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Sweet Tooth kindle Ù Hardcover read Ú ian mcewan ✓ In this stunning new novel Ian McEwan's first female protagonist since Atonement is about to learn that espionage is the ultimate seduction Cambridge student Serena Frome's beauty and intelligence make her the ideal recruit for MI5 The year is 1972 The Cold War is faIn this stunning new novel Ian McEwan's first female protagonist since Atonement is about to learn that espionage is the ultimate seduction Cambridge student Serena Frome's beauty and intelligence make her the ideal recruit for MI5 The year is 1972 The Cold War is far from over England's legendary intelligence age I've read all of McEwan's short stories and novels and it's only now that I can see why his endings bother some readers including readers like his main character Serena And if you are a different and certain kind of reader one unlike Serena you will have criticisms of his narratorial voice but at the end McEwan has an answer for every single one of them from why Serena sounds the way she does to those paddings of the backward glance uote from the book He has anticipated them all and answered them all so the review I was writing in my head before I read the last chapter is now irrelevantI have to admit that I felt a thrill and was excited for the first time on page 289 out of 301 when I realized what he was doing but that momentary feeling doesn't take away from what I thought was the biggest flaw of the book the aforementioned 'padding' which just doesn't read as interesting as it could'veI can't decide if this book is annoying clever or both

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She loves his stories Then she begins to love the man How long can she conceal her undercover life? To answer that uestion Serena must abandon the first rule of espionage trust no one Once again Ian McEwan's mastery dazzles us in this superbly deft and witty story of betrayal and intrigue love and the invented se The American edition of Sweet Tooth Ian McEwan's latest novel has a delightful cover an image of a woman standing at a train station looking over the tracks and into the distance The image is in sepia and the font in which the author and the title are printed have obviously been carefully prepared to resemble the classic paperback covers from the 70's The effect is uite delightful and definitely works It is also dedicated to the late Christopher Hitchens brought that fine man back to my mind The last novel by McEwan that I've read was The Innocent which is a curious coincidence both Sweet Tooth and The Innocent are set during the Cold War The Innocent is an espionage drama set in West Berlin where the western powers plan on digging a tunnel to to East Berlin to tap the phones to the Soviet High Command It is centered around Leonard and Maria an English agent and a German woman The novel is uite engrossing and I prefer it to much of McEwan's later works yet somehow it did not uite get the recognition that they did Sweet Tooth is narrated by Serena Frome rhymes with Plume and takes place in Britain of the 1970's Serena is an avid though hardly critical reader and though authorial machinations lands a job at the MI5 Since the world is divided by the Cold War British government wants to fight the communist propaganda by giving financial help to artists with an anti communist bent thereby influencing their will to create and relax the material worries Of course none of this is official and none of the artists both inside and outside Britain have any idea that they are being supported by the MI5 an it is crucial that they do not learn this Sweet Tooth is the codename the MI5 gave Thomas Halley a rising British writer and Serena is employed to evaluate him and if he gains her approval to carry out the operationWhile McEwan is without a doubt an author known to write good prose the novel falls a bit short in terms of storytelling and at the same time it does not The outcome is revealed at the beginning it is no secret and is made clear right in the first sentence and the main characters feel like devices used by the author to discuss politics and the state of Britain at that particular point in time Since both Serena and Thomas are passionate about literature one a reader the other a writer their characters at times feel as if they serves as a device for the author to contrast two different viewpoints on certain issues not two authentic human beings that interact with one another The end I felt was satisfying but tied everything with a bow and one feels that the novel would have worked better as a novella or even a short story Yet with all its flaws Sweet Tooth is a clever piece of work which gives its author a way of protecting himself against these criticism To reveal its secret would be to spoil it so I included the spoiler material in its appropriate sectionview spoiler At the end of the novel the reader discovers that the text has not been written by Serena but by Thomas Haley and that most of the narrative was in fact projection and guessing on his part Descriptions of Serena's life before she met Tom are just him imagining it taking the few pieces of information that he could get and mixing them with his artistic and creative vision By employing this metafictive approach McEwan can intentionally make some things and events ring inauthentic as there us no authentic narrator we are reading a novel written by a man narrated by a woman who is revealed to be a man pretending to be that woman Pretty fun stuff but didn't really blow my mind this time hide spoiler

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Sweet ToothNcy is determined to manipulate the cultural conversation by funding writers whose politics align with those of the government The operation is code named Sweet Tooth Serena a compulsive reader of novels is the perfect candidate to infiltrate the literary circle of a promising young writer named Tom Haley At first To pigeonhole Sweet Tooth into a specific genre will be an act of folly In the beginning it gives off the impression of a mere Cold war era spy thriller then steps with casual ease into the territory of metafiction and in the end it changes tack and becomes a meditation on romance But even so it never appears indecisive or loses sight of what it sets out to do which is to juxtapose several contrasting themes and give us a fast paced yet compelling human drama unfolding against the bleak backdrop of a 70s BritainThe heroine Serena Frome is the uintessential beautiful spy but not of the kind shown in James Bond movies She is smart but average loves reading fiction but is a dilettante She is almost unsuspectingly recruited into MI5 by her lover a much older man and a former MI5 operative and is made part of a project codenamed 'Sweet Tooth' the purpose of which is to fund authors journalists academicians willing to publish writings echoing a largely anti Soviet pro Capitalist rhetoric She is asked to bring under the ambit of 'Sweet Tooth' a rising new literary talent named Tom Haley and the first meeting of these two characters sets into motion an interconnected chain of events involving lies charades passion jealousy disillusionment eventually culminating in a terrific climax which is undoubtedly the most memorable part of the narrative If one blocks out all the chatter about Cold war politics Soviet persecution of academics writers and journalists Britain and MI5's almost sycophantic willingness to please America at all costs what remains is an ode to the spirit of creative freedom Because in course of the narrative the 'Sweet Tooth' project derails and its key objectives of fuelling anti Communist propaganda fail spectacularly when Tom ends up writing an award winning novella denouncing a Capitalist world orderThus what McEwan seems to want to highlight here is the conflict between the political establishment of any country and its literary and academic circles While essentially one side seeks to subtly influence and control everything the other side possesses the power of remaining unaffected and even defiant but at the peril of personal and professional ruinAnd the reader is left with a sense of the human uest for liberty be it creative or political or religious or social and how it cannot be subdued or kept under leashTom Haley and Serena's affair forms the backbone of the story and adds an almost spiritual dimension to it their mutual deceit merge with their feelings for one another melding into a fiery yet uniue kind of love which ultimately proves to be much stronger than the crude manipulations and deceptions practised by the world around them