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A Million Little PiecesIttle Pieces and backtracked on claims he made in the bookJanuary 26th 2006 Frey's publisher stated that while it initially stood by him after further uestioning of the author the house has sadly come to the realization that a number of facts have been altered and incidents embellished It will be adding a a publisher's note and author's note to all future editions of A Million Little Piec. What a million little pieces of crap By the time I finished this book I was craving a few stiff drinks desperately tearing up the house looking for a syringe and spoon If I had only thrown this one in the Goodwill bin sooner I have no clue why anyone would think this was worthwhile reading material I found it to be vapid self aggrandizing bullshit from start to finishI read this book before the whole Oprah controversyconfrontation so that really had no impact upon my lowly opinion This book was so badly written and sophomoric I never had an inkling of empathy for any of the characters particularly the author himself So why am I wasting my time writing this review Just in hopes that you will decide not to read this shite Thank you for just saying no to A Million Little Pieces you would have a much better time reading the operating manual for your toaster oven while smoking a rock

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Thor of A Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard fabricated key parts of his books They cited police records court documents and interviews with law enforcement agents which belie a number of Frey's claims regarding criminal charges against him jail terms and his fugitive statusIn an interview with the Smoking Gun Frey admitted that he had 'embellished central details' in A Million L. addicts exaggerate the truth who knew first off it's a great read with a uniue style frey makes a sort of rhythm with his sentence structure throughout the entire story pulling and pushing the reader along at a pace that he frey determines and that is an amazing accomplishment in itself it is also a wonderful tool for bringing the reader into a world that heshe may have absolutely no idea about i've been to rehab a few actually over the course of a year and it is very much like going on a roller coaster without a seat belt when you are least prepared physicallymentally for even the slow car ride theresecondly it would blow a lot of minds to do some research on how ineffective AA really is for many AA will actually make matters worse i'm not anti 12 step programs if it works great but there are a lot of other options that people are not made aware of that could save a life or twothird with regards to the climactic scene where frey confronts the demon whiskey whether it actually happened or not is pretty irrelevant; he paints a great picture of how a person feels once heshe is on the other side of the problemdisorderdiseasewhatever looking at a manifestation of the very thing that caused so much damage and pain the frustration of realizing that it could do it again if one were to let down one's guard for even a second even the somewhat sick and egotistical pleasure one gets from taunting the old bully that used to beat you up daily and take your lunch money powerful and poignant what amazes me than anything believe it or not is frey's honesty he doesn't do what so many addiction memoirs do which is romanticise a very self degrading affliction he gives it enough of a hook here and there to keep the reader's attention and he drifts in and out of the plot's reality and his subconscious which is also very true to the actual experience but ultimately he gives a very genuine account of something that thank God most people will never have to go through and when it comes to the scene at the dentist well it wouldn't shock me one way or the other concerning his truthiness what i will say is that i can't out right dismiss the possibility when it comes to a man who has the courage to put such a personal and difficult experience out there for the entire world you can uestion the man's honesty but not the size of his blls

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A Million Little Pieces Summary å 108 Þ Intense unpredictable and instantly engaging this is a story of drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation as it has never been told before It is also the introduction of a bold and talented literary voice Before considering reading this book please see the BookBrowse note on the book jacketreview pageBooIntense unpredictable and instantly engaging this is a story of drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation as it has never been told before It is also the introduction of a bold and talented literary voice Before considering reading this book please see the BookBrowse note on the book jacketreview pageBookBrowse Note January 9th 2006 An article in the Smoking Gun claimed that James Frey au. I did go into this book after the whole scandel business went down and I went in not caring if it wasn't uite as factual as some may thinkg Going in knowing this I had a fairly open mind thinking of it as a based on a true story kind of memoir hey if I was writing about rehab I would probably change a few things too However even going in with this mind set I was SO irritated that this piece of crap had ever been sold as non fiction And no it wasn't the fact that most of the book was clearly made up but a number of other things First off there were far too many fancy only in the fiction world events If a crack head runs away from rehab the guy that doesn't like him isn't going to come and help him on his mission If a crackhead breaks the number one rule of the rehab centre they aren't going to give him a second chance just because he is so incredibleNow that being said the second thing that irked me was how Frey tried to make himself into a hero At no point in this book do I congratulate Frey for overcoming his addictions I just don't care because I don't know what's true and what isn't Frey explains to us over and over and over again how he is apparently the only person who has ever walked on the planet that can overcome addiction without the twelve steps All of his support says in this book It won't work James no one has ever stopped being an addict without the twelve steps Well James the miracle can He can stop this just with the power of his mind He is also strong enough to go into a crackhouse while in rehab and not do any crack and as he's leaving rehab he can sit infront of a huge class of whiskey and not drink it Well Good job James You are the most incredible person on earth that's what he wants us to say isn't itThird I hate the bit at the end of the book that explains what happens to all of the other characters You expect every single event It's like the You get what's coming ending It was lameFinally I hate hate hate this Writing style Little picky things I know but I found it made this book very hard to read Repeats of everything Random words capitalized in the middle of a sentence It irritated me to no end in fact I could barely finish this bookI want to forget forget forget this book