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Before the Darkness (Refuge Inc., #1) Read æ 2 ´ After an asteroid strikes Earth a series of violent earthuakes destroy secluded Phoenix and leave survivor Elliot struggling to stay focused in the bleak aftermath And then he meets fellow survivor Adam Together the two search for reliable shelter and other survivors while distant murkyAftermath of an unimaginable catastrophe By working together can they continue to survive Or will the mystery of Refuge Inc cause diverse expectations and lead them to decisions that further threaten their lives Warning Contains explicit male male sexual practices graphic language some violence and descriptions of deathBonus content Includes the original deleted scene from Chapter Twelve Lying for Ga. This was a really enjoyable story it gave detailed descriptions and characters so you felt you were there or could get a idea of the area's and people Now onto book two

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After an asteroid strikes Earth a series of violent earthuakes destroy secluded Phoenix and leave survivor Elliot struggling to stay focused in the bleak aftermath And then he meets fellow survivor Adam Together the two search for reliable shelter and other survivors while distant murky clouds fast approach Their hunt for shelter leads them down an alternate path when they find spray painted symbols d. I read this book with Adriana in a buddy read for the MM Romance group at GoodreadsI had found the synopsis to be alluring However when I began reading I became turned off by the long and at times extremely dramatic build up of the plot Yet I was locked into the buddy read so I pushed myself to read on I must say that this book turns around in the second half picks up speed and ends nicelyThe story was labeled both as a MM RomanceErotica and Post Apocalyptic yet to be honest the blending of the two genres is not smooth In fact it seemed at times that there were two separate stories going on in the same book with the first half primarily focused on the MM Romanceerotica story line and the second half primarily focused on the action adventure of the Post Apocalyptic survival There is a fair amount of dramatics in this book ranging from arguing to outright fighting then to all out guy on guy sex While at times I found this to be a roll a coaster ride of emotions in the end it all seems to work towards forging a strong connection between the two main charactersAs for the characters I could relate to both characters They are believable original flawed and yet heroic in their own ways The character of Elliot was deeply insecure manipulative and highly insensitive at times but his character does end up showing growth The character of Adam started off rather brutish and passive aggressive yet he too show growth as the story progresses I feel the author did a great job with the dialogs While I might not have appreciated what Elliot and Adam were saying to each other and about each other the conversations were life like I could mentally ‘see’ the arguments take place and it felt that the words rang true for these charactersI felt the secondary characters added to the story in just the right spots providing the information help and humor of an otherwise intense and at time emotionally draining from the large amount of arguing scenes For me there was too much sex in the beginning of this story I feel that many of the sex scenes did not fit with the characters relationship or their situations at the time they took placeAs for the world within the book I feel the book needed environmental descriptions as the image of their environment what they seen what they heard where exactly they were seemed pale for such a rich setting as a post apocalyptic city There was a decent plot resolution to this book but it ends with just enough of a tease into the next book in the series to keep me in suspense When I consider the book as a whole its weaknesses and its strong points combined I feel that it balances out to be a good readI struggled with whether to give this book three or four stars I decided to give it four stars because it turned around so nicely with the characters and plot growing to an intense ending making me want to read So do I recommend this book Yes I would yet I would caution my friends and other readers that the story starts off slow seeming to get way off track before the action adventure gets going I will likely read the next book in the series

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Before the Darkness Refuge Inc #1Irecting them to a mysterious place Refuge IncAs ominous clouds slowly shut off all light to their devastated world they are forced to come to terms with their pasts and their growing attraction for each other Neither thought their pasts and personal crises would affect their ability to endure the horrors they're forced to live through Neither thought they would be drawn so close to one another in the. I'm not uite sure what I was expecting from this book when I got the notification that it was up for review through one of the blog tour company's I host I think I was just pretty darn excited to have a chance to review it without of it being part of an official blog tour since I've been burning myself out with hosting different tours lately I haven't read all that many MM romances but it's not because I don't like them but because the chance to read them doesn't come up as often as I would like to so I wasn't sure how this one would shape up to be especially given that its post apocalyptic I was however surprised by the mount of care the author put into describing the setting and telling the reader how the world ended The fact that there was an actual plot to the novel made me like it even because it wasn't all about sex That to me would have killed the book so I was really happy I had to go on than just sexy time between Elliot and Adam I really liked that the book did have some action what with the earthuake tremors and nuclear type storm clouds rolling in from the impact of the asteroid that hits earth and overall the book was written pretty well There was only one aspect of the novel that I didn't care too much for and that was Elliot and Adam getting involved pretty uickly I'm not much of a fan of Insta Love or Insta Lust so that part of the novel wasn't my favourite and I wish the characters had gotten to know each other better Overall though I liked the concept for the novel The plot and characters could have been a little stronger but it was still an enjoyable read and for the first book in a new series it was pretty good I can't wait to see which direction the next book takes I would recommend this one to anyone who loves MM romance as a uick read I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my free and honest review I was in no way compensated for my review and all thoughts and opinions expressed in my review are my own