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FREE READ ☆ The Boleyn Inheritance ¸ Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition ISBN 0007190336 ISBN13 9780007190331Three women one prize the crown of EnglandThe year is 1539 Henry VIII must take another wife and the dangerous prize of the crown of England is won by Anne of Cleves Although fascinated by the glamour of her new surroundiAn Jane Boleyn is haunted by the past and the Boleyn inheritance of suspicion betrayal and death In this time of upheaval and uncertainty these three young women must try to survive the most volatile court in Europ. Hmmdo I recommend The Boleyn InheritanceNOHere's why1 It makes me acutely aware that if I enjoyed this series of Phillipa Gregory books in my youth that when I get crumbly read old I'll probably end up enjoying Harleuin Romance novels2 In The Boleyn Inheritance as with The Other Boleyn Girl Ms Gregory writes with such myopic vision that I wanted to scream from the claustrophobic feeling She writes around in circles covering the same topic repeatedly with only slight variation Granted that is perhaps the entire feel of living at court in King Henry VIII's time and so she's reconstructing the aura through her writing style The only redemption for it though was her use of three perspectives In TOBG we only got to see Mary's view with editorializing so this new usage of three narrators was the only fresh air readers get3 If you are my mother in law or my grandmother stop reading hereOkay now that it's just us frivolous girls this novel is full of intrigue backstabbing political gaming greed beheading All of which make the perfect plot And then there's the s e x Lots of s e x Ugh It churns my stomach uite honestly how incredibly detailed they get how up close and personal they get with a topic that should imo be only personalprivate I'm not a prudeobviously since I finished reading it when I should have set it aside I know I know it's historical fiction and King Henry VIII was really flatulent had a huge open stinking puss oozing wound and was impotent to boot I get it Really I get it Ms Gregory kept hitting me in the face with it all though and eventually I got fed upSo three reasons I won't recommend this to anyone And yet I can't help imagining that if a friend told me she read it I'd probably grin and say Is it good for youIt did wrap up nicely the loose ends she left in TOBG like Jane's George's wife betrayal being totally bogus I enjoyed seeing her get her just dessertsNow on the other hand if Ms Gregory chooses to novelize Princessueen Mary's and ueen Elizabeth's reign I might run headlong into those If I remember correctly there was NO sex there

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Own of England is won by Anne of Cleves Although fascinated by the glamour of her new surroundings she can sense a trap closing around herKatherine Howard meanwhile is to flirt her way to the throne But her kinswom. I'm a sucker for Tudor historicals It never gets old reading about the six ueens of Henry VIII and it gives me a serious appreciation for my daily life after reading about the dangers of living in the past Having a tendency to stick my foot in my mouth results in social ostracism these days for me in the past I could have been beheaded raped drawn tortured disemboweled boiled aliveAnd if I'm lucky it would have been done in that orderWhile it's no torture reading this book I did find it drawn on and I am not a fan of the characterization Besides Anne of Cleves who is admittedly dull the other two main characters in this book the unfortunate Jane Lady Boleyn and the infantile ueen Katherine both seem like caricatures Jane is a devious desperate shrew unable to see the truth of her actions until the very end and Katherine would make Cher of Clueless fame seem positively brilliant in comparison I find it particularly grating that she keeps repeating Now let me see what do I have in the beginning of her sections I understand that the author is trying to reinforce the fact that Katherine is empty headed materialistic and vain but there is a way of doing it correctly to gain the reader's sympathy; having her grate on the reader's nerves is not how it's done

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The Boleyn InheritanceLibrarian's note This is an alternate cover edition ISBN 0007190336 ISBN13 9780007190331Three women one prize the crown of EnglandThe year is 1539 Henry VIII must take another wife and the dangerous prize of the cr. The Boleyn Inheritance The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels #10 Philippa GregoryThe book begins in 1539 after the death of King Henry VIII's third wife Jane Seymour Henry is looking for a new wife and chooses Anne of Cleves daughter of John III Duke of Cleves whom he has only seen from portraits sent to him by her brother a minor dukeJane Rochford is summoned to court by the Duke of Norfolk to be a lady in waiting at the court of King Henry VIII Jane has unpleasant memories of court because she is the widow of George Boleyn and sister in law to Henry VIII's second wife Anne George and Anne Boleyn were both executed in 1536 for adultery incest and plotting to murder the KingKatherine Howard is a fourteen year old girl the cousin of Anne Boleyn living with her grandmother at Lambeth Palace where she has grown accustomed to a lax licentious lifestyle She has taken a lover Francis Dereham and the two have sworn to be married Katherine's uncle informs her that she will go to court if she can behave herself and she swears to herself not to let anything including Francis get in her way of success of the throneAnne who has heard of the fates of her predecessors is not sure about being the ueen of England but is eager to leave her family as nobody really cares for her Her arrival in England goes well until she is surprised by a drunken man actually Henry VIII in disguise who plants a sloppy kiss on her; she responds with an angry shove and curses him in German Although she tries to make amends once she is aware of his identity the King holds a grudge for the duration of their marriage because of this Henry is also put off by Anne's looks since her German style of dress is bulky and unflattering and she physically seems to appear nothing like her portrait Despite his misgivings Henry goes ahead with the marriage but he is already looking for a way out Anne is at a great disadvantage during the first months of her new life as she hardly speaks any English or Latin the diplomatic language of the time Due to her strict religious upbringing she has not been taught how to play an instrument sing or dance and her mother has not made her aware of the facts of life Despite this Anne uickly befriends Jane Rochford who is one of her ladies in waiting Jane is as surprised as anyone at Anne's plain appearance and ill proficiency at English but Anne is an honest sweet young woman who wins over the English people if not her husband She makes an effort to befriend Prince Edward and the princesses Elizabeth and Mary even when it enrages her husband and makes a point to learn as much English as possible A few months after their wedding Henry decides to rid himself of his new wife Fearing for her life Anne agrees to sign an annulment saying that she was previously betrothed to Francis of Lorraine and that her wedding was not consummated She is given the title Princess and receives land money and the treatment reserved for the king's own sister تاریخ خوانش روز چهاردهم ماه سپتامبر سال 2019 میلادیعنوان وراثت بولین کتاب دهم از سری داستانهای خاندان پلانتاژنه و تودور؛ نویسنده فیلیپا گرگوری؛خاندان «پلانتاژنه» از تبار «فرانک‌»ها بودند، و از سده ی نهم میلادی، در «آنژه» حکومت داشتند؛ آنان از راه پیوند زناشویی، با پادشاهان «انگلستان» خویشاوندی یافتند، و از سال 1154 میلادی تا سال 1485میلادی، یعنی از زمان پادشاهی «هنری دوم» تا «هنری هفتم» بر «انگلستان» فرمان راندند؛ در سده ی چهاردهم میلادی، آنان در «انگلستان» به دو شاخه ی خاندان «یورک» و خاندان «لنکستر» تقسیم شدند، و بر سر قدرت با یکدیگر جنگیدند، که این رویداد به جنگ «رز»ها نامور است؛ با درگذشت «ریچارد سوم» در نبرد «بازورث فیلد» در سال 1485میلادی، دوره ی سیصد ساله ی فرمانروایی این دودمان، در «انگلستان» به سر آمد آن بولین، دومین همسر، و شهبانوی «هنری هشتم» پادشاه «انگلستان» از تاریخ روز بیست و هشتم ماه می سال 1533میلادی، تا روز هفدهم ماه می سال 1536میلادی بودند، که در برج «لندن» به اتهام زنای با محارم، و خیانت به همسر خود «هنری هشتم» گردن زده شد؛ گناهی که هیچگاه صحت آن اثبات نشد؛ وی مادر «الیزابت نخست» بوده استتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 12051399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی