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review Stripes and Twin Horns Midnight Matings #15 ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Ménage Amour ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance MMM shape shifters HEAThe Gathering is called The spell is cast There is no escaping the Midnight MatingsThe chaos of the Midnight Matings continuOuncement Blake and Drake see a man offering himself up and decide they want him for their ownBlake and Drake Collier are ancient unicorn shifters used to keeping to themselves Mating Gilbert gives them a chance for true love and happiness if they can learn to put his needs before theirsGilbert uinby is a raccoon shifter who has been sexually abused due to the traditions. I'm sorry but whether the siblings touch or not if they're both in bed having sex with the same person it's incest Regardless of your views on that IMHO that's pretty obviousMy review is in spoiler tags because it is merely my raw notes which haven't been edited I do most of my note taking on my phone which makes for some creative wording due to the spellchecker and my fat fingers and impatience This review probable has too much negative stuff as that's what I tend to get riled up about enough to stop reading and jot down If I'm enjoying myself I don't want to stop reading If there are any real spoilers I put them in nested spoiler tags so don't worry about thatview spoilerMpregThis is a disturbing premise but here we go Oh ick They're yucky to begin with Looking at the poor guy like a piece of meat Something's clearly wrong if he feels he has to pull his pants down and bare his ass to find a mate and then the first part one of them touches is his ass cheek At least he's chubby Points for that Oh that was uncalled for Drake is a total dick Both of them are horrible to think that anyone wants to be a whore but it was so obvious from how Chuck was talking to Gilbert that it wasn't something he wanted Now Gilbert's being a petulant dick too I keep picturing the brothers as horned zebras walking on two legs I think the zebra part is from them using that trite different stripes adage But why I can't picture them not shifted I have no idea Hey a woman who's nice and strong And comes to save the day even if she doesn't actually do it It's so sad that this raises the book a star since it's so rare for this author this series and this sub genre This is so stupid The angst isn't done well at all They have valid points but it's so juvenile And then this My mate was normally so docile and went with the flow I wasn't sure I'd ever really heard him tell me no before The mate has been anything but docile and easygoing and has said no freuently Which is part of my problem because he doesn't act like an abuse victim at all An abuse victim can have bouts of anger and yell and even stand up for themselves but not usually about anything related to the abuse and the point is to push people away And it takes time to get to that point It happens when they start to feel safe not when they're still scared of being abused The good whiskey isn't the stuff that burns I think it's weird when immortals act like view spoilerthey have to make the decision whether or not to have children right away hide spoiler

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Of his shifter community Blake and Drake may be his ticket to freedom and to loveWill Blake Drake and Gilbert’s attendance at the UPAC Conference be a blessing for them all or will the trauma caused by Gilbert’s horrible past be a stumbling block they may not be able to overcome Note There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblin. I can't imagine why I like this series but I do These books are so bizarre that they are actually fun to read There's no hope of taking them seriously so I always read them with the object of having a few hours of fun escapism In this pairing twin unicorns Blake and Drake are at the conference where the toast is spiked and they are forced to choose a mate They spot Gilbert raccoon shifter baring his cute jiggly ass and it's love at first sight so to speak He's the mate for them Gilbert has been treated badly by his kit his whole life and was forced to be the kit's doxy aka whore He finds it hard to accept love and kindness from his mates a fact which creates most of the conflict in the story Add to that the kit's alpha who wants Gilbert back for himself and attempts a kidnapping and it's a fun adventure All three eventually settle in their love and as the story ends as expected Gilbert is pregnant and expecting a surprising number of babies Which dad is going to pass out first If you want to pick up a fun book that will not tax your mental capacities this is it

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Stripes and Twin Horns Midnight Matings #15Ménage Amour ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance MMM shape shifters HEAThe Gathering is called The spell is cast There is no escaping the Midnight MatingsThe chaos of the Midnight Matings continues Everyone attending the UPAC Conference has twenty four hours to claim a mate of a different species or risk being without one forever After this ann. Spoiler Ahead This was book 15 in the Midnight Matings series and one of my favorites in this series After the Elder's spiked the champagne to induce the mating heat at the UPAC Conference the paranormal's have 24 hours to claim a mate of a different species or the will go feral twin unicorn shifters Blake and Drake Collier see a man offering himself up and they want him Raccoon shifter Gilbert uinby didn't drink the champagne he came to the conference to find a mate he doesn't want to go back to his kit because he was being abused by the leader Chuck so his mom got him a ticket to the conference so he can find a mate and leave his home This was a really good book full of emotions Blake and Drake are clueless when it comes to their mate they know that he must have suffered some kind of abuse at home but they don't know what because he won't talk to them Gilbert is used to being used for sex he was his Kit's doxy a person in the kit used for sex a whore As these three struggle to find ways of making this mating work Chuck Gilbert former kit leader shows up but the twin's are not having it As the twins struggle to learn about Gilbert they realize that he is messed up then they thought so after calling his mother they try to make him happy This book also had some funny moments in it as well like when Gilbert found out he can get pregnant he passes out This book was well written like the rest of the books in this series with no errors in grammar or spelling I like this series because each book is a stand a lone I am looking forward to reading books in this series