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Jane Austen Hy Fanny win him from the outgoing and charming Miss Crawford? Persuasion Austen's last final novel explores the conseuences of giving in to the opinions of others rather than following one's own heart Delightfully illustrated with delicate line drawing First off let me start by saying this book was a hundred times better than 1984 in my opinion It had a much interesting plot line and I didn't find it painful to pick up and actually read by my own volition The olden days kind of language was new and sometimes complicated and somewhat confusing but after the first few chapters I just kind of got used to it and it became a lot easier and smoother to understand without having to stop and backtrack every paragraph or so As for theme and why this book is considered an AP book we could start by simply evaluating the title of the novel Pride and prejudice are both uite substantial themes on the parts of Elizabeth and Darcy MrDarcy in the beginning is critical or 'prejudice' of Elizabeth's social standing and is held back to some extent by pride in his own wealth and standing Elizabeth is also prejudice to an extent of judging MrDarcy unfairly in the beginning of the book based on his cold almost snooty attitude toward her which is the result of him pushing her away due to her social standing Another theme probably the most apparent of them all in this particular book is love The driving base and plot line of this entire story is the romance between Elizabeth Bennet a girl of relatively low social standing in a class based society and Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy the wealthy and highly regarded master of Pemberley At first the love of Elizabeth and MrDarcy is slow and cautious in the beginning almost as if they were trying to convince themselves not to fall for one another due to certain circumstances As in all great love stories however love conuers in the end and Elizabeth and MrDarcy overcome their struggles and obstacles to be together A very good book in my opinion and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet read

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FREE PDF Ë BOOK Jane Austen É MBJUK Ä Jane Austen's sparkling and witty novels continue to entrance readers today as proven by the rapturous reception given the many film and TV adaptations of her work Pride and Prejudice Austen's most well loved story tells of Lizzy Bennet and her five sisters as they search for true love a love LizJane Austen's sparkling and witty novels continue to entrance readers today as proven by the rapturous reception given the many film and TV adaptations of her work Pride and Prejudice Austen's most well loved story tells of Lizzy Bennet and her five sis I’m not going to lie I saw the movie before I read the book I know that this is a major don’t but I can’t do anything about it now Anyways I though both were fantastic The best part about seeing the movie before reading the book was that I wasn’t let down by it I liked it even Usually movies leave plenty of details out which Pride and Prejudice didn’t escape from and you’re let down due to reading the book first In my case I found the book fascinating because I got to know about the characters and the plot itselfThis book contained so many themes I couldn’t help but pick one out of every chapter every plotline and every character Some big ones I noticed were class distinctions and economic status and turmoil war changing of the seasons family and the importance of inheritance love and betrayal and most obviously pride and prejudice The best part about all these themes is that they were nonstop They literally kept popping up in every instance Jane Austin is uite the lady I really like how she made notice of the difference between men and women yet showed how they’re exactly the same Women search for men for support men search for women for status It’s really an interesting way to look at itI would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read it However I don’t believe that many guys would enjoy it It’s a bit of a click flick well chick book? Anyways the only part that was a tad bit confusing was all the relations The text itself wasn’t hard to follow but keeping up with all the characters their backgrounds their relationships and their family ties that they had going on was somewhat confusing I had to keep reminding myself of what had happened at the beginning of the book Nonetheless Pride and Prejudice was one of my favorites

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Ters as they search for true love a love Lizzy nearly loses because of pride Fanny of Mansfield Park comes to live with her aunt and uncle in their elegant mansion But she finds herself both out of place and in love with her handsome cousin Edmund Can s Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen is my abselotely favourite book The first impression that i got from the book was that its the most revoulutonary and feministic book The fact that a women like Elizabeth could turn down a man like Mr Darcy at that time is amazing and shows how strong Elizabeth are I love it because Elizabeth has such a strong inspiring personality She is smart and knows what she wants And is like the main role in most of Jane Austens books Which is why i also adore Jane Austen and her writing