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Download × PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À Stendhal Handsome ambitious Julien Sorel is determined to rise above his humble provincial origins Soon realizing that success can only be achieved by adopting the subtle code of hypocrisy by which society operates he begins to achieve advancement through deceit and self inter. ”Nothing can distinguish a man as a death sentence” thought Mathilde “It’s the only thing one can’t buy” Julien Sorel was a young man with an audacious intellect Such a gift can be a great resource that can be exploited for financial gain or it can be a burden that keeps a person in perpetual misery Sorel the hero of our story experiences both the wonders and the loneliness that sometimes goes hand in hand with being too aware to accept fate without attempting to manipulate a better future He is handsome witty and when money is plentiful dresses in such a way as to enhance his best features He is prideful of his talents and humbled by his modest beginnings in eual measure like two halves of the same tarnished coin Because he comes from the lower class of French society his opportunities for advancement are limited to the church or the military Even though he shows few signs of or inclinations towards pious behavior Julien is sent to the church Julien is placed as a tutor in the household of Monsieur de Rênal the mayor of Verrières He isn’t a particularly good teacher He’d rather be spending his time reading and daydreaming but through guile and an exaggerated appearance of discipline he wins over the children and the parents On a whim he decides that he must seduce the pretty Madame de Rênal as in his mind that is what a man of his nature is supposed to do He is calculating manipulative hostile and seductive and each of those characteristics are hampered by his own naiveness producing comedic results and embarrassing moments that left this reader suirming in his seat with personal memories of being eually stupid in moments of social ineptness Those characteristics that we like the least in Julien are also the characteristics that we like the least in ourselves and leads us to identify so closely with Sorel that his triumphs and his setbacks create diverse reactions from a sheepish grin to burning shame Madame de Rênal and her husbandMadame de Rênal is swept up in the attentions of our hero and soon finds herself in circumstances she never would have expected to experience ”Suddenly a word frightened her adulteress She could see it The worst things that the vilest debauchery could stamp on the notion of sensual love swarmed into her mind These ideas were trying to stain the glow of the tender divine image she had constructed both of Julien himself and the happiness of loving him The future was painted in ghastly colors She saw herself as contemptible”Julien is sent back to the seminary where he fits in about as well as a swan among ducks ”Julien had tried in vain to make himself small and stupid he could not be liked; he was far too different” Luckily he comes to the attention of Father Pirard who realizes he is intelligent enough to have better uses As enemies of both Father Pirard and Julien attempt to destroy them Stendhal as he does through the whole book shows that pettiness hypocrisy wealth and social standing are to be found in eual measure among people of influence Poor people are not let off the hook either as greed turns out to be such an unsavory aspect of Julien’s own father The father that beat him and ridiculed him is uick to want to benefit from his son’s advancement Honor is discussed in great detail throughout the book but is revealed as a chimera when pride or money are being threatened Julien rises with the help of Father Pirard to private secretary for Maruis de la Mole His office is to be the library ”A few minutes later Julien found himself alone in a magnificent library; it was a delightful moment So no one would come to him excited as he was he hid himself in a dark corner From there he looked out at the books’ glittering spines ‘I could read every one of them’ he told himself” Whenever I walk into my own perso

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Le rouge et le noir Chroniue du XIXᵉ siècle Free read Å 2 Ä Handsome ambitious Julien Sorel is determined to rise above his humble provincial origins Soon realizing that success can only be achieved by adopting the subtle code of hypocrisy by which society operates he begins to achieve advancement through deceit and s Est His triumphant career takes him into the heart of glamorous Parisian society along the way conuering the gentle married Madame de Rênal and the haughty Mathilde But then Julien commits an unexpected devastating crime and brings about his own downfall The Red and. Julien Sorel is a young man who is bound by social convention he observes his 'betters' on the periphery of 'begrudging interaction' his talents are needed by the upper class but he must always remember his place After several torrid affairs with upper class ladies he is dispatched on a secret mission does Julien begin to understand how love is often a game jeu d'amour that has ulterior motives that involve position and appearances While there was much I did not understand this period of French history is not one of my strong points I appreciated how Stendhal takes us behind the the scenes and shows us the the differing 'shades' of character that often support hierarchical systems of governance still very pertinent to this day

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Le rouge et le noir Chroniue du XIXᵉ siècleThe Black is a lively satirical portrayal of French society after Waterloo riddled with corruption greed and ennui and Julien the cold exploiter whose Machiavellian campaign is undercut by his own emotions is one of the most intriguing characters in European literatur. Note there may be a few spoilerish things here just sayingJulien Sorel is a handsome young peasant with a freakish memory He doesn’t like his daddy and his brothers because they beat him up all the time Like actually not metaphorically WORKING CLASS HERO JOHN LENNON They hurt you at home and they hit you at schoolThey hate you if you're clever and they despise a foolBut I memorised the whole of the New Testament in LatinSo I think I’m pretty coolSo he impresses some priest with his huge memory and the priest gets him a job as a tutor for the local mayor Monsieur de Rênal who has a hot wifeSTACY’S MOM FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE Stacy do you remember when I mowed your lawn mowed your lawnYour mom came out with just a towel on towel onI could tell she liked me from the way she stared way she staredAnd the way she said you missed a spot over there a spot over thereThings get real steamy with Madame de Rênal's wifeMAD ABOUT THE BOY DINAH WASHINGTON Will it ever cloyThis odd diversity of misery and joyI'm feeling uite insane and young againAnd all because I'm mad about the boyLike he is only 19 and she’s like 30 at least So there’s that Anyway after some shagtastic weeks the secret gets out and Julien has to vamoose So his next career move is to a seminary which is a name for where they train to be priests yeah like mind blowingly dull His blazingly good looks and enormous memory don’t win him any friends and he has like the worst time So then he gets a break he’s recommended to some local aristocrat and lands a gig as this guy’s secretaryThe family name of these aristos is de la Mole which is funny because they are not moles Anyway guess what there is a hot daughter Mathilde and she takes one look at Julien and she is allCALL ME MAYBE CARLY RAE JEPSEN Your stare was holdingRipped jeans skin was showin'Hot night wind was blowin'Where you think you're going babyNaturally Julien does not object to this frou frou babealiciousness but at the same time is appalled and horrified at the crass materialism of French aristo lifePRICE TAG JESSIE J Seems like everybody's got a priceI wonder how they sleep at nightWhen the sale comes firstAnd the truth comes secondIt's not about the money money moneyWe don't need your money money moneyForget about the price tagAin't about the uh cha ching cha chingAin't about the yeah b bling b blingSo Mr Mole gets Julien involved in some political stuff that I frankly couldn’t follow This part is skippable Anyway this Julien and Mathilde thing is going on and of course shagging the boss’s daughter is always a turn on UPTOWN GIRL BILLY JOEL I'm in love with an uptown girlYou know I've seen her in her uptown worldShe's getting tired of her high class toysAnd all the presents from her uptown boysAnd one thing leads to another and before you can say Papa Don’t Preach yes she’s up the duffMr Mole is not pleased but he does the right thing and stumps up showers Julien with ducats or louises or whatever they used for money and everything looks tickety boo but then along comes a letter from Stacy’s mom and kind of wrecks the whole situation saying all these awful things about our JulienWhen he finds out about the letter what does he do yeah that’s right WOKE UP THIS MORNING ALABAMA 3 When you woke up this morningEverything was goneBy half past ten your head was goingDing dong ringin' like a bellFrom your head down to your toesLike some voice tryin' to tell youThere's somethin' you should knowWoke up this mornin'Got yourself a gunHe jumps on a horse which they used to do and goes and buys some guns which they still do NOW READ ON