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review Noah's Wife ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ ForeWord Review's BOOK OF THE YEAR for Historical Fiction 2009 Noah built an ark but this story has never been told Noah's wife is Na'amah a brilliant young girl with a form of autism now known as Aspergers Na'amah wishes only to be a shepherdess on her beloved hills in ancient Turkey aBestseller to me Malcom R Campbell author Sun Seeker and Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire Noah's Wife is one of the best novels I have ever readand I average about a book a week Barry Marks Alabama Poetry Book of the Year for Possible CrocodilesThorne is a terrific storyteller with the ability to transport readers from one time and place to another She also offers the reader a window on the fascinating psychology of her brave and persevering heroine Sena Jeter Naslund Bestselling novelist Ahab's Wife Four Spirits etcso compelling and readable Brava Excellent I am baskin. 35 stars An interesting and feminist take on this biblical tale which I very much enjoyed

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ForeWord Review's BOOK OF THE YEAR for Historical Fiction 2009 Noah built an ark but this story has never been told Noah's wife is Na'amah a brilliant young girl with a form of autism now known as Aspergers Na'amah wishes only to be a shepherdess on her beloved hills in ancient Turkey a desire shattered by the hatred of her powerful brother the love of two men and a disaster that threatens her worldbeautifully writtena rich multidimensional and richly imagined account of the Biblical flood from a feminine point of viewa novel of great enchantment suspense and powerlooks like a. The title is a little deceptive in that this is not a Bible based retelling of the story of Noah his family their animals and an ark which enables them all to survive a flood It is rather an attempt to recreate a very particular world that world of Neolithic humans over 7000 years ago living along the shores of a freshwater lake in what is now Anatolia a world just beginning the transition from hunting and gathering to herding and farming where tribal peoples are beginning to settle into established towns It is a new world torn between worship of an earth mother goddess and a sky father god where time is measured by seasons and the phase of the moon and where a human is old at forty There is no such thing as a written language; knowledge traditions and skills must be passed verbally and by demonstration and the people living in the villages across the mountains are foreigners This world is realized very thoroughly and skillfully; the author conveys very well the feeling that this is truly the dawn of civilization the seed time from which all the rest of human history sprouted This material was the dimmest of cultural memories to the various writers of the Old Testament books of the Bible – as well as scribes recording in other traditions A scattering of these traditions and names are worked into the story Tubal Cain Vashti a garden in Eden Accounts of a horrific world ravaging flood is common currency in folklore; a race memory which argued such a shattering event had really occurred – and if not extended world wide at least happened in a place where humans lived and survived the experience passing down the stories to their descendants While many historians had placed the source of the Noachian flood tale in pre historic Mesopotamia in the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates TK Thorne moves it to the shores of the present Black Sea Recent explorations have pretty well proven that the lake was once much smaller and river fed rather than a salt water body open to the Mediterranean although it is still a matter of conjecture as to whether it filled gradually or in one catastrophic rush of salt water The author builds her plot around the catastrophic rush scenario; but takes the time and the most of the book to relate the lives of Na’amah the wife of Noah her family and her friends and the circumstances which lead to them and their herds and working animals all taking refuge in a house built like a boat Besides being a wife Na’amah is also shepherdess seer and priestess – and afflicted with Ausberger’s syndrome a relatively mild form of autism Na’amah sees and notices much being almost inhumanly observant and hyper sensitive to certain stimuli She relates very well to animals – obsessively well but less well to people Being a story written in the first person has its limitations in that we hardly ever see the character telling the story from the outside but in this case it makes for a tightly focused tale and a singularly unforgettable character

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Noah's WifeG in the glow of a fascinating complex read Jane Archer Professor of English Birmingham Southern Collegean extremely well researched well written engaging book that is absolutely one of the best reads I have had in a long time Gail Sheldon Director Oneonta Public Libraryshe has masterfully created a uniue variation on the Biblical world and its culture It is a MUST READ Thorne is exceptionally gifted in her sensitivity to life love and loss L Nolan Ruiz Editor InternationalBookCafécom a novel of epic sweep emotional power and considerable beauty Ron Gholson The Blount Countian. I was disappointed in this book although it was not a bad book The author gives us the story of the great flood through the eyes of Noah's wife a young woman who has Asperger Syndrome The book starts when she is a young girl and attempts to illustrate what life was like at that time most specifically for Na'amah who has to be very careful because of her condition or she could be outcast or pitted The author also touches on the changing religious beliefs of the time moving away from a Father GodMother Goddess belief system to a purely patriarchal Father God system All of this is very confusing to Na'amah Unfortunately in my opinion I don't believe the author's skills were up to her vision and the book was pretty mundane It probably didn't help that I had just read The Shape of Mercy which was outstanding