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G in the glow of a fascinating complex read Jane Archer Professor of English Birmingham Southern Collegean extremely well researched well written engaging book that is absolutely one of the best reads I have had in a long time Gail Sheldon Director Oneonta Public Libraryshe has masterfully created a uniue variation on the Biblical world and its culture It is a MUST READ Thorne is exceptionally gifted in her sensitivity to life love and loss L Nolan Ruiz Editor InternationalBookCafécom a novel of epic sweep emotional power and considerable beauty Ron Gholson The Blount Countian. ebook Asperger's syndrome is a very high functioning sort of autism and the author chose to picture Noah's wife as having this But in the long run it was much of a help than a hindrance Picture a Father God and a Mother Goddess each with a bit different viewpoint on the story of Creation then picture a snake's shedding of his old skin as an aphorism of new life Also picture the possibility of a rather weak Adam pushing his wife into finding out some information for them then using the information in not too bright a way Also picture the possibility that since the middle heast was the known world in the historical tradition that so many of us grew up with could it be possible that one of the many earthuakes at that time had a high enough intensity on the richter scale to really blow to smithereens and flood that whole world It's a very readable book good story and has all the x rated ualities of the bearers of the thou shalt not's included along with the motivations that want you to understand why Anyhow I am going to give it four stars

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Noah's WifeForeWord Review's BOOK OF THE YEAR for Historical Fiction 2009 Noah built an ark but this story has never been told Noah's wife is Na'amah a brilliant young girl with a form of autism now known as Aspergers Na'amah wishes only to be a shepherdess on her beloved hills in ancient Turkey a desire shattered by the hatred of her powerful brother the love of two men and a disaster that threatens her worldbeautifully writtena rich multidimensional and richly imagined account of the Biblical flood from a feminine point of viewa novel of great enchantment suspense and powerlooks like a. I loved the way the narrative centered around Na'amah It really is a coming of age story of sorts Imagine being a female in 5500 BCE Ah no thanks Add being a female in 5500 BCE with Asperger Syndrome Ah no thanks again Welcome to Na'amah's brutal world Not going to lie I was than curious to see how the author was going to work AS into the entire story Na'amah is a compelling character This young lady endures the unimaginable with strength beyond belief Yes she faces endless challenges but she also possesses gifts she will come to understand as time passes Her AS ostracizes her from her village she realizes she is different not uite grasping why I don't have a lot of personal experience with AS the sketch the author drew seemed plausible and a subtle indicator of AS I felt AS was handled in a respectful manner and never used as a limitation in Na'amah's development overallCharacterization was well done I even enjoyed the love triangle between Na'amah Noah and Yanner Tubal evoked zero empathy from me His evil demeanor overshadow his victim card He is memorable but I just couldn't feel for him except pure loathing Savta stole my heart an endearing women serving as a buffer as best she could under horrible circumstances The writing is beautiful and well done initially serving as the catalyst pulling me into the story Despite the title Noah's Wife is not Christian based at all rather it focuses on a time when people were torn between Mother Goddess and Father God And this is where the story slides down a slippery slope for me Half way through the book Mother Goddess vs Father God dominates the narrative and it becomes too much I found my focus straying and my interest forced Totally lost me from this point on and I was saddened Another area I found off putting the male on male rape incest descriptions I felt it overdone I'm sure this behavior was common during this time but it was a little too much and unexpected for this reader In all fairness the book took a turn half way through it dragged and had so much going on it just went in too many directions for my taste I found Noah's Wife to be a read relying heavily on individual taste I encourage you to discover where this fits in your taste spectrum This is my first book by Thorne and I will read at least two of her works to determine our chemistry I liken this one to a 'first date' too soon to determine our future but the potential is there third date determines compatibility for an ongoing relationship A story of a young woman's journey riddled with deep dark family secrets betrayal hatred love family with her strength and determination carrying her through the bright and dark sides life places upon us

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review Noah's Wife Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ¶ ForeWord Review's BOOK OF THE YEAR for Historical Fiction 2009 Noah built an ark but this story has never been told Noah's wife is Na'amah a brilliant young girl with a form of autism now known as Aspergers Na'amah wishes only to be a shepherdess on her beloved hills in ancient Turkey a desire shBestseller to me Malcom R Campbell author Sun Seeker and Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire Noah's Wife is one of the best novels I have ever readand I average about a book a week Barry Marks Alabama Poetry Book of the Year for Possible CrocodilesThorne is a terrific storyteller with the ability to transport readers from one time and place to another She also offers the reader a window on the fascinating psychology of her brave and persevering heroine Sena Jeter Naslund Bestselling novelist Ahab's Wife Four Spirits etcso compelling and readable Brava Excellent I am baskin. 35 stars An interesting and feminist take on this biblical tale which I very much enjoyed