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It takes than a rock star to rock your world Sometimes you need a friend Bandicoot CoveMcKenzie Wood is Australia s star gossip mag journalist and she s just spied the story of a lifetime rumor shrouded rock star Nick Blackthorne who thinks he s incognito at Bandicoot Cove resort The word is Nick s a sex addict about to come out of the closet and who better to lure Nick out than her BFF Aiden Rogers a pulse poundingly gorgeous firefighter who is alw. Adult review for the fact that explicit and eyebrow raising phrases will be most likely be popping up in hereMy Oh my Why Sigh No I'm not rhyming on purposeI'm not sure how it's even possible that I didn't really like Tropical Sin How could I have liked Nick in Love's Rhythm but not ended up liking him in this story I don't get it Slight spoilers aheadOh wait Yes I do get it Here's why he was a third wheel who didn't belong in the picture That's right a rock star god was the third wheel in a story that should have been a coupling You can't put two people together who are JUST figuring out that they are in love with each other and make their first time having sex shift immediately into a threesome and still expect me to have that awww look they found true love feeling Whatthehell Before I get the it's erotica lecture let me lay it outI have enjoyed reading menage in the past I have nothing against a spicy menage story it doesn't matter if the situation involves people who are playing casually or if it's with a couple looking to bring in another party However this story just made the menage situation awkwardWhy would Aidan hand over the reigns immediately after FINALLY getting the girl he had been pining away for Nothing about this story felt heartwarming or fulfilling Nick came across as some sort of creeper perv who was wanting to share in someone else's moment of completion I adored Nick in his own story with his own HEA In this preuel I couldn't stand him and wanted to kick him out of the bedroomMenage can be sexy in the right circumstance Voyeurismexhibitionism can be sexy in the right circumstance Trying to insert a person into a story who doesn't belong there at that point in time is not sexyIt didn't help that the terminology was off the charts ridiculous I've read some wonderful erotica lately which hasn't had to resort to lingo such as with his tackle still semi hard and probably glistening with McKenzie's juices on showthe scent of your pleasure streaming into my body with each breath I takethe need to taste those pearls of Aidan's pleasureits tip was anointed with tiny beads of pleasurehe slid the glass dildo into her sodden channelI hate when I read an erotic book that's been published recently which makes me feel like I'm reading something from 10 20 30 plus years ago I spotted an always sure to make me feel disgusted phrase warm cream gushed from her pussy It even coated his hand haha This woman must be a fire hydrant Every time I see gushing cream it just turns my stomach because it makes me think of an oozing infection not the actual and natural process of a woman's body showing arousalSo yeah Not a fan of this story I'm going to say that I've easily read a ton of erotic shorts and in many cases I'm all for people jumping into sexy situations and having fun doing whatever crazy stuff they want to do But I can't be sold on the friends becoming lovers aspect when the entire story is interrupted by a random person inserted RIGHT into the middle of when two people should be having time to explore their feelings for one another If you do like sweet erotic romance and happen to have a thing for hot rock stars you might enjoy Nick's solo story Love's Rhythm by the same author That one I did truly like

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Tropical Sin Bandicoot Cove #1; Heart of Fame #0 5Ays there when she needs him no matter the challengeAiden admits it s pretty damned pathetic that he can rush into burning buildings but not have the guts to tell McKenzie he s in love with her No way can he tell his best friend he d like to do some seriously sinful things to her especially since she s never shown one iota of sexual interestNick looks forward to some unfamous downtime in his home country He s surprised to find his creative muse stir. 45 Stars Wow I don't know how this author does it but she can take a situation that I might find somewhat unpalatable and manage to turn it into something sweet and loving The main story here is about two life long friends finally realising their true love for each other It was truly touchingThe secondary story although very strong throughout the book is about a world famous rock star who has lost his 'soul' can't write his music and is basically in despair The love between the first couple assists him to find his soul and music again It's well written and enjoyable A fabulous story

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Tropical Sin (Bandicoot Cove, #1; Heart of Fame, #0.5) Free read Æ 4 Ü It takes than a rock star to rock your world Sometimes you need a friend Bandicoot CoveMcKenzie Wood is Australia s star gossip mag journalist and she s just spied the story of a lifetime rumor shrouded rock star Nick Blackthorne who thinks heRed like brought to rigid attention by a couple so sexy that all he can think about is the three of them TogetherThree bodies move together as one and the music becomes a smoldering beat that rivals the island s heat When the truth inevitably comes out the heat might be enough to save three souls or end up just another sinner s lamentWarning One plus one plus one euals OMG sex are you freaking kidding me orgasms and some serious mind blowing climaxe. review copy for ARRA25 stars rounded upMackenzie Mack Wood Mason’s—Paradise Found—sister and BFF of Kylie is a tabloid reporter Her best best friend is Aidan who has been in love with her forever but has never found the courage to say so Mack spots Aussie singing sensation Nick Blackthorne at the resort and wants an exclusive with him for her paper and because there are rumours that Nick is bisexual puts Aidan up to hitting on Nick to see where the story goes I liked Aidan and Mack’s interaction uite a bit It was clear that they had deep feelings for each other and I felt their trip to HEA was believable and I do enjoy a friends to lovers story Where I came a bit unstuck was when Nick joined the picture I found their easy acceptance of Nick into their newly found sexual relationship a bit unbelievable and the information about Nick’s backstory felt a bit out of place and heavy for this type of story The interlude with Nick is just that and I was happy that Aidan and Mack would head off into the sunset together