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Tempted by Her Innocent KissFrom #1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Maya BanksPregnancy Passion and the End of InnocenceAshley Carter had saved herself for Devon Carter and it was worth it Now she wants their passion to last in holy matrimony B. Re read I actually added a star on re read That doesn't happen too often I was sympathetic to the heroine this time around I don't know why maybe I haven't read about any sweet heroines lately thus the angst was compelling Hero is still an ass This isn't the edition I read Note to self it was Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss Never Too Late The story at end was dreadful fyiOkay on to this story The conflict Hero is forced into marriage with the heroine by heroine's father if he wants to take overrun a hotel chain The caveat is that he can't tell the heroine and he lets the heroine think he's in love with her Heroine is a fluffy kitten who loves the hero in the most exuberant way The tension in the first half of the story is the reader waiting for the other shoe to drop so that the fluffy kitten feels the angst and pain the hero and his friends are certain will occur if she ever finds outFluffy kitten does not disappoint She finds out on her wedding night when she sees an email from her father Hero feels bad and apologizes and then tells her to harden up Heroine takes that to mean she must change her personality in order for the hero to love her So she moons around learning to cook and clean and open a wine bottle All of these efforts are causing migraines and she is no longer fluffy Hero's friends yell at him for being so mean when they see the her fur is matted and her eyes are dull view spoiler Heroine shows up at his office to tell him she's pregnant and that she is leaving him Hero realizes he does love her He buys the animal shelter for her to run and a house and two rescue dogs to show his love Heroine is fluffy once again HEA I had a hard time taking the heroine's angst too seriously since she was such a fluffy kitten and hero was nice compared to the hero in The Billionaire's Bride of Innocence by Miranda Lee It had the same story line but that hero was really hurtful in that he told his friends that sex with the heroine wasn't as good as his ex There was no way I was convinced that the hero loved the heroine in that one so I have to hand it to Maya Banks for handling this situation better This heroine had hot sex and a hero who was a bit misguided but never mean or insulting And yes she really should learn to cook and open a bottle of wine These are life skills even a fluffy kitten should know hide spoiler

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Free read ´ Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ú From #1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Maya BanksPregnancy Passion and the End of InnocenceAshley Carter had saved herself for Devon Carter and it was worth it Now she wants their passion to last in holy matrimony BuUt her dreams of true love are crushed by the discovery that their marriage is another of Daddy's business deals Her strategy act the part of perfect wife and make Devon love herBut Devon misses the bubbly no holds barred woman his. I've been thoroughly enjoying the Pregnancy and Passion series and the third book doesn't disappoint Ashley's has been waiting for the right man and the right moment and she believes it didn't get any perfect than Devon Carter right here right now But what Ashley doesn't know is that her seduction has been carefully planned by Devon as part of a business merger with her father When she learns the truth after their wedding Devon tries to convince her to be sensible and grown up about the situation leaving Ashley believing that not only has he been using her he doesn't think much of her eitherRather than lose the man she loves and face further humiliation Ashley decides to see if she can save her marriage by changing herself into the wife Devon wants no matter what the costBanks is very good at taking a familiar dramatic category romance set up and then fleshing it out emotionally so it doesn't feel stale and dated Ashley's journey from naive optimism to disillusionment to discovering her own value is deliciously angsty but also plausible and authentic There's learning and growth for both characters though I would have liked to have seen a little from Devon's point of view I also found his doting hero role overdone things like adjusting her scarf and cap for her so she won't be cold make him a little too ueasily fatherly But his suffering over the pain he's caused Ashley and his efforts to make it up to her help make this a delightfully cathartic readreviewed from e arc via netGalley

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Wife used to be Who is this Ashley with the steely demeanor of a society wife And will he find a way to rekindle the fire in her eyesespecially now that she's pregnant TEMPTED was originally published as Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss. I hate to say it but I love this bookAshely is a sweet bubbly verging on airhead heroine who adores Mr Stick up his Derriere Devon with an eye on the prize Watching Ashley reel in horror over the MoC her father sets up with the man she loves is somehow enjoyable and that is so sick Maya Banks has uite the varied style and I love all of her PregnancyPassion books I don't know what it is about the huge misunderstanding that I love but there you goAshley finally figures out she has a backbone and uses it Devon does a nice job groveling after Ashley dumps his sorry selfRe ReadI am embarrassed how much I like this silly frivolous little romance Maya Banks re released this as Tempted which is a significantly less ridiculous title than Tempted by her Innocent Kiss but the story is still little girl pink pony romance For whatever reason I love the angst and I like Ashley's transformation