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Beyond Binary Genderueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB à Speculative fiction is the literature of uestions of challenges and imagination and what better to uestion than the ways in which gender and sexuality have been rigidly defined partitioned ofOrlds entirely the authors in this collection have brought to life wonderful tales starring people who proudly define and redefine their own genders sexualities identities and so much else in betwe. For a book that claims to be beyond binary and genderueer the almost complete lack of either in this anthology is astonishing Doubly so since it's full of reprints Most stories paid lip service at best via some bisexuality and often fleeting at that and for a book that promised no surprise reveal of genitals as a punch line one of the stories in fact does just thatThe best thing about this book is Kelley Eskridge's Eye of the Storm which really is just reminding me that I've had a copy of her short story collection in which this is also included for ages and need to read it Sandra McDonald's Sea of Cortez is likewise strong although its sff content is minimal for those who worry about that sort of thingThe second half of the anthology in particular feels ill formed and fragmentary; lots of stories that are along the lines of mood pieces than fully fleshed out creationsMy rating for this book is really a 15 star rather than 2 star rating It's not an awful book which is what the 1 star rating is for and makes me wish that we had both half stars and 0 star options and a handful of stories are well worth reading but on the whole this feels like a nice idea that was ineptly executed

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In little boxes These seventeen stories explore the ways in which identity can go beyond binary from space colonies to small college towns from angels to androids and from a magical past to other w. Brit Mandelo is something of a ueer genre celebrity having served as the senior fiction editor for Strange Horizons Magazine while also leading the discussions on ueering SFF for Tor Books It was actually an early piece of her on Tiptree Award Winners that first brought her to my attention and I’ve been relying on her to expand my bookshelf ever sinceBeyond Binary is a collection of previously published Genderueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction stories that I'd been looking forward to for uite some time While I found it a bit of a stretch to tag some of the pieces as speculative fiction and was disappointed in the extent to which some of the authors attempted to ueer the concept of gender it’s still an interesting collectionNalo Hopkinson's “Fisherman”' was definite highlight of the collection for me In keeping with the sense of oral storytelling that permeates her novels the story presents us with a languid revelation of gender and a remarkably sincere exploration of sexuality The relationship that develops within the pages is a delight to experience presenting us with an understanding whore who politely respects her client's chosen gender while smartly accommodating his birth gender in their intimaciesEllen Kushner's A Wild and Wicked Youth was another strong addition to the collection a longer story about very personal expressions of gender and some unusual expressions of sexuality It’s not uite the mannerpunk sensibility of her Swordspoint novels but it’s close If you never thought fighting could be sexy or that enjoying the thrill of victory could be orgasmic then you need to read this Very clever and very well doneSonya Taaffe's Another Coming was a beautifully written piece from an author who is new to me Full of haunting imagery it only strains the gender binary with one of its relationships and it's never satisfactorily explained how it could work All in all a lovely bisexual romance but not necessarily something I’d classify as genderueerSarah Kanning's Sex with Ghosts was another favourite of mine from an author I’d certainly like to read of Her tale features a robot sex worker with a flair for English poetry Deeper and intellectual than the concept might have you suspect this definitely played into my love for authors like DB Story who explore gender and sexuality through those artificial constructs who deliberately exist outside the binaryKeyan Bowes' Spoiling Veena lacked something in the storytelling that would have elevated it to favourite status which is a shame because the subject matter was so compelling Bowes explores a future in which parents can choose their child's gender and looks at how things can develop when your child doesn't like the choice you made It’s not the best flowing story in the collection but one of the smartestLiu Wen Zhuang's The Metamorphosis Bud is one of the oddest stories in the collection but an interesting read We've all had fantasies about waking up with something new in the way of sexual euipment but I doubt any of us would handle it uite as wonderfully as the old woman who wakes up with a penisOverall it’s not uite as breathtaking a collection as I had hoped for it still offers a good mix of stories genders and sexualities with which to draw in readers and maybe possibly hopefully introduce them to something new I can certainly think of some stories that I would have included in place of some of the material here but there are definitely some stellar entries that make this worth a read especially if you're new to the stories As published on Frock Magazine

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Beyond Binary Genderueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative FictionSpeculative fiction is the literature of uestions of challenges and imagination and what better to uestion than the ways in which gender and sexuality have been rigidly defined partitioned off put. My flight back from Readercon was delayed by several hours so I got to read this anthology cover to cover I usually prefer to break up the reading of a themed anthology but there was enough variety in this one to keep me engaged I particularly liked the Kelley Eskridge story I would have loved to see even variety both in the types of speculative fiction and in the expected breadth inherent in the beyond binary label Still taken individually most of these stories are strong; taken as a whole this is a bold compilation and a great challenge to the sf status uo