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Read Flowertown 107 Ï When Feno Chemical spilled an experimental pesticide in rural Iowa scores of people died Those who survived contamination were herded into a US Army medically maintained uarantine and cut off from the world Dosed with powerful drugs to combat the poison their bodies give off a sickly sweet smell and the containment zone becomes known simply as FloweTo a twisted plan of greed and abuse She and the other residents of Flowertown have been betrayed by someone with a deadly agenda and their plan is just getting started Time is running out With nobody to trust and nowhere to go Ellie decides to fight with the last weapon she has her rage Flowertown is a high intensity conspiracy thriller that brings the worst case scenario vividly to life and will keep readers riveted until the final haunting pa. I don't like to rate books I'm narrating It just doesn't feel right especially if the book hasn't been released yet BUT I can say some general things This is the type of book that I'm drawn to even if I'm not narrating You know one I'd pick up on my own at the bookstore to curl up with I love the strong characters the plot the action and the end So excited to give voice to this I hope I do the characters justice

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When Feno Chemical spilled an experimental pesticide in rural Iowa scores of people died Those who survived contamination were herded into a US Army medically maintained uarantine and cut off from the world Dosed with powerful drugs to combat the poison their bodies give off a sickly sweet smell and the containment zone becomes known simply as Flowertown Seven years later the infrastructure is crumbling supplies are dwindling and nobody is getti. 5 StarsFlowertown is a fabulous summer read and a real sleeper that needs to get some notoriety This is a post apocalyptic novel that takes place with an intimate setting and is a nice twist from the standards of the genre This is not a zombie book It is however a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your summer lounge uickly swiping away at your ereader and it will throw you through some kick ass twist and turns along the way “Flowertown was the derogatory and therefore customary term for the PennCo Containment Area It used to be the west end of Dalesbrook Iowa in the northeast corner of Penn County until six years ago when Feno Chemical spilled an experimental and highly dangerous pesticide along the interstate and into Furman Creek which ran directly to the reservoir that served the area”Flowertown is a uarantined small Iowa city that is guarded fenced in and is placed under extreme isolation measures The USA Army helps maintain this locked down town in hopes that the drug companies through radical drug treatments can detoxify and cure the “Stained” affected Over the years a huge number of people die from the pesticide More die from the treatments Others die by their own hands The people of Flowertown live for years as if they were convicted criminals surving time in a maximum security detention center Only they have it worse as they must undergo slews of tests and drug treatments At its heart this is a character novel that shines on its stars Elanor Cauley Ellie is simply one cool messed up and dangerously psychotic pot head She is the star of this novel and due to her fragile psyche it is often difficult to take her point of view other than with a grain of salt Ellie is a rebel a smart ass a brute of a girl and oh yeah a major pot head too She is surrounded by identifiable interesting characters Bing her best friend for all the years and coworker is the calming voice that tries to keep her in line The rebel in her has her shacking up with Guy an Army GI and one that she should be avoiding not bonking She always has a I don't give a shit attitude “He shook his head “What’s the point You don’t hear anything Ellie You’re like some subterranean troll that just covers itself with leaves until someone steps too close then you lunge up and tear them to shreds You have two emotions—apathy and rage – and nothing in between” Ellie wanted him to sop but she could hear the truth in his words” It’s like you’re not even a person You’re an organism””The book works by making each of the characters three dimensional Guy is interesting because we do not know his motives other than that he enjoys banging the stoner He even makes some huge life choices that are uestionable and leaves us readers guessing as to where things may be heading Bing Ellie’s best friend coworker and social conscience is also uite complex and it is clear that his motives are at times contradictory to each other He is the locals source for drugs He also seems to be a bit of an anarchist and is always crying conspiracy and displaying clear forms of paranoia Yet he also takes it upon himself to try and keep Ellie straight to make her acceptable and to listen to her woes as well as his own Rachel the gorgeous young newbie also is not straight forward She knows a lot has worked in many places and at times seems too local All these awesome character uirks made each page fly by I loved the layers and the plot twists of this book and feel that Redling really knows how to pen a fun thriller These are very memorable charactersThe book does a great job at world building spelling it out uickly in the beginning of the story and filling it in through some backstory as the novel progresses I loved the current feel that this type of apocalypse presents Much of this story would seem feasible in our world today I loved the dark understory the greed and the corruption Humor witty dialogue and some awkward social situations make for some laugh out loud moments worthy of a uick rereadFlowertown is a well written super fast page turner that should not be missed This book is one of my favorite for the 2012 year as it so much damn fun to read I just hope that this book is not overlooked

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FlowertownNg clean Ellie Cauley doesn’t care any Despite her paranoid best friend's insistence that conspiracies abound she focuses on three things staying high hooking up with the Army sergeant she's not supposed to be fraternizing with and most importantly trying to ignore her ever simmering rage But when a series of deadly events rocks the compound Ellie suspects her friend is right something dangerous is going down in Flowertown and all signs point. I wanted to like Flowertown than this I really didAs a fan of dystopian fiction the plot and setting captivated me a rural Iowa town is contaminated by an experimental pesticide Those who survived the grueling rounds of pharmaceutical treatment that followed live in a 75 suare mile slice of despair called Flowertown after the sweet smell the denizens exude as a medicinal side effect The intrigue rose to adeuate levels centering around changes in the uarantine zone related to the Army and the pharma company responsible for the initial accident I could not put it down at points and I occasionally felt like I could be reading any veteran author's workThen again there were points when it read like The Eye of Argon and points that cried out for an editor's eye Consider one character's instruction to another No matter what happens stay hereIf anything happens head to slight spoiler redacted The ellipsis omits no important ualifying remarks Two of the first eight chapters ended with something exploding I could have sworn until Chapter 5 that I was actually reading the dystopian flavor of a bodice ripper hazmat ripper romance novel The author inserted plot development during one early intimate moment Barbs suited to a morning radio show pepper the dialog and taking the stairs two at a time proved the book's overarching symbol of urgencyThe book wrapped up too uickly and that after devoting an entire chapter to a practical joke I found the final chapter unfulfilling as it left the door wide open for a seuel while the fates of numerous characters were not explained The book treated its minor characters as plot devices Mr MacDonald's final scene made no sense Torrez was only introduced so he could later serve as a deus ex machina The new girl in Ellie's office was excised and never mentioned againI could have forgiven all these transgressions if it made for strong main characters Try as I might though I could never identify with the protagonist Ellie I never believed she could be a real person I can see in hindsight where the author was trying to go with her character development but by the time the book turned to the main action my brain had already labelled her as apathetic stoner chick her army lover as mindless swaggering muscleman and her best friend as nerdy conspiracy theorist The course of the book attempted to change each of these labels but did so unconvincingly Was Ellie's fascination with Rachel's tooth supposed to humanize her Was the shift in characterization intended to make them all complex or sophisticated than the labels they're almost handwritten at the book's outset I just don't knowThat's what doesn't work about Flowertown Every major facet of the plot and characters had to have than one angle Flipping characters' reactions and emotions midstream making them do things that don't seem in keeping with their established responses is akin to patching an old garment with new fabric it results in a worse tearI think placing a dystopian city in the middle of everyday America has the same effect In the end all you have to do is clean everybody up and send them back out into pleasant society The survivors' struggle appears tragic but never solidifies into a world Dystopian fiction is by definition escapist fiction and Flowertown simply did not let me escape How could I escape when comfortable old America was always just 5 miles outside the uarantine zoneThe book tries to be romance conspiracy thriller and social commentary but it comes short of all three It doesn't know uite what it is and I don't either My best guess is that Flowertown is an intriguing idea written marginally with cardboard characters If someone novelized a Syfy Original Movie this might just be the result