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Free download ´ Terrier by Tamora Pierce 107 ↠ Tamora Pierce begins a new Tortall trilogy by introducing Beka Cooper an amazing young woman who lived 200 years before Pierce's popular Alanna character For the first time Pierce employs first person narration in a novel bringing readers even closer to a character they will love for her uA character they will love for her unusual talents and tough personalityBeka Cooper is a rookie with the law enforcing Provost's Guard and she's been assigned to the Lower City It's a tough beat that's about to get tougher as Beka's limited ability to. I love stories about the Tortall Realm I really really do Cross my heart Hope to die Stick a needle in my eye You know I never knew the reason why kids on our country say these things when they want to convince people they're telling the truthThis sounds painfulMaybe that explains the phrase the truth hurts But anyway por favor This book almost bored me to death The only reason why I finished this one was because I have a high respect for Pounce I think it tells a great deal about a book when the only interesting character is the main heroine's cat

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Tamora Pierce begins a new Tortall trilogy by introducing Beka Cooper an amazing young woman who lived 200 years before Pierce's popular Alanna character For the first time Pierce employs first person narration in a novel bringing readers even closer to. The first time I read Terrier I thought it was some of Tammy's best writing in years and it uickly became one of my favourite Tortall books I still feel that way after my latest re read in preparation for Bloodhound Terrier feels fresh and I attribute this reinvigoration of the Tortall world to several factors Firstly Terrier is written in first person which is the first of Tammy's novels to be written thus Note Tammy has written short stories in first person Secondly it is written in a diaryjournal style which is again a first this time a total first for Tammy Tammy writes the diary style well giving a valid reason for it to be so detailed to aid Beka’s Dog reports and memory retention yet still retaining the realism of a diary days when you skip writing longer writings some days and less on others and days where you play catch up and fill in the events of several days Thirdly it is set 200 years before any of the other Tortall stories have taken place which allows for a certain freedom of expression than in other recent Tortall books A book set some time in the future of Tortall could also have this result or in a different country – like the ‘Elder Brother’ and ‘Hidden Girl’ short stories Fourthly Tammy creates in Beka a character who is different from those leads that have come before yet one who is still tied to the Tortall universe And fifthly Terrier covers new ground with the exploration of an organisation that has been mentioned but never explained in detail and spending time with the every day folk of Tortall These people are a reflection of the people we are todayThe combination of these first two points was I feel a challenge to Tammy’s writing which help prevent things from possibly become formulaic And all of these points combined allow for a totally new experience in a familiar worldBeka is a salt of the earth character She’s another stylistic change as she’s a commoner who was born and lives in the slums and works and socialises with other common folk unlike Daine who starts out common but uickly rises in status by association This is a breath of fresh air even though I’m sure the stench of the lower city is not so fresh and allows Tammy to create a whole new linguistic style and a fantastic array of slang and curse words The vocab is uite easy to pick up as you go along especially if you’ve read other Tortall universe books as it builds on the cant of those common born supporting folk we’ve met in other books eg Coram from ‘Song of the Lioness’ or Lalasa from ‘Protector of the Small’ The meanings of words are sometimes obvious pox clear from the inflection motcove clear in context scummer or an actual word that has just fallen out of everyday use hobble If you really need to know the meaning of something or need a reminder there is a handy little glossary in the back of the book a useful feature in Tammy’s books for a long time now I don’t find the language a hindrance at all it enriches the text and makes it real and textured as this is Beka’s own diary and she is writing with her language I love the language and some of it has fallen into my everyday vocab sarden while other words were already there poxyThe detectivemystery feel to the book also provide a new frame work for Tammy’s writing The plot moves along at a steady pace giving us clues here and there as Beka slowly pieces the case together through her work with her partners her friends and her unusual informants The resolution of the mystery the ‘whodunit’ when it all falls into place is marvellous It’s a bit of a surprise a bit of a shock and a bit of a ‘oh but I didn’t want it to be that person’ which Tammy proved she can pull off fantastically in ‘Cold Fire’ making one empathise with the ‘baddie’ and showing that the world isn’t just blacks and whites goodies and baddies heroes and villains Along with Beka we get to meet and grow to love a varied cast of supporting players There are her partners Goodwin and Tunstall; fellow Dogs Ersken Verene and Phelan; and friends in Tansy Kora and Aniki There is also Rosto the lovable rat who is clearly on a path to become the Rouge Yes Tammy once again makes us fall in love with the Rouge and Beka too just a little bit There is also one familiar and well loved character back – Pounce also known as ‘Faithful’ in ‘Song of the Lioness’ He was always a favourite of mine and I was filled with glee to know he’d be back in this new trilogy As Tammy’s books are now considerably longer and fleshed out than when ‘Alanna The First Adventure’ was published Pounce has lots of room to become a actualised character Just what and who Pounce is becomes clearer in Terrier as things are alluded to In other places of the narrative you find familiar family names popping up which is fun to watch out forTerrier also builds on established mythology – George’s excellent memory that he inherited from his father Beka’s side of the family is shown here with her recall and observational skills George’s peculiar magic referred to as ‘the Sight’ in ‘Song of the Lioness’ is also explained somewhat although not fully as Beka has her own magic that proves invaluable for her Dog work although her magic is apparently different to George’s However Beka’s magic is not explained fully either although it is noted that it is a family gift that her father had too These are nice touches that show the depth of thought that went into creating Beka and tie Terrier tidily into the larger Tortallan universeI’m so thankful that the world of children’s and young adult publishing has changed since ‘Song of the Lioness’ as it now gives us these complex and rewarding books Terrier is both a self contained adventure story and a solid foundation for the following two books in the trilogy The presentation of the book is beautiful – the cover photography by Jonathan Barkat the Terrier stamped on the front board of the hardback edition and the little touches and flourishes inside the book that personalise Beka’s diary A must read for any Tammy fan and an excellent introductory book for anyone new to Tammy’s works

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Terrier by Tamora PierCommunicate with the dead clues her in to an underworld conspiracy Someone close to Beka is using dark magic to profit from the Lower City's criminal enterprises and the result is a crime wave the likes of which the Provost's Guard has never seen before. I think this may have been a HORRIBLE place to start in the universe I don't know if all of the books are written in this same format but the jumping around with constant referral to terms and things that had no explanation to a new reader were really annoying and made it not a very enjoyable read I found a list of chronological order and wanted to start there and I guess that was a bad choice This book was also written for a fairly young audience on the young adult spectrum so I really never got connected to any of the characters With that being said it wasn't a BAD book just probably better to start after you already know the universe Probably NOT my best introduction to Tamora Pierce based on the love I see from others haha Another one of those books I would probably love if I read it when I was younger