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The Highlander's RewardBOOK ONE The Stolen Bride Series She belonged to another But was destined to be his Lady Arbella de Mowbray abhors the idea of marrying an English noble occupying Scotland When she arrives in Stirling she is thrown into the midst of a full battle between the Scots and the English Besieged by rebels she is whisked from her horse by a Highland warrior who promises her safety But when he kisses her s. Review posted at Swept Away By RomanceStory Rating 4 StarsHero Rating 45 StarsHeroine Rating 5 StarsRomance 45 StarsHeat Level 45 StarsEnding 4 StarsOverall Rating 45 StarsWhat an excellent start to a series This was an easy fast paced read that was VERY STEAMY just the way I love my Scottish romancesThe story line was interesting and kept my attention throughout It’s about a young English lady going with her father to meet the man that the King ordered her to wed When they arrive at their destination a war between her English husband to be and William Wallace is taking place With the fighting in full rage Arbella gets separated from her father After all her father’s men who are protecting her get struck down Arbella starts to fend for herself While she is being attacked Magnus rides in on his war horse and plucks her off of her horse onto his saving her from certain deathI loved that this story included some real historical facts about William Wallace and his fight for Scotland All the fighting scenes throughout this book were extremely well done and made this an exciting readThe hero Magnus was the perfect Highland warrior laird He was strong loyal honorable protective and sexy as hellThe heroine Arbella was my favorite character in this book She was very likeable and was also brave smart kind loving and stood her ground when she need be I also loved that she was tough and faced danger head onNot long after Magnus saves Arbella she realizes that Magnus was no danger to her and that he in fact snatched her to save her life This is where the attraction between them starts I loved reading how these two got closer and closer as the story movesd along I really felt the heat and passion and eventually the love they shared The love scenes were so steamy and sensual that I was getting totally turned on by themOf course there are a few people who didn't want them together This added depth to the overall story line In the end true love conuered all and there was a very happy endingI'll say it again Eliza Knight writes Scottish romance just the way I LOVE them I’m so glad that I have a chance to jump right into book two The Highlanders Conuest which is Magnus’s brother Blane and Arbella's sister Aliah's storyI HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who loves a steamy fast paced Scottish romance I was gifted this book for an honest review

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READ The Highlander's Reward 107 ↠ BOOK ONE The Stolen Bride Series She belonged to another But was destined to be his Lady Arbella de Mowbray abhors the idea of marrying an English noble occupying Scotland When she arrives in Stirling she is thrown into the midst of a full battle between the Scots and the English Besieged by rebels she is whisked from her He fears she's in danger of losing herself The last thing Magnus Sutherland wants is to marry the beautiful English lass he saved As the laird of his clan he has a responsibility to his clan and allies But when Arbella is attacked by one of his own men he determines the only way to keep her safe is to make her his A decision that promises to be extremely satisfying Magnus brings Arbella to his hom. Cute and Enjoyable ReadWhat an enjoyable read I love the highlanders and I am always amazed with the different types of characters you will find in a clan In this story you get to see Magnus Sutherland the laird of Castle Dunrobin get waylaid in love by the unexpected English lass Arbella de Mowbray Sparks fly but Love Rules with lots of drama and action in this cute storyMagnus was a humorous character that is tough and fierce of course but his far sight about love and the duties to his clan blinds him to the true meaning of love Detesting the English because they’re deeming to weed out the Scottish men from their country the last thing he wishes on anyone is to fall in love with them However circumstances change when battles take place and his honor to protect any woman regardless of her heritage takes precedence to his standard motto In this scenario love knows no boundaries and Magnus finds himself leaping in and rescuing his wife to beLady Arbella is a stubborn Lass but at the same time independently brave smart and fierce when it came to handling the highlander brutes Her knowledge of the highlanders and of their savage ways cracked me up a few times It was refreshing to see her experiencing the reality of the truths Arbella had no desire to marry anyone one and was constantly trying to find ways to get out of a contract of marriage her father had arranged for her that the king ordered With some surprising turn of events she gets out of one situation but finds herself embraced in the loving arms of an unexpected highland laird that rescues her from the brutal assaults of war and least expecting that marriage would become a way of protection and an adventure of a lifetime of love sizzling sex and humorous drama The story’s plot was interesting with the drama of two who never dreamed to marry anyone with both characters being betrothed to others and it coming to a head the story just exploded with sparking jealousy fighting action and tender passion towards their clan members and each other as they find themselves in love The chemistry between all the characters was believable and I enjoyed seeing them grow and wanted to know about them in the endThis was such an enjoyable read that I look forward to reading the next installment of the series I recommend this to all those awesome Historical Romance lovers

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E of Dunrobin Castle in the Highlands And that’s where the trouble begins Their countries are at war and they should be each other’s enemy Neither one considered their mock marriage would grow into a deeply passionate love What’s they were both unhappily betrothed and those who've been scorned are out for revenge Can their new found love keep them together or will their enemies tear them apa. uick read and a little predictable For me though I enjoyed it the book was too dull for me but I'm looking forward her 2nd book