doesn’t come out of nowhere but also suits her character and the storyI loved who Lauren wrote for Raven HEA The type of man that Jonah is is just perfect for her Older sure of himself knows what he wants and what he likes And even the Domsub twist fit even though at first glance I didn’t think it wouldYou don’t have to worry about Jonah being a Dom because although he is one in the bedroom it does not define him which is why I liked him He is in his forties divorced with a teenage daughter He is a lawyer and comes from a well to do family When you first read this you don’t feel it would work with Raven Afterall she is prickly and needs to be in control of everything How dare someone tell her what do to in or out of the bedroom Well it really works She needs to let go of some of that control She needs someone who won’t take her at face value and who will work at getting her to be her true self without being too much of an arse or without being too much of a pushover I found Lauren wrote the perfect balance for Jonah He is exactly what Raven needs and they are excellent togetherRaven has been growing on me bit by bit and I enjoyed her in this book Her story is sad but not so much that it was no fun to read Lauren writes emotion in her characters well Honestly sometimes it can be a bit much like with Erin but with Raven yes I am going to use the word ‘balance’ again Lauren wrote the right balance Emotional but not too mushy It let Raven shine in her way and everything that happened and how she reacted was true to her character I was pleased with thatThere are a few things that did rub me the wrong way though Lauren took a bit of a break from the Brown Siblings to write a new series called Delicious I knew that there was going to be a bit of a crossover from the Brown series to the Delicious series because some of the characters were introduced in Brown #4 I have not read any of the Delicious books I want to but I just haven’t fit them into my schedule yet I did not think that would be a problem when I picked up Drawn Together because it is Brown book and not a Delicious books yet I often found myself wondering ‘who are all of these people’ and ‘since when are all of these guys such bestest closest friends’ The characters from Delicious are in many scenes of Drawn Together I felt I was missing big chunks of story And yes obviously I was but I feel I shouldn’t have felt that way as this is not the same series I was disappointed in that I didn’t like diving back into the Brown world and almost feeling as though it was filled with intruders Odd as that may sound that is how I feltI also didn’t get the point of Jonah’s youngest brother’s wife and that whole tiny little subplot It did nothing for the story She was a crazy lady who was after the ‘new’ women to the family The only thing I can think of is either this is something that started in a Delicious book the hero from book one is Jonah’s brother so maybe or Lauren is getting ready to write a series about the brothers and wanted the youngest single so he could have his own book Other than that there was absolutely no point in Mal and his crazy bitch of a wife in my opinionThere were tons of character updates from the other Brown Sibling books which was nice We know where all of the other heroes and heroines are and what they are up to and I like knowing stuff like that The pacing good but sometimes I felt it could be better as I found there was some repetition here and there which slowed things down for me a bitAll in all even though this was not my favorite installment of the series that would be book two Coming Undone I am glad I read Drawn Together Now the series feels finished and it ended well I like the person Raven ultimately ended up being and I love Jonah for her I think fans of the series will want to read this

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Drawn Together Brown Family #5 characters Ù eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB î Beauty is than skin deepTattoo artist Raven Smith is blunt and hard broken and jaded dark and beautiful While she doesn’t hide her painful past she does keep a wall around her heart She’s free sexually—but no one gets to the real RavenLluringJonah gets under her skin in a way Raven has never experienced He makes her break all her rules including her no monogamy ruleBut when a figure from Raven’s past shows up at the tattoo parlor and drops a bomb into her life their relationship will face the ultimate challeng. Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating BRaven has always seemed a little like the odd woman out She’s blunt speaks her mind but throughout the series she never seemed to put herself out there emotionally with anyone She has a history with Brody but to her their relationship wasn’t as serious as Brody was taking it and they’re now better off as friends She’s close to Erin but again in the past she’s never stuck around she likes to travel but always found her way back to Seattle In Drawn Together I really enjoyed getting to know Raven She wasn’t the same Raven I remember from books past and I think that’s due to seeing things through her eyes for the first time She’s now putting down roots in Seattle and by slowly letting herself get closer to Erin Brody and their families it’s had an impact on her and has changed her – a little She’s still has her bitchy moments she’s just a little pleasant about itHer hero is Seattle attorney Jonah Warner brother to Levi Sway and I loved this man He’s exactly what Raven needs in a partner He’s trustworthy dependable he doesn’t let her push him away but he straddles the line on not pushing issues He’s a good guy and sexy and he pushes Raven in the bedroom I wouldn’t call him an extreme Dominant but he does like to restrain her and play with different items during sex but the biggest aspect I took away from him was his need and desire to take care of her since she’s never had that before He’s very sigh worthy buying her things that take into account her personal style and likes opening her door touching her whenever he can He’s one of the good guys but it still takes Raven time to warm up to him not in the bedroom they hit it off in there right away But her walls are thick and tall and it takes time for her to start breaking her own personal rules about relationships and men and let Jonah inRaven’s past is tough and she didn’t have it easy growing up The past comes back to get her in the present as she has to deal with a family that she’d rather forget and it brings a lot of things to the surface for her I loved seeing her vulnerable dropping the mask she’s worn for the entire series up to this point and seeing her let go emotionally with Jonah For as sexy as this couple is they have many sweet moments together that don’t involve sex but rather have Jonah just being there for Raven and proving that she has someone in her corner completely He also proves to be a man that she feels comfortable enough to really talk to again it’s something that she’s never had not even with the Brown family and I loved seeing her soften up just a little bit when it came to her relationship with Jonah She doesn’t completely lose her edge a few people push her buttons and I loved seeing her stand up for not only herself but her friends so make no mistake – she lets her softer side out with Jonah but the Raven we’ve come to know does come out when she needs toWe’ve already met one of Jonah’s brothers Levi but my reuest plea to Lauren Dane is that the rest of his brothers need some loving too I really enjoyed getting to know his whole family prickly mother included and would love to see the rest of the single Warner men have stories told The Brown’s all show up throughout the story I didn’t feel like they overtook the story at any point and their presence on page was to show Raven and her relationship with their kids which is very sweet She has a few scenes with Erin and Daisy but I mainly enjoyed seeing her interact with the kids and again it’s just another side to Raven that we haven’t seen in the pastI finished this story feeling very satisfied with Raven’s story She’s a likable character and one that I wanted to have happiness because of all the things she had to deal with in her painful past And Jonah ahhhh he’s sexy and sweet and there were many scenes with him that had me so happy with how he was with Raven I really enjoyed their relationship and it’s the heart of this story

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Beauty is than skin deepTattoo artist Raven Smith is blunt and hard broken and jaded dark and beautiful While she doesn’t hide her painful past she does keep a wall around her heart She’s free sexually but no one gets to the real Raven beneath the prickly exteriorWith a voice l. He didn’t want anything from her but everythingI’m a fan of Lauren Dane’s Brown Sibling series And even though I had Drawn Together on pre order for months it was really because I love the series rather than a real interest in reading Raven’s story I haven’t been such a Raven fan in the past She hurt Brody and I have tender feelings for that guy And she’s just overall abrasive I get that’s just part of her personality but I just wasn’t sure I wanted to read a whole book dedicated to her I went into Drawn Together with an open mind just happy to be reading this series againAs hesitant as I was to start Drawn Together by the conclusion of the book I really liked Raven More than like I respected her She came from shit really Her childhood was littered with abandonment poverty abuse foster carejust bad I love that Lauren Dane didn’t portray her as a damsel in distress or a woman waiting for a man to fix her Despite her past she actually was one of the most well rounded characters I’ve read lately She definitely had a vulnerable side and we get to see of that as her relationship with Jonah progresses But ultimately she is a very strong woman I loved that about her She totally owned who she was faults in all She stood up for herself and those she cared about She didn’t back down But he wanted something with her There was no denying it No denying this woman brought so many things to the surface More than need which he nearly drowned in More than lust and sexual hunger for her He wanted to dominate her in all the best ways Jonah was perfect for Raven At times I thought maybe he was too perfect I really thought she would end up with someone a little wild a little edgy Jonah was every bit of a gentleman A gentleman that liked a little kinkbut still a gentleman Still they did seem to work together right from the startThis wasn’t play This was He was breaking her in a sense Battering all her defenses until she submitted to him totally There was a lot of responsibility he was about to take on If he wanted her to submit to him he had to deserve it To continue to deserve it every day The steam factor was medium for me I think Drawn Together was of a tender sweet romance a story of redemption for Raven instead of a sexy hot romance Because of that I could see where some readers may be disappointed I wasn’t This wasn’t my favorite of the series and it wasn’t the steamiest But when Raven and Jonah were together it was pretty hot I loved some of the things that came out of Jonah’s mouth Jonah was very matter of fact sexy “You’re so fucking tight and slick goddamn” He nearly snarled it as he thrust so hard her tits bounced She hung on her nails digging into his shoulders She was going to leave a mark and she didn’t give one single fuck She owned him as surely as he owned her “I want to come inside you Fill you up with me mark you gorgeous I want to bite you” He moved and his teeth sank into the side of her right breast She cried out her cunt rippling around him God she was going to come again “Tomorrow Next week Next month I want you to be at work and think of this Of the way my cock feels inside you” “Yes” “Yes Beautiful beautiful Raven All mine” “Body and soul” I also appreciated while he liked to dominate her and she liked to be dominated it wasn’t full fledge BDSM I think that story line is getting over used Just my opinion“I want to take you back to my house and strip you naked I want to lick you from head to toe and then I want you to suck my cock I’ll fuck you” “Naturally” “Naturally And then we’ll nap Then I’m going to wake you up and you’re going to get on top so I can watch you while I fuck you again” I’m not sure what’s next for the Brown Family While Drawn Together does seem like a good place to conclude the series I’m hoping we may see all the characters pop up in Lauren Dane’s Delicious series which I just figured out is a spin off of the Brown Sibling series One uick note while I’ve read the entire Brown Sibling series I was wondering how I missed the story of Levi and Daisy that were characters in this book Their story was told in the book Cherished which is part of the Delicious series and is bundled in with a book by Maya Banks I definitely am adding that to my TBR list I wish I would have read that story before reading Drawn Together While it’s totally not necessary since I’ve read the whole Brown Siblings series in order it would have been nice to have Levi and Daisy’s story before Jonah’s Overall I did enjoy the story and am glad Raven got her HEA 4 SOLID STARS