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In the Cut Free download ½ 104 ↠ By day Frannie teaches her writing students about irony and language in all its nuance and unspoken meaning By night she compiles a secret dictionary of street slang One night in the basement of a bar she walks in on an intimate moment between a man and a woman The man's face is shadowed in the darkness but she will By day Frannie teaches her writing students about irony and language in all its nuance and unspoken meaning By night she compiles a secret dictionary of street slang One night in the basement of a bar she walks in on an intimate moment b. “‘A broad wants me to be one way wants something from me I can do it I told you that already just with you it’s different I feel like I’m running all the time Running just to stay even’‘I’m sorry’ I was furious‘You didn’t do nothing’‘I know I’m sorry that you feel that way’He nodded Softening ‘You’re not easy’‘Why would you want me to be’He shrugged ‘You know what’s wrong with you You know your worth You know just how much you’re worth’‘And that’s why I’m not easy’He thought for a moment ‘Yeah’ He paused as if I really wanted him to come up with a right word ‘Yeah’”I think we have all taken a wrong turn while looking for a bathroom in a bar in a serpentine building and discovered with mild anxiety that we were lost Most of us don’t come across a gorgeous redhead giving fellatio to a man in the shadows but that is exactly what happens to Frannie Thorstin Do you leave Do you stay Clear your throat and askexcuse me where is the bathroom The man notices Frannie watching He doesn’t care If anything it makes him lose his nut faster Frannie teaches English to a misfit group of young adults one of whom has dragged her into this bar ”Cornelius was having trouble with irony” Her hobby maybe it will turn into a book is compiling a list of street vernacular Words that have been appropriated for new uses or new words that have been created whole cloth to fit the evolving changes on the New York street Virginia Snapper Brasole Gash hound—all slang terms involving the vagina Gangster leanthe cool way to sit in the driver’s seat of a car Chronicdrug addict Dixie cupa person considered to be disposable The street creates its own language like lawyers doctors and psychologists She is the chronicler A person on safari unaware that the lions and tigers and hippopotamuses can come too close Detective James A Malloy comes by her apartment to ask some uestions The bartender gave up her name The redhead has been found with her throat slit and her body disarticulated She runs the word around her tongue It’s a good one Did she see anythingFrannie saw something More than she is willing to tell She saw a tattoo a distinctive one The same one that Malloy hasIs he the killerDoes she careShe’s hot for Malloy ”It would have been my third or sixth or tenth mistake I’d stopped counting” It was like having the street right in her bed right in her cut She likes him for all the wrong reasons She lusts for him for even worse reasons He is her deep cover research projecta barbarian within the gates It’s like everyone is watching her stalking her weighing her She is alive than she has ever been and never been closer to death What is really going on and who does the killer want nextThe sex scenes are raw and explicit but also central to the plot and add to the overall uneasiness that the reader feels as the suspense ratchets upward We are aghast at the chances Frannie takes and wonder if she is trying to live on the edge or looking for a push off the ledge I love Susanna Moore’s writing style for this book It’s cut so lean it shows the bone This is a literary novel with splashes of gritty prose that could have been written by authors like Fredric Brown Cornell Woolrich and Jim Thompson This novel reeks of blood spit semen and sweat The plot is going to be too real for many people because Moore is going to push your sensibilities right to the breaking point but there are truths revealed in this novel where other authors fear to tread Jane Champion directed the 2003 movie based on the book starring Meg Ryan Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Jason Leigh and she keeps the movie true to the book We all tremble for Frannie If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at and an Instagram account

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Etween a man and a woman The man's face is shadowed in the darkness but she will forever remember the tattoo on the inside of his left wrist When the first brutal murder rocks her neighborhood Frannie is propelled into a sexual liaison t. Frannie is a school teacher instructing students on how to write She has a love of words and language She's making notes in order to someday write a book right now she's concentrating on street slangOne evening she's in a local bar headed for the basement ladies room She accidentally walks in on a man and a woman during an intimate moment His face is in the shadows but she remembers well the tattoo on his wrist The woman is young with red hairHomicide detectives show up asking uestions about the latest woman to be murdered in her neighborhood From there she enters into an explicitly intimate relationship with one of the detectives who has a tattoo on his wristThis book is not for the faint of heart It's raw it's dark it's gritty The intimate times are graphic and vivid Nothing is hidden from the reader Language is harsh and unrelenting IN THE CUT is a well written erotica thriller with psychological overtones along with characters and events that literally will have you checking the doors and windows and if you are a woman will have you taking a second or third look at the men in your lives The ending is sensational never saw it coming

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In the CutHat tests the limits of her safety and desires as she begins a terrifying descent into the dark places that reside deep within her In the Cut is a masterfully written thriller that will keep readers tense with its mounting sense of terro. In The Cut was a uick read It kept me turning the pages wanting to know what would happen The main character intrigued me at first And that's about as close as I can get to praise for this bookIf you can stomach gruesome twisted violence and enjoy analyzing it on a symbolic or literary level then you may appreciate this book than I I don't think this book had anywhere near enough to say however to justify its sickening level of brutalityAt its heart this is a mediocre whodunit A good mystery of this type gives us several plausible suspects each with motive each keeping us guessing I guess that Susanna Moore wasn't up to the task so instead she gives us red herrings clues that mean nothing; characters who are under suspicion simply because they always seem to be showing up for no good reason; a revelation at the end that is disappointing in its lack of connection to what the reader already knowsMoore apparently sees nothing good in female sexuality It seems to me that she is portraying women as victims of their own uncontrollable urges blinded by sex Weak because of it That's a sad perspective to takeI don't mind violence in a book or movie when it serves a purpose Instead here it is both the means and the endAgain I'm sure that some readers will get off on analyzing this book in terms of symbols the narrator symbolizes this; her use of language tells us that about the human condition But the main character who starts off so refreshingly different never gets fully developed The other characters are caricatures there only to play out their role As someone who prefers to read about people rather than mere cyphers and who doesn't appreciate graphic violence without a strong story to support it In The Cut doesn't make the cut