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Charged with a crime they didn't commit the MacKinnon brothers faced a death sentence until they agreed to serve the British Crown in the colonies and take up arms against the French Allied with the Indian tribes who lived beside them in the wilderness the Scottish Highlan. This audiobookIain's accentMe while listeningOMG I can't describe how much I enjoyed this 3I am a HUUUUUUGE sucker when it comes to Highlanders and the narrator did such an amazing job OMG I melted each time Iain or his brothers said anything 3 “Aye lass You’re safe” He held her close stroked her hair his voice a soothing rumble in his chest “I’ll no’ let any man harm you—no’ while there is still breath in my body” SOMETHING ABOUT THE BOOKThe historical settingImagine Braveheart and The Last of the Mohicans blended into one movie XDIt's set in the 18th century in America and we get a blend of British Scottish and Native American people here DI love this because it's just different than the usual regency historical or medieval probably because I haven't read many that are set in America or at this time periodThough I have to admit I wish she wasn't so detailed about the gruesomeness of war in that time SS view spoilerwhat the soldiers were forced to eat pukes hide spoiler

SUMMARY Surrender

SurrenderD warriors forged a new breed of soldierMacKinnon's RangersIain MacKinnon has nothing but hatred for his English masters but compassion urged him to save the lovely lass facing certain death at the hands of the Abenaki tribe Defying his orders he endangered his brothers hi. Lady Anne Burness Campbell was betrayed into 14 years of indentured service after her uncle accused her of being a thief because she knew he killed her mother She chose to be branded a thief rather than return to her Uncle Bain's house and possibly be murdered herself Her uncle branded her on her inner thigh instead of her thumb so that she would never be able to sleep with a man without being found out as a thief Anne was sent to the American colonies where she was sold into service to a frontier couple in colonial New York Her owners are a harsh couple who beat her often because she does not know how to perform the tasks they expect of her One day while she is in the barn milking the cow she hears gun shots and screaming Realizing that Indians and French are attacking the farm she goes out the back of the barn and runs through the snow toward the woods The attack party sees her and pursues her through the forest intent on raping and killing her She slips down a rocky slope where the men finally catch up to her but she doesn't give up and keeps on fighting Just as she is about to be hurt a big man comes out of the woods and kills all of the men attacking her Iain MacKinnon is an exhiled Scot whose family immigrated to colonial New York after losing everything at Culloden His grandfather was The MacKinnon laird over his lands until the Argyll Campbells and English defeated his clan at Culloden killing women and children as well as wounded men Iain and his brothers Morgan and Conner grew up on the frontier learning how to hunt and track along with their Indian friends the Muheconneok Iain was pressed into service for the British crown after a British Colonel accuses him of a murder he didn't commit then offers him a choice of starting a Ranger company for the Crown or hanging Since Iain was a Catholic Jacobite he knew the courts would not listen to him over a British Colonel so he was forced to lead a company of Rangers who fought for the British along with his two brothers who joined with him Major Iain MacKinnon is on a scouting mission to Fort Ticonderoga under orders to move swiftly to keep from being seen He is not supposed to help any colonials under attack because it would give away the location of his company of Rangers He sees Annie running through the forest and has to make a terrible decision to save her from being raped and killed which will bring danger to his men because the shooting will bring the French and Abenaki to their position or let her be killed and follow his orders Iain is an honorable man who cannot stand to see such a courageous woman harmed in front of him so he makes the fateful decision to send the rest of the scouting party away and save her on his own Iain saves Annie's life but she is hurt from running through the woods barefoot He carries her on his back through the woods trying to ahead of the large force of Abenaki on their tail who want vengeance for the men he killed saving her Iain vows to keep her safe and carries her for the next few days on his back always just ahead of the Abenaki Annie realizes that no one knows who she is and she could be free from her indentured service if no one finds out She tells Iain that her name is Annie Burns because she is afraid he will hate her if he finds out that she is an Argyll Campbell They reach the fort where Iain is sentenced to 100 lashes for saving her life Annie tries to get the British officer to relent but he refuses After being whipped Annie nurses Iain back to health They both have feelings for each other but fight the attraction for different reasons Iain is stuck in the Rangers until the end of the war and does not have anything to offer a wife until he can take over his farm again Annie cannot sleep with Iain because he will find her brand and know she lied to him But the passion between them refuses to go away and eventually ignites leaving Iain and Annie to come to terms with the conseuences Surrender is a beautiful love story full of action adventure and passion Iain MacKinnon is one of the best heroes I have ever read honorable protective and caring toward Annie and revered by his men He does so much for Annie from carrying her on his back for days after saving her life to doing everything he can to keep her safe from those who would do her harm Annie was a sweet girl who deserved the protection she gets from Iain after being betrayed by those closest to her and shipped from a life of privilege to a very different life on the frontier The passion between Iain and Annie is intense and wonderful The romance in the book just makes you feel good because it's so beautiful If you like the movie and setting of Last of the Mohicans you will enjoy this book The characters and setting of this book come to life and take you on a great romantic adventure I have read this book three times and enjoyed it every time Surrender has earned it's place as my favorite historical romance book

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SUMMARY Þ Surrender Ö Charged with a crime they didn't commit the MacKinnon brothers faced a death sentence until they agreed to serve the British Crown in the colonies and take up arms against the French Allied with the Indian tribes who lived beside them in the wilderness the Scottish Highland warriors forged a new breed of soldierMacKinnon's RangersIain MacKS men and his mission all for a woman But when he held Annie's sweet body in his arms he could feel no regret Though he sensed she was hiding something from him it was too late to hold back his heart In love and war there are times when the only course of action is Surrend. This was the best historical romance I think I've ever read all others pale in comparison Scotsman Iain MacKinnon was a hero unlike any other the bravest kindest most honorable man and sooo sexy too His relationship with the heroine Anniefantastictempestuouseroticloving all that and There were many swoon worthy moments in this one as well as suspenseful ones as Iain and his company of Rangers fought the French and Indians in many tense encounters But this book was mostly about Iain's desire need and growing love for the lovely and courageous Annie Burns formerly Lady Anne Campbell Theirs was a beautiful love story I won't soon forget filled with passion trust and true intimacy Add to that a surprising and tear jerker conclusion and you have a winner of a bookWith Iain having two brothers his Indian friend Joseph and possibly some men from his company of Rangers I can see this series going on and on and that would be just fine with me I knew Pamela Clare wrote awesome romantic suspense but I had no idea she was eually adept at writing historicals The lady can certainly tell a tale I look forward to reading the next one in the series titled Untamed 5 swoon worthy stars