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characters ´ The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse Mate or Meal #5 è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM shape shifters light BDSM spanking sex toys Sushi or soulmate What a ridiculous uestion There is no doubt in shark shifter BSiren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM shape shifters light BDSM spanking sex toys Sushi or soulmate What a ridiculous uestion There is no doubt in shark shifter Byron’s mind that what he feels for seahorse Skylar is genuine But Byron is well aware of the difference between them He is a monster. 25I learn all kinds of things when I read MM Like the fact that sharks have two dicks Skylar is a seahorse shifter and he's had the hots for Byron the shark shifter for a while but Byron's not interested Or at least that's what Skylar thinks In fact Byron is very interested but is afraid of hurting the delicate looking Skylar with his massive size and BDSM kink He's also afraid of scaring him off with the two dicks thing But Skylar finds that he enjoys pain and having two cocks inside him so it's all good The writing and the plot made me roll my eyes so much I thought they'd fall out of my head but I decided to just go with it and it turned out to be an OK read It's the 5th in the series but I wasn't too lost not having read any of the others Except I still don't know what Byron does He made a big deal about his work but they never really talked about it I think he's the head of the shifter Mafia but I could be wrongThere were a couple things that I didn't like I wanted BDSM There was some mild spanking and one whipping at the beginning and then nothing until the very end After all the talk from Byron about how past lovers couldn't keep up with him it was a bit of a let down It's a BDSM SeahorseThe other thing is Skylar not telling Byron he could get pregnant That was just not cool When Byron is completely shocked that he knocked Skylar up and then yells at him that maybe he should've let Byron know that this could happen Byron's excuse is I didn't know how to tell you Then Byron is the one that feels bad for yelling at him Arhggg That shit bugs me A LOTStill this was better than the dolphins but not as good as the orca I'll probably read some of the other ones because there are swans and suirrels and hummingbirds mating with wolves and stuff which sound interesting I'll probably also read the ones with these two's kids MaybeAnd here are some NSFW pictures of sharks with two cocks because I just can't help myself view spoiler hide spoiler

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And that puts sweet natured Skylar out of his reach In his fear of hurting Skylar he pushes the seahorse away But when Skylar is attacked Byron knows he cannot stay away from Skylar any Skylar has always been searching for his soulmate that special person he would share his life and innocence with When he meets Byron he. 45stars some Spoil alertTo be honest I was a little bit concerned about the beginning because I didn't know BDSM was going to be part of this storySomeone should really mentioned that in the BlurbWhen it was 40% into the story I wanted to stop reading I don't understand much about BDSM although I have read a few that are uiet lovely indeed But if there is pain involved it makes me uncomfortableByron punished Skylar with a whip and he asked him to count to ten tears streaming down Skylar cheeks and he was in pain then Byron said you have to realized I don't want you in pain Well Byron you just whipped the poor guy 10 times what to you thinkLuckily for me the story didn't focus any around BDSMThe book was surprisingly good actually I would even say it is one of my favoritesThis is a must read for those following the series because a lot of interesting things happened Byron's strange genitalia was also something different I'm so glad I didn't stop readingI'm looking forward for the rest of the series as the Author mentioned there are many to come

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The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse Mate or Meal #5Instantly feels the bond between them In Byron’s power and forcefulness he finds an anchor But even as they attempt to build a life together there are still many challenges ahead When Skylar unexpectedly becomes pregnant Byron will have to learn to deal with fatherhood and protect his new family from an unexpected thre. I liked this story and I like the series but this loses two stars for two reasonsThe first was that there were several missing words This would not commonly drop a rating so drastically for me but paired with the second reason the impact is exacerbated The second reason is really big for me obviously There is a point late in the story when a main character contacts and speaks with a high ranking military officer The branch of the military was the US Navy The author did not seem to do any research at all on the US military because she referred to a naval officer as general on multiple occasions I'm sure that I am uite over zealous in my reaction to this but I find it to be a monumental error that could have so easily been avoidedI will continue to read the remainder of this series but I'm rather disappointed in this book primarily for the latter issue