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READ & DOWNLOAD ´ Long Day's Journey Into Night ´ Eugene O'Neill's autobiographical play Long Day's Journey into Night is regarded as his finest work First published by Yale University Press in 1956 it won the Pulitzer Prize in 1957 and has since sold than one million copies This edition includes a new foreword by Harold BloomThe actS a fateful heart rending day from around 830 am to midnight in August 1912 at the seaside Connecticut home of the Tyrones the semi autobiographical representations of O'Neill himself his older brother and their parents at their home Monte Cristo CottageOne theme of the play is addiction and t. From Act 1 Eugene O'Neill jerks away the patchwork veil from the face of a family to reveal the anatomy of the skin every pustule all the carbuncles discoloration and scars the embarrassing halitosis wax and hairs—the attributes that up close make us ugly human beings Long Day's Journey Into Night is a naked insight to the brutal unyielding properties that trap families into dysfunctional vengeful malignant relations Guilt criticism paranoia competition blame hate distrust addiction This family is like all others The play exposes a painful calculus between characters alliances form then change issues smolder and rage and reaction to past events is way out of proportion to the origin and manner in which they occurred The family—like yours or mine—is stuck in a ritual of manuevers around each other's accusations Truths are distorted; responsibility shrugged; failures are indiscriminately attributed O'Neill shows us one day in a single room the complex lives in a family Like real life it's hard to uncover single events that started the cascades of destructive family behavior It's the paradox of the chicken or the egg What originally infected the marriage Was it James's miserliness or Mama's weakness to morphine Was it James's drinking or Mama's nervousness Was there at first moderation in James's drinking or did Mama drive him to alcohol Why did the second child die Was it a jealous sibling a frugal father or a forgetful mother; betrayal inaction or negligence Who's the sucker A tight wad ninny that repeatedly falls for real estate scams a neurotic mother that hides from neighbors or a prodigal son who drops career for drinkO'Neill uses 4 characters 16 hours and a parlor to compress the story There's rising tension from page 1 The characters are trapped and with years of pent up emotion and issues that perhaps can never be resolved they become embroiled in a replay of the most painful and explosive vindiction I think a normal person would have walked away in a shout But no the strength of the play is that O'Neill takes it farther He explores the human threshhold and tries to discover an end if there ever was such a thing It takes the reader past a point of retreat and plows into unknown places where we would never go in real life This is than a family fight This is the brink You don't come back from this place unchanged There are charges that once delivered can never be unsaid Distilled to its essence Long Days Journey Into Night says this I hate you; I tried to kill you; we're all mucked up because of you and you and you; I no longer love you; you can die; you've destroyed my dreamsAfter reading I could only side with one character Edmund the youngest son the least hateful the least repugnant the shortest in this life to really become mean Yet ironically he'll most likely die from consumption Perhaps the irony was O'Neill's construction I'm left realizing that the most precious in life is fleeting The world is hard life is harsh And yet from this 23 year old I get the most beautiful image of life You've just told me some high spots in your memories Want to hear mine They're all conne


Eugene O'Neill's autobiographical play Long Day's Journey into Night is regarded as his finest work First published by Yale University Press in 1956 it won the Pulitzer Prize in 1957 and has since sold than one million copies This edition includes a new foreword by Harold BloomThe action cover. Read for classNope not a fan

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Long Day's Journey Into NightHe resulting dysfunction of the family All three males are alcoholics and Mary is addicted to morphine They all constantly conceal blame resent regret accuse and deny in an escalating cycle of conflict with occasional desperate and half sincere attempts at affection encouragement and consolati. What I like so much about O’Neil is his honesty He does not try to make his characters better than they are redeem them or make excuses for them He lets them be as they are; no dressing them up with nice company clothes or helping the readeraudience adjust to their reality His characters therefore will make us uncomfortable That would be especially the case with A Long Day’s Journey into Night his last and best play—the one about his own birth family—published posthumously Tyrone the proud greedy cheapskate actor hard drinking father Mary the vain clingy delusional formerly pious ex convent Catholic drug addict mother Jamie the cynical lazy alcoholic womanizing scapegoat oldest son and Edmund the unwanted nervous poetically inclined consumptive youngest son who was based on the author If you can stand their company come spend a day with O’Neill’s family Reading A Long Day’s Journey into Night is much shorter than a real day of course Watching the play performed is best if you get the chance but live theatre is not so accessible as a book The good news is that O’Neill left this family behind He did not hang on to old hatred as so many do Rather he wrote and dedicated this play to his wife on their 12th anniversary ‘Dearest I give you the original script of this play of old sorrows written in tears and blood A sadly inappropriate gift it would seem for a day celebrating happiness But you will understand I mean it as a tribute to your love and tenderness which gave me the faith in love that enabled me to face my dead at last and write this play—write it with deep pity and understanding and forgiveness for all the four haunted Tyrones’ These twelve years Beloved One have been a Journey into Light—into love You know my gratitude And my love GeneA Journey through the Dark Night is a triumph of Love and Forgiveness To know all is to forgive all the Oblates of St BenedictSeptember 9 2020 Have read this several times and something always draws me back Have also seen the excellent dramatization of it All the compelling since I learned that this was O'Neill exorcising his own family demons I understand completely why anyone would not 'like' this It is NOT likable It is a tragedy a family tearing itself apart And yet when you consider the author lived through it went on to have a hugely successful career a happy marriage and then was actually able to write so honestly about his own family after having suffered this much it is an amazing testimony to the human spirit