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Soul Avenged characters ì 7 ✓ Passion is blind in vengeance and love Ayden’s suburban home was invaded by a pack of LycansThe brutal attack is the only memory she carries of her former lifeNow one motive burns in her soulKILL THEM ALLThe Sons of Wrath—a brood of vengeance dealing warrior demons—band with Ayden to hunt the Lycans on Detroit’s mOit’s most deadly feeding groundsKane Walker should’ve been her easiest killUnfortunately the newly bitten Lycan has something she wants clues that may finally lay her past to rest To reach them she must be willing to submit to the sensual pleasures awakened by his touchTime is running outIn seven days Ka. 35 STARSAs far as Pnr's go this was good I liked the action world building and suspenseful edge to the plot and really liked the heroine Ayden She was uite cold and bitchy to poor Kane mocking his suffering and almost blaming him for his predicament but I did understand her bitter approach Kane was a great guy never using Ayden's vehemence against her but maintaining a level of sympathy and kindness she often didn't deserveThe secondary cast of Wrath brothers were great It'll be interesting reading their stories in the proceeding books So why just 35 stars I did like this but thought it was a little too long The several pov's was okay and helped get into the other characters heads but it sometimes felt disjointed That's all I've really got nothing tangible but something was missing here for me can't uite put my finger on it And although this has nothing to do with my rating I can't get past the cover of the 'Kate Beckingsale' doppelgänger from the Underworld movies I wish the cover was different because it almost sets up this book to follow how those movies went Anyhow this was good but not the best pnr out there Aside from several incredible pnrUF series I've read I highly recommend the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning absolutely amazing and the most recent one I've read The Disillusionists trilogy by Carolyn Crane which was fantastic

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Ne will become what Ayden despises most She can halt his transformation but the antidote reuires the ultimate sacrifice As the beast takes hold Kane becomes of a threatAyden must choose between her lust for revenge or surrender to her enemy and discover a horrible truthSons of Wrath Never gamble with vengeanc. ARC provided by the author Keri Lake in exchange for an honest reviewEver since being brutally attacked Ayden has only one purpose in life; to seek vengeance against lycans the beasts who attacked her and to prevent them from hurting anyone else In order to carry out this mission Ayden hires the Sons of Wrath a group of demons who specialize in helping people seek justice against those who have wronged them During one of their Lycan hunts the Wrath Demons and Ayden come across Kane Walker a halfling recently bitten human awaiting full change to lycan who may hold clues to what Ayden’s life was like before she was attacked by the group of Lycans Ayden has seven days to get information about her past from Kane before she must kill him before his change into Lycan is complete Ayden“Anger was a necessity A survival mechanism Cheery bullshit like flowers and laughter didn’t belong in her head”To be honest it took me a while to warm up to Ayden’s character While I thought she was definitely a tough lycan killing badass; I had a hard time accepting her cold demeanor toward every single person in her life especially when it came to Kane At first I couldn’t understand how she could hate him so much considering he didn’t ask to be attacked by lycans he didn’t want to become one and he hadn’t actually hurt or killed anyone yet I also felt like she was somewhat hypocritical considering she had also been attacked by lycans and would have become one if it weren’t for the fact that she carried the antibody to the lycan venom This was how I felt about her in the beginning of the book My opinion of her definitely started changing as I got a better understanding of her past and what happened to her since the lycan attack It helped give me a perspective of how she could be so uncaring and apathetic toward others KaneKane is one of the book heroes that you can’t help but love because he is just an all around great guy Throughout this book he proves how selfless he is by putting the safety and lives of other people above his own and I really respected him for that Instead of throwing a fit about the fact that Ayden will kill him before the change to lycan is complete he actually agreed that his death was necessary so that he didn’t harm any other human beingsI felt like he was a really good match for Ayden He didn't take any of her shit and responded to her heartless attitude with witty comebacks and sarcasmKane to Ayden She told me you weren't scary once people got to know you That you were actually sweet of all things Yeah He slid down further into the bed head back against the pillow personally I think you're serial killer in a clown suit kind of creepyGavinOf all the characters in this book I think that Gavin was by far my favorite and I definitely think he has the potential to be one of my new book boyfriends I just loved how sweet caring protective possessive and utterly loyal he is sighs Seriously I could not get enough of him in this book and I am anxiously awaiting his story in book 3 Overall I LOVED THIS BOOK and this series is definitely going up on my favorites shelf It is fast paced action filled with characters I won't soon forget I would definitely recommend it to othersMemorable uotesSometimes people touch our soul in ways we wish they wouldn't Funny isn't itWhatOur greatest weakness can sometimes be our greatest strengthI think its exceptional talent when you can extract beauty in the midst of all

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Soul AvengedPassion is blind in vengeance and love Ayden’s suburban home was invaded by a pack of LycansThe brutal attack is the only memory she carries of her former lifeNow one motive burns in her soulKILL THEM ALLThe Sons of Wrath a brood of vengeance dealing warrior demons band with Ayden to hunt the Lycans on Detr. SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised4 STARS out of 5Genre Paranormal Romance She's Fun Fierce and HELLO she is Female What a deadly combination Just the way I like my heroines There is nothing better then when a book exceeds you expectations This book did just that for me It’s been a while since I had a kickass heroine who is not afraid to bring a man down to his knees Ayden is that chick and then some The fruit that feeds the soul is vengeance” AydenAyden was brutally attacked by a pack of Lycans After almost dying she joins the Alexi where she is trained to become a non stop killing machine against Lycans The mission of the Alexi is to eradicate ALL Lycans Lycans are monsters living amongst humans They kill entire families men women children even unborn fetuses When the book starts Ayden is no longer a member of the Alexi but she is still killing Lycans A chance encounter with a halflinghuman going through the change to full Lycan has her taking him with her instead of killing him on the spot as she usually does when on the hunt Ayden has discovered that this halflingKane holds information to the past Well at least she suspects that he holds the info after getting a flashbackvision when she touched him He has 7 days before his transformation to full Lycan is complete At the end of those 7 days Ayden will kill him Because killing Lycans is ingrained in her Of course her plans for keeping him alive are unknown to Kane The only thing she does make clear to Kane is the fact that she will kill him “We work on the motive of vengeance GavinThe sons of WrathOnce you meet them you will want More Led by the oldest brother Gavin the sons of wrath are vengeance Warrior Demons who work with Ayden to kill Lycans They are selective with each case they take Ayden is their most recent client There are seven brothers total In this book you meet Gavin Calix Zayne Zeke and Logan And let me tell you each and everyone of them are panty dropping H O TAs each day passes the intensity of sexual chemistry between Kane and Ayden goes to new levels If Ayden decides not to kill him she would have to get whats known as “the antidote” The problem isgetting “the antidote” comes with a price A high price called sacrifice Is Kane worth the ultimate sacrifice Truths start to surface as Ayden gets closer to her past And the Alexi start to close in on their only other target besides the Lycans Ayden My ThoughtsLOVED IT A lot of different characters and then one story line built to one helluva showdown Not gonna lie it took I had to get a little than 30% in to finally feel comfortable with the flow but once I was there I WAS SOLD I think it took me so long because I struggled to understand Ayden She was so cruel to Kane when the poor guy had just been bitten by a wolf It was literally out of his control Yet she treated him as a killer from the start before he fully turned Lycan The I got to know her the things became clearer All was revealed in a plot that I cannot speak to much on for fear of spoiling the storyI am super excited for Logan's book I am also curious how the story will play out between Gavin and Sabelle What will she reuire fromview spoiler Gavin now that he is indebted to her Also who is her baby daddy hide spoiler