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#1 3) author Jamie McGuire This is the best. If you want a good storybook set you can sink your teeth into this is it Nina and Jared are wonderful In the first book Jared meets Nina just after her father has died Little does she know he has known her all her life He is her Guardian Angel so to speak So we have Angels half Angels Demons and a prophecy yet to be discovered Nina wants normal but Jared is anything but normal We get to know his family and how they are all protectors The story progresses thru the three books Nina and Jared's love gets stronger the the prophecy is revealed I absolutely loved this series

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Providence Trilogy Providence #1 3Favorite book with over 721 readers online he. This series was GREATalthough it definitely needed to be edited a little betterI kept stopping midsentence in chapters noticing mistakesThe plot and the characters were greatNew twist on an angels and demons storyI loved the trilogy and can't wait for Jamie McGuire's next book

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Providence Trilogy (Providence, #1-3) Read Þ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB â Amazing E-Book, Providence Trilogy (Providence, #1-3) author Jamie McGuire This is the best favorite book with over 721 readers online here.Amazing E Book Providence Trilogy (Providence. It needs a good editor Being an author and an editor I found it hard to overlook all the typos McGuire is a good storyteller but she needs some work and discipline on plot and character development The storyline reminded me of similar parallels with EL James' 50 Shades of Grey and Stephenie Myers' Twilight series It's like they all were part of the same Twi fan fic club using the same formula and making the same elementary plot mistakes especially with the whole special one of a kind offspring as if the answer to all their relationship problems are wrapped up in an unplanned and out of this world pregnancy However if you really LOVED and salivated over those types of shallow and emotionally erratic stories this one fits right into the mold Hormonal teenagers would love it I didn't hate it and I think the whole Guardian AngelTelah idea was a GREAT story idea I just think it could have been executed with a better plot