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Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ Grace Burrowes Astardly fortune hunter seeks to compromise her reputation by revealing her secret identity at a holiday ballBefore she can be publicly ruined close family friend Sir Joseph Carrington saves the day by offering. 25 stars Ugh Why can't I keep my authors straight I didn't realize this was Grace Burrowes I'm not really a fan Okay that's a bit of an understatement I don't like her books I just don't I have no idea why I didn't realize who this was But whatever Shit happens This book was a confusing mess Lady Louisa has a secret she's trying to keep buried Sir Joseph is a widow with two little girls and has a whopping fourteen secrets he'd rather weren't brought to light And yes It is as weird as it sounds Lady Louisa and Sir Joseph sort of like each other but Louisa isn't sold on him uite yet A while passes and they really like each other A new scandal which is absolutely not Louisa's fault happens and Sir Joseph rescues her and her reputation Now they try to make things work while keeping their respective secrets secret at least until their relationship is established Oh and this takes place around Christmas This book was fine There was very little angst I can appreciate that in a Christmas romance It was just weird As are all of the Grace Burrowes books I've read Her books are so off balance Half the book is ridiculously unromantic and the other half is almost too mushy It lacks a happy medium Louisa and Joseph's eventual marriage was weird Not a spoiler this is HR Of course marriage happens They were always calling each other Husband and Wife to the point where instead of it being romantic it almost sounded like they were mocking each other Joseph was less awkward with his prize pig than he was with his children The entire storyline about his children's horrible nanny was completely unnecessary There are better ways to show that Louisa has impeccable skills when it comes to running a household There was also a distinct lack of heat in this book There's sex sure But it was subpar IMO I really really didn't understand Sir Joseph's bevy of secrets It was never really explained The explanation was basically a couple of sentences And the ramifications aren't really dealt with Just the fact that it turned out to be less of a problem than Joseph thought it would be I was super confused Oh well It was a pleasant enough It was free And it took place around Christmas In many ways it was exactly what I was looking for The only downside is that it really wasn't great

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Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight Read ß 104 ¹ No one would ever guess that Lady Louisa the most reserved of the Duke of Moreland's daughters had published a book of racy poems under a pseydonym on a dare Before she can buy and destroy all of the copies a dastardly fortune hunter seeks to compromise her reputation by revealing her secret iden To marry Louisa As he recites poetry to her waltzes with her by starlight and showers her with lovely kisses they both begin to discover that their match may be the best Christmas gift either has ever received. I have come to love Grace Burrowes' Windham family series The series centers around the Windham children sons and daughters of the Duke and Duchess of Moreland With 3 brothers and 5 sisters the family is always involved in each other's business and personal lives In Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight it is Louisa's turn to find herself a husbandWhile I enjoyed Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight it is not my favorite book of the series From the beginning I was a bit confused Sir Joseph is the love interest to this story he is a former soldier and pig farmer He is not titled and has no desire to be which was perfectly fine by me and Lady Louisa did not seem to mind either However Joseph constantly considered himself beneath Louisa while doing all he could to avoid a title He was attracted to Louisa but did not want to work to really win her over I felt like there were contradictions throughout the book leaving me puzzled at timesJoseph and Louisa are a wonderful match for each other They are both socially awkward but they understand each other The couple work together and fall into a relationship out of practicality and mutual attraction There is not much wooing on either side but it works for this couple and sparks ignite for them Joseph understands Louisa whereas Louisa's family does not understand her most of the time Louisa is brilliant but she was used by her brothers when they were younger for her intelligence and then ignored once they were older While there is a lot of love in the Windham family there are also mistakes and misunderstandings In the end the family is always there for each other which is part of why I love reading this seriesThe flow of the story in Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight felt a bit disjointed to me Both Louisa and Joseph had their own secrets that could cause scandal but the exact nature of the secrets unraveled very slowly It left me perplexed for much of the book Also I was confused as to who their blackmailer was and how he came by the information Really the blackmail didn't make much sense to me The scandals did not seem that big of a deal to me or super scandalous One of Louisa's suitors Lionel was involved somehow but his involvement is not made very clear I felt like some threads were left open in this book and could have used clarityDespite my puzzlement in places I still enjoyed reading Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight I always enjoy reading about the Windham family and seeing what they are up to I am attached to the characters and I am looking forward to the next installment in the seriesI received this book in exchange for an honest review

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Lady Louisa's Christmas KnightNo one would ever guess that Lady Louisa the most reserved of the Duke of Moreland's daughters had published a book of racy poems under a pseydonym on a dare Before she can buy and destroy all of the copies a d. Grade DI originally gave this a C but after writing the full review I realized how much it annoyed me He wasn't unaffected either There wastumescence Burrowes' debut The Heir Duke's Obsession #1 was one of my gateway romances mostly because of a certain handjob scene early in the book But she's never been on my auto buy list for reasons I really couldn't explain Until nowI admire her use of language — some of her sentences are marvelous But in between there's weak characterization a lot of repetitive and Romance O Matic plotwork and occasionally some very ill advised WTFery Or to put it bluntly her storytelling skills leave me coldThe waste of a perfectly promising heroineMy biggest frustration with Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight is that the literally brilliant heroine is reduced to a complete bore who is given nothing to do in the story beyond react to the men around her She's studied practically every modern European language She can do math in her head you and I couldn't follow on paper She summarized half a millennium of Roman military strategyknows Caesar's letters by heart in the original and in translation You compose little bagatelles for her when what she needs is to be working on a translation of The Divine Comedy But are we shown any of that Smart Girl goodness NO We're informed of it in a single info dumping paragraph Instead Louisa's entire character as a Renaissance Woman is merely a convenient excuse to make her the object of pity with an empty dance card and inject some naughty poetry into the proceedingsWhich is a confusing yet convenient segue into my second biggest frustrationThe pseudo scandalsMuch like her sister who starred in the previous book and her other sister in the book before that and those two other unmarried sisters who don't have books yet and her sisters in law from the first three books and probably her mother whose novella I haven't read yet Lady Louisa haswait for itA Scandalous SecretBut of course none of this scandalous behavior happens within the timeline of the book — it's a single Unfortunate Episode that happened years before So of course our heroine is given nothing else to do but stand around and mope while her mother hen brothers terrorize booksellers across England to view spoilertrack down every copy of her gasp self published translation of Catullus hide spoiler