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Therapy author Jonathan Kellerman kindle · Paperback ↠ Jonathan Kellerman has made the psychological thriller his own gripping province with his bestselling series of Alex Delaware novels Now Delaware’s new adventure leads the sleuthing psychologist on a harrowing exploration into the realm he knows best the human psyche inN there’s another gruesomely familiar murder Delaware surmises that his investigation has struck a nerve As he trolls the twisted wreckage of uick’s tormented last days what he finds isn’t madness but the cold blooded method behind it And as he follows a chain of greed corruption and betrayal snaking hideously through the profession he thought he knew he’ll discover territory where even he never dreamed of treadingAs provocative as it is suspenseful Therapy is premier Kellerman that finds the award winning author firing on all creative cylinders and carrying readers on an electrifying ride to a place only he can take them for an experience they won’t soon forge There are some great and surprising characters in this book who unfortunately do nothing surprising I think the reason I rated it so low is because the end disappoints Prior to the ending it is a page turning smart mystery But you've got to have an ending

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Head The female victim has also been impaled by a metal spike And that savage stroke of psychopathic fury tells Milo this case will call for than standard police procedure As he explains to Delaware “Now we’re veering into your territory”It is dark territory indeed The dead woman remains unidentified and seemingly unknown to everyone But her companion has a name Gavin uick and his troubled past eventually landed him on a therapist’s couch It’s there on familiar turf that Delaware hopes to find vital clues And that means going head to head with Dr Mary Lou Koppel a popular celebrity psychologist who fiercely guards the privacy of her clients dead or aliveBut whe I’ve been reading Kellerman’s Alex Delaware novels in order for a little while now and they are all very solid suspense mysteriesThey get a little slow and confusing midway but they are well plotted and start and end well

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Therapy author Jonathan KellermJonathan Kellerman has made the psychological thriller his own gripping province with his bestselling series of Alex Delaware novels Now Delaware’s new adventure leads the sleuthing psychologist on a harrowing exploration into the realm he knows best the human psyche in all its complexity mystery and terrifying propensity for darkness“Been a while since I had me a nice little whodunit” homicide detective Milo Sturgis tells Alex Delaware But there’s definitely nothing nice about the brutal tableau behind the yellow crime scene tape On a lonely lover’s lane in the hills of Los Angeles a young couple lies murdered in a car Each bears a single gunshot wound to the The idea that a double killing has occurred because of some 'unknown perp's' jealousy is turned upside down when the dead girl is not who everyone thought Who was she? But the activities of the young dead man Gavin uick identified by ID in his wallet and the follow up with his family has Homicide Detective Milo Sturgis and Dr Alex Delaware soon running down a dozen possible suspects Not only is the uick family devastated by Gavin's murder they all were messed up from an earlier incident Last year Gavin was in a car accident and suffered a brain injury which had a drastic effect on his life He had to drop out of college and he developed an obsessive compulsive disorder His shallow Beverly Hills girlfriend left him but he could not stop thinking about sex Everyone agrees Gavin became slightly deranged and out of control His formerly neat room is now messy with reams of paper he has been filling with observations along with general garbage and dirty clothes There was something definitely wrong with GavinHis estranged father mysterious metals dealer Gerry and his alcoholic mother Sheila have been trying to help Gavin find a new life and psychiatric care Unfortunately the recommended psychologist Mary Lou Koppel is a popular radio and television personality first a therapist second and she has secrets that Gavin apparently was beginning to unravel Koppel is one of three psychologists partnering together on a variety of linked enterprises to help ex cons become stable or so they say Some criminals have been hired by the partnership to work around their building and a variety of halfway houses but they do not appear to work very often or effectively and there does not appear to be much therapy happeningIt is a good thing Milo and Alex are working together on this mystery as its intricate designs demand every resource the two of them can muster Their contacts and the wearing down of shoe leather are important to solving the case or is it cases? as well as their puzzled debates over the mounting evidence than any revelations either of them have There are too many suspects and too many signs of chicanery and illegal wrongdoing Which of them are responsible for Gavin and his unknown friend being killed?I kept thinking of the Grand Master of the Mystery Agatha Christie while reading this There are dozens of suspects and a lot of nefarious webs of crime strung all over this case I found the book highly entertaining but this is a real puzzler Fans of 'The Ice and Fire' series will think it a snap to read but others may find the huge cast of characters annoying