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REVIEW ✓ Erfworld (Book #1) µ Popular E-Book, Erfworld (Book #1) Author Rob Balder There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Erfworld (Book #1) Author Rob Balder please download or read online hereTing things in this book readers are very amazed by the contents of the bo. I read comic books when I was younger When I have seen Graphic Novels offered in most of my dealer’s shops I have passed over them thinking they were “comic books on steroids” My son having lived with me since his birth knows at least two things about me 1 I like as a fish “likes” water to read and 2 helping others achieve their goals when we can is an important part of being in community He helped support the author and illustrator to publish this book by donating to their Kickstarter campaign and for his investment he was sent a copy of this graphic novel Not only did my son experience the joy of helping another reach a goal he delighted his Dad by making this beautiful book a Christmas gift As a result I have a treasure of a rare book and the pleasure of discovering a new genre of literature The book begins mid siege of Gobwin Knob The reader who is unfamiliar with “turn based strategy games” which would include me could feel as if heshe has entered in the middle of a foreign language film at this point The action language and plot were confusing as is not that unusual in the opening of many “action” novels There was clarity given when I reached the “present time” when Parson Gotti Game Master is describing the new game he has created to three fellow game players As he is describing the game rules setting etc he is interrupted by a “POOF” and finds himself transported into the Gobwin Knob siege by a Croakamancer named Wanda I loved the character names in this work spell Once there he learns he was summoned because of his abilities as a “warrior” This is a talent of which he was unaware having only been a “warrior” while playing “strategy based turn games” As it turns out this is just the training he needs to help Stanley the Plaid defend his homeland The plot is much involved than I had expected when I initially thought of in this kind of literature The characters are well defined and interesting with catchy names the topography of the land in which the story is set IS “comic book esue” as is the violence lots of places where “Splat” “ka BAM” “POOF” and “smoosch” are used to highlight the action The land in which War Chief Parson’s finds himself is self censoring any expletive is translated into “boop” with one notable exception This is a book best understood by adults or adolescents who are familiar with its premise Children may be traumatized by the animals that are “harmed” during the battle scenes There are moments of inconsistencies which are due to the nature of how the comic is created; the story develops as it is written and drawn and what was apparent early appear to be misremembered later in the tale I am lead to understand this is but the first gathering of the many stories of Gobwin Knob into one volume The next such gathering is in the works Much of the dialogue of that work is included in the extensive appendices after the illustrated story is completed This book will be treasured by me not just for the story it holds but how it came into my possession


Ok Erfworld (Book #1) Author Rob Balder please download or read online her. Absolutely awesome deep and delicious I found it very easy to become obsessed with Erfworld I'd give it a 6 if I could

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Erfworld Book #1Popular E Book Erfworld (Book #1) Author Rob Balder There are many interes. Parson Gotti aka Lord Hamster is called out of his world and into Erfworld a sort of cutesy version of our world to command an army and save Gobwin Knob He's an excellent and evil DM on earth and has all kinds of experience he can fall back on once he learns the Erfworld system But he may not have time Also it doesn't help that his supreme commander Lord Stanley keeps getting in the way of their success Cute creatures omigod one of the warlords rides on a flying Peep inside jokes and lots of puns I can no longer pronounce my 'r's make this a fun read Clever and amusing